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Captain Swagger

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On December 5th i ordered the Christmas in the Desert shirt. Now, i did receive a shirt today 12/29...but its someone playing a piano, not the shirt i ordered. Emailed and awaiting a reply before i notify paypal.

I probably won't buy from Delectia again - but after a month, and about 10 emails, I did receive two shirts I ordered. I ordered them separately, first the Santa Train shirt, which automatically generated a $15 off coupon, so I ordered the Thanksgiving Turkey Shirt with expedited (not) delivery. My shirts were both ordered on November 21, 2020, and just arrived today, December 28, 2020. Bother were delivered together in the same package. I am a critical, so for the $46 and $36 I spent, the shirts are "good." The dye-sub print itself is very good. As a graphic designer, I am extremely aware of the quality of the artwork used on shirts, and as such I rate them "good". Maybe a 7 out of 10. Some of the artwork, on the shirts is crisp, however the some (the pie image especially) is bitmappy around the edges. I will definitely wear the shirts -- next year -- but if you decide to order from any of these companies that advertise on Social Media, see if you can get it somewhere locally first, or be prepared to wait more than a month for your product to arrive.

I ordered 2 Hawaiian shirts from Delectia (shopify) for $85.97 on November 12.
I contacted Anna ([email protected]) for tracking. She gave me 3 bogus tracking numbers.
On December 1st she gave me another tracking number which showed the item shipped from Yanwen to Portsmouth, Va.
On December 5th, it showed out for delivery at Portsmouth, va.
I live in FL.
No response from Anna.

I received this response on 7/3/20 in regards to an email I sent them about their cheap & toy like masks. Believe it or not, I actually turned down their partial refund because I felt bad for them - boy was I taken!

Vu Tien Dung ([email protected])
To:you Details
Dear our Customer,

On behalf of the Customer Service Support team, we really appreciate your patience and support for our store.

Our company is in debt and in a very hard time, we really need the finance to pay for the costly materials and hard-working laborers.

Your comments will be the foundation for us to improve our quality from now on.

The 20% refund is all we can do at this time to bring the best satisfaction to you because according to our policy, we can only issue our full refund/sending replacement in case your items were damaged during the course of delivery.

We offer you the 20% refund is our gratitude for your trust in our products for a long time.

If you accept our gratitude, please kindly let us know.

This is a difficult time for everyone in the US, but together we will get through this crisis. From our family to yours, we wish that you stay healthy and safe!

Kind regards


Customer Service Executive

This person Anna/Vu Tien Dung also runs a scam on another site called

I was scammed out of $85.97 US. They also have fake US address. They say made in the USA. but ships out of the UK.

Copy paste of my complaint to Paypal below.
I am surprised that paypal allows this scam business to trade on their platform. A quick google search found 70+ cases of fraudulent transactions, and now I too have been scammed.

I ordered 2 shirts from Vu Tien Dung/Shapechic, when I placed the order I received a shipping report for one shirt, I contacted support (Anna) and they assured me there was something wrong with their system... but 2 shirts had indeed shipped. This was a blatant lie.

A month later, my order shows up. 1 shirt... not 2 that I paid for. The shirt is a fake! The colors do not pop like on the advertisement, the buttons are different - its a clear fake! Additionally the size of the shirt does not fit neither! it is the correct size according to their size chart.. but doesn’t fit!

I would like to note at this point that when I placed the order, they sent back an email saying 'some customers complain about our shirt sizing blah blah blah'.
who does that?
Why on earth would they send this email out, unless they had enough complaints to warranty it!?

I have email logs, going back and forth with support.. I have requested a refund every time. That is just completely ignored. They do not try and resolve the issue for me, they dont ask what size I need, they dont say sorry this is our error, there is no remorse or willingness to get this resolved.

I have advised I do not want them scrambling now to fix the order. It's clear by them not asking what size I do need that this is not going to get resolved. I just want a refund and I will throw this garbage fake shirt in the bin, I do not want a replacement even if it was the correct size.

I am happy to share email logs with paypal to get this resolved & refunded in full.

Shame on Paypal for allowing you to continue trading with their payment services when you are such a scammer.


Curious if you, or anyone else, has had any resolution with Shapechic or any other scam companies connected to captainswagger. I opened a PaPal case, and they have asked me to file a police report and then forward it to PayPal. Has anyone else done this. I am out $125.00. Bought 3 shirts in august, only two have arrived, both wrongly sized and pour quality.

I am having the same issues with 3 shirts we ordered on August 25. Received two. No tracking offered on the third shirt. Poor quality, wrong size.

I paid for a Hawaiian patriotic shirt from them on Sept 8th and received no shipping info. Tried their email address and got an undeliverable response. I see this same shirt advertised on Facebook from other vendors. Wonder if they are legitimat.
Wil not ever order anything Again off of Facebook.


I got scammed the same way like everyone else did. I purchased three N95 masks that never came after a few months. Contacted customer service person named Anna who said they would send me 3 cloth face masks an an apology gift while waiting for that N95 masks. Later on, I received 1 cheap foamy mask that they claimed to be N95. I think it is too late to even file any complaint with PayPal since the purchase was made in April 2020? Who should I file a complaint about these crooks?

I filed my complaint purchased in April. File complaint NOW it’s not too late

Like all of you that have written comments, I am also a victim of this scam. My story is like yours. You receive blue masks after complaining that you have not received the black N95 masks. PayPal then closes your complaint case. You reopen a case with PayPal because your order is not correct and the masks are not as described. You finally receive your black masks and they are awful and cheap. One of mine was manufactured with a fault, the material was awful and smelt of rubber, and they are certainly not worth $29.99 each. I reopened my case with PayPal and I was given a return address so that I could return the masks. The address given by PayPal was in Vietnam. I explored the idea of returning but FedEX would charge over $100 and the USPS about $25 with a tracking number. The problem with the address that PayPal gave me was that it was not complete. There was no street number and no street address. When I tried to explain this to PayPal they closed my case because I could not supply a shipping tracking number. On complaining once again to PayPal, they have asked me to get evidence from FedEX that they can not deliver. I have spent hours corresponding with PayPal, and even more time with Anna at customer service who incidentally has now offered me a refund of 40% for my two masks. Its started at 20%, went to 30% and now at 40%. It is a huge scam! I'm almost as annoyed with PayPal for not helping its clients and to try to stop this company from scamming thousands of people. We will never get a cent back and it is terrible that companies like this can prey on folks during such challenging times. Shame on them! Hopefully they will get their comeuppance.

I ordered 2 N95 masks in April, still haven’t received them. Several emails back & forth, they keep apologizing & saying to be patient. I had $65.97 immediately paid for through PayPal. They asked not to turn it in to PP, that they would arrive soon. A free apology’ gift of 2 cloth masks would be sent. I received 2 black foam cheap masks a week later. I kept inquiring, the tracking number was for the ‘apology’ gift. I had to take a picture of the masks & send it to them. Still, no N95s. They had the nerve to respond that ‘ nothing was wrong with picture, no mistake made...’ They offered me 20% off! I still haven’t received the original order! This company is a scam. Shame on them for taking advantage of this pandemic. Of course, original ad had a different Chinese name.


I order some N95 Masks , I got this company Name from from Facebook. I was expecting an e-mail after i ordered and paid with my Paypal credit card $70.79. us dollars, Pay pal paid . I have been disputing this with Pay pal since May they given me credits for the money , but they took it back saing the merchant sent them a tracking number that the muscles were delivered at my mailbox . up to today July 3rd 2020 i have not Yet received absolutely nothing . paypal open an investigation for the second time and as of now they taken the money out of my account again. and they sad the case was closed due to the merchant proof a tracking number. i called Pay pal again and ask for the money to be returned. they sad they reopen the case as of July 3rd. idk what to do any more but i do want my money back


I am in the same boat as all of you! Ordered a N95 face mask respiratory on April 21 and have not received it yet. Corresponded with Anna numerous times and she comes back with the same gifts which I never received . I sent a email to cancel my order and to contact paypalDungVuTien2. for a refund of $35.98 and to send me a confirmation of the refund. Never heard a thing. I also mentioned to Anna that I believe this is a scam to collect our money and not deliver the goods. USAA is checking into this fraud purchase. Good luck to all of us if we get the money back!

Every one should report to your state Attorney General consumer protection. the more state have complains the could file a lawsuit against the company.

I ordered N95 respirator mask off ad on Face book at the end of April and have not yet received. Have e-mailed and received apology gifts in 2 cloth face masks and then received 1 foam/rubber mask, but have yet to received N95. It is now June 28,2020 and I filed with PayPal a dispute and since they sent me bogus masks they have filed win with seller. I am still fighting it as they still have not sent correct product!


Viralspikes is a SCAM! They made tons of money from coronavirus fears by selling items they did not have in stocking. Putting up the contact info so hopefully they get spammed! Anna

Customer Service Executive

Phone number: +1 (234) 206-7293/+1 (609) 669 5304
email: [email protected], Anna

Customer Service Executive

Phone number: +1 (234) 206-7293/+1 (609) 669 5304


I also ordered 4 masks - N95 masks which i just received and they are the 'foam' and NOT N-95 at all. I am actually filing a claim with my credit card company now and we should all put in complaints with the better business bureau in our home states. pretty sure they are based in china and running this scam from there. the return address is Chen Long, 240 Huqingping Road, Shanghai 201100 China...hence why they took so long to arrive. their ads should be banned.


I too was the victim of a scam run by Vu Tien Dung. I purchased what I believed was a medical grade N95 face mask on April 22, 2020 after viewing an ad on Facebook from a website identified as I had a bad feeling almost immediately after placing my order and after viewing some of the complaints on this site, I sent an E-mail requesting a cancellation of my order. My cancellation was sent only hours after order had been placed on April 22, 2020. On April 23rd I sent a follow-up E-mail requesting a full refund via Paypal of my purchase cost of $35.98, $29.99 for the mask and a $5.99 shipping charge. On April 24th. I received a response from a customer service rep identified as Anna, that my order could not be cancelled as it had already been shipped. I immediately opened a dispute on Paypal and escalated this dispute to a non-receipt claim on April 29th. On May 11th., I received a couple of cheap and definitely not N95 face masks that were made in Vietnam and shipped from an address in Portland, Oregon. That same day, I modified my claim with Paypal from non-receipt to a claim of receipt of an item substantially different from what was expected. Unbelievably, on May 19th., I received another face mask which had been shipped from Shanghai, China on April 30th., 2020. The Customs Label attached to this shipment identified the contents of the shipping envelope as a "Black Sport Face Mask" with a valuation of $1.00. At some point after receiving this "Black Sport Face Mask" I was offered a 10% refund by Anna if I would terminate my claim with Paypal. I, of course, refused to do this and advised her my claim would only be terminated if I received a full refund in the amount of $35..98. I was also advised by Anna that returns had to be made within 2 days following receipt of a purchase in order to receive a refund. I ask you, what legitimate business requires you to return something within two days of its receipt. I was also asked to forward photos of the mask I had received so they could confirm I had been shipped the correct N95 mask I ordered. I thought this ridiculous and a waste of time as they most certainly would have told me the mask I received from China was indeed a N95 Face mask. I will point out that not once during all this time did Vu Tien Dung/Anna or anybody else from ever respond to this on-going dispute and claim after being contacted by Paypal. The deadline in which Paypal expected a response from them was May 31st., 2020. This date came and left without a response from them and the following day, June 1st., 2020 I received a full refund in the amount of $35.98 from Paypal. I thanked Paypal for resolving the claim in my favor and urged them to terminate their business relationship with this merchant.


This is a Scam!
Here are pics I received no as advertised. These are not N95
And, because they delivered something, PayPal closed my claim ..I will refile and also with the state of Oregon where supposedly C swagger is located. Also, following thru with my bank on this fraud .pics attached.


I can’t believe PayPal closed your claim! You were CLEARLY not sent the product you purchased!

The following is a detailed "chronicle" of my experience so far with "Captain Swagger" and I am so sick of dealing with this scam artist that I could vomit. My wife and I are at an age where we are highly susceptible to Covid - 19 and had wanted the protection that we felt the N95 masks would provide. This crook has no regard for anyone but himself.

4/12/20 - Ordered two N95 masks and received order confirmation thru PayPal

4/18/20 - Received info on tracking and shipping status. The tracking number did not
show anything

4/23/20 - I was told when I ordered the masks that I would receive them between
4/17 and 4/20 so when I had not received them, I e-mailed
[email protected] to express my displeasure with not getting a
legitimate tracking number or getting the actual masks. I also advised them
that if they were not going to fulfill the order, they should simply cancel it
and refund my money

4/25/20 - They sent me another bogus tracking number and told me to be patient
and they would contact the carrier to try to "hurry them along" but did not
mention anything about PayPal. They offered to send two cloth masks
while I waited for the N95 masks

4/25/20 - Because of their indifference to my requests, I proceeded to file a claim
with PayPal

4/29/20 - PayPal escalated my claim

4/29/20 - PayPal advised that they had contacted the seller and were awaiting a
response from Vu Tien Dung

4/30/20 - Received an e-mail advising me that due to an unexpected incident the
shipment was delayed and that they had partnered with a new carrier. They
provided a new tracking number that only showed the shipment moving
from one place to another in their country. At that time I was asked to close
my case with PayPal!

5/19/20 - PayPal notified me that they are reviewing the info provided by Vu Tien
Dung and will have a decision by 6/19/20.

Gary, any positive results. I am contacting the state of Oregon
As it appears this is Capt. Swaggers state.
Did you get any results from PayPal?

Anna is completely useless! The garbage I received was made out of flimsy cut-out spongey material! This is NOT N95 masks. I contacted Anna and sent her photos. She claimed these are the masks they advertised but offered me a 10% refund! What a joke! I told her I was insulted by that offer. I have filed a claim with PayPal and have reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. Maybe if more people will report them, something can be done to take them down!

I pointed out that the original website was but all communication has been from captainswagger. However, Anna’s email address is a gmail account! No legitimate company with legitimate products would respond to customers from a gmail account! TOTAL FRAUDS!


I had the same experience. "Masks" arrived yesterday after a 2 month wait. Same as your pictures. JUNK!

I got the exact same mask today, utter crap!

Wanted to give you all an update. “Anna” replied, gave me the OLD tracking number AGAIN and said they were sending me “gifts”...2 cloth masks. She asked that I close my claim with PayPal. I responded to her today that I would not close my case and I do not accept her gifts. They are a bunch of FRAUDS!


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