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Captain Swagger

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Captain Swagger Reports & Reviews (66)

I also ordered 4 masks - N95 masks which i just received and they are the 'foam' and NOT N-95 at all. I am actually filing a claim with my credit card company now and we should all put in complaints with the better business bureau in our home states. pretty sure they are based in china and running this scam from there. the return address is Chen Long, 240 Huqingping Road, Shanghai 201100 China...hence why they took so long to arrive. their ads should be banned.

kwd1948 Jun 02, 2020

I too was the victim of a scam run by Vu Tien Dung. I purchased what I believed was a medical grade N95 face mask on April 22, 2020 after viewing an ad on Facebook from a website identified as I had a bad feeling almost immediately after placing my order and after viewing some of the complaints on this site, I sent an E-mail requesting a cancellation of my order. My cancellation was sent only hours after order had been placed on April 22, 2020. On April 23rd I sent a follow-up E-mail requesting a full refund via Paypal of my purchase cost of $35.98, $29.99 for the mask and a $5.99 shipping charge. On April 24th. I received a response from a customer service rep identified as Anna, that my order could not be cancelled as it had already been shipped. I immediately opened a dispute on Paypal and escalated this dispute to a non-receipt claim on April 29th. On May 11th., I received a couple of cheap and definitely not N95 face masks that were made in Vietnam and shipped from an address in Portland, Oregon. That same day, I modified my claim with Paypal from non-receipt to a claim of receipt of an item substantially different from what was expected. Unbelievably, on May 19th., I received another face mask which had been shipped from Shanghai, China on April 30th., 2020. The Customs Label attached to this shipment identified the contents of the shipping envelope as a "Black Sport Face Mask" with a valuation of $1.00. At some point after receiving this "Black Sport Face Mask" I was offered a 10% refund by Anna if I would terminate my claim with Paypal. I, of course, refused to do this and advised her my claim would only be terminated if I received a full refund in the amount of $35..98. I was also advised by Anna that returns had to be made within 2 days following receipt of a purchase in order to receive a refund. I ask you, what legitimate business requires you to return something within two days of its receipt. I was also asked to forward photos of the mask I had received so they could confirm I had been shipped the correct N95 mask I ordered. I thought this ridiculous and a waste of time as they most certainly would have told me the mask I received from China was indeed a N95 Face mask. I will point out that not once during all this time did Vu Tien Dung/Anna or anybody else from ever respond to this on-going dispute and claim after being contacted by Paypal. The deadline in which Paypal expected a response from them was May 31st., 2020. This date came and left without a response from them and the following day, June 1st., 2020 I received a full refund in the amount of $35.98 from Paypal. I thanked Paypal for resolving the claim in my favor and urged them to terminate their business relationship with this merchant.

This is a Scam!
Here are pics I received no as advertised. These are not N95
And, because they delivered something, PayPal closed my claim ..I will refile and also with the state of Oregon where supposedly C swagger is located. Also, following thru with my bank on this fraud .pics attached.

I can’t believe PayPal closed your claim! You were CLEARLY not sent the product you purchased!

The following is a detailed "chronicle" of my experience so far with "Captain Swagger" and I am so sick of dealing with this scam artist that I could vomit. My wife and I are at an age where we are highly susceptible to Covid - 19 and had wanted the protection that we felt the N95 masks would provide. This crook has no regard for anyone but himself.

4/12/20 - Ordered two N95 masks and received order confirmation thru PayPal

4/18/20 - Received info on tracking and shipping status. The tracking number did not
show anything

4/23/20 - I was told when I ordered the masks that I would receive them between
4/17 and 4/20 so when I had not received them, I e-mailed
[email protected] to express my displeasure with not getting a
legitimate tracking number or getting the actual masks. I also advised them
that if they were not going to fulfill the order, they should simply cancel it
and refund my money

4/25/20 - They sent me another bogus tracking number and told me to be patient
and they would contact the carrier to try to "hurry them along" but did not
mention anything about PayPal. They offered to send two cloth masks
while I waited for the N95 masks

4/25/20 - Because of their indifference to my requests, I proceeded to file a claim
with PayPal

4/29/20 - PayPal escalated my claim

4/29/20 - PayPal advised that they had contacted the seller and were awaiting a
response from Vu Tien Dung

4/30/20 - Received an e-mail advising me that due to an unexpected incident the
shipment was delayed and that they had partnered with a new carrier. They
provided a new tracking number that only showed the shipment moving
from one place to another in their country. At that time I was asked to close
my case with PayPal!

5/19/20 - PayPal notified me that they are reviewing the info provided by Vu Tien
Dung and will have a decision by 6/19/20.

Gary, any positive results. I am contacting the state of Oregon
As it appears this is Capt. Swaggers state.
Did you get any results from PayPal?

Anna is completely useless! The garbage I received was made out of flimsy cut-out spongey material! This is NOT N95 masks. I contacted Anna and sent her photos. She claimed these are the masks they advertised but offered me a 10% refund! What a joke! I told her I was insulted by that offer. I have filed a claim with PayPal and have reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. Maybe if more people will report them, something can be done to take them down!

I pointed out that the original website was but all communication has been from captainswagger. However, Anna’s email address is a gmail account! No legitimate company with legitimate products would respond to customers from a gmail account! TOTAL FRAUDS!

I had the same experience. "Masks" arrived yesterday after a 2 month wait. Same as your pictures. JUNK!

twiddly Jun 02, 2020

I got the exact same mask today, utter crap!

Wanted to give you all an update. “Anna” replied, gave me the OLD tracking number AGAIN and said they were sending me “gifts”...2 cloth masks. She asked that I close my claim with PayPal. I responded to her today that I would not close my case and I do not accept her gifts. They are a bunch of FRAUDS!


Same experience here: ordered 4 masks, over 2 months later nothing has arrived and I get the same email response from "Anna" with a tracking link that shows nothing. I have repeatedly requested a refund, filed a complaint with the BBB. This is a bogus company and neither Facebook nor PayPal should be listing anything from them.

She is a thief

Agreed same here ! Anna is a piece of garbage! Gives you a complete run around ! Scammers! Out $70 for masks I ordered over 40 days ago !

Ordered masks. Was willing to pay a the price for N95 Respirators as we have immunocomprpmised family members and I am a healthcare Provider. After several emails to vendor they finally arrived. Advertised as N95 Respirators. Definitely NOT N95s. Totally misrepresented! Have been i. Contact with "Anna" their ",Customer Support Exexutive". She fi ally conceded that theae are no N95s and that they qere misrepresented. She has refused a refund ( I initially requested a 50%refund as I would donate the maaks I received as simple facemasks). She initially offered 10% then 30%. She also stated that the company would correct their advertisement. I have advised them that if I do not receive the 50% within 72 hours I will file a grievance with PayPal, file a claim with my bank and file a fraud complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I am also trying to inform on as many social media and scam sites that this is definitely a scam. Save your money! These are VERY EXPENSIVE simple face masks and will not protect you from anything!

I hope they catch these thieves! Shame on them ! Anna Is a joke of a customer service rep !

I have just had this SAME issue! I received these “masks” yesterday and they are NOT N95 masks. I have sent “Anna” a strongly worded email requesting an email.

Did you receive any sort of refund?

I ordered mask that said I would receive it in one week, that was one month ago and it just shipped out today and its coming from CHINA, WTF. So I should get it in another 2 months from now. I AM PISSED OFF


Dphiatt May 22, 2020

Order mine April 13, and still waiting. There in house tracking software is bogus. The product has been siting in Shanghai since April 28th. This is the tracking number they gave me. I wonder if you have the same one:

Thanks, Doug - Florida

Perfect for your average Joe during a Pandemic
I ordered a mask of this website. This is exactly what I was looking for. Product shipped sealed in plastic inside original box. Masks are super durable and will be perfect for trips out. The mask itself isn’t overly large, but coverage is good and ear loops are comfortable. I received the correct amount in the box. Thank you!

atypa59 May 26, 2020

Totally agree - this review is FAKE!

This review is fake ! These people are complete scam artists !

The seller fulfilled my wishes magnificently. The shipment arrived in less than a week, three days earlier than promised. I am very pleased to have them. I have to work as a poll worker during the state primary in early June and I was worried I wouldn't have a suitable face mask. These face masks will suit me very well. They are soft and fit well and should be comfortable to wear all day long if necessary. I give the seller 5 stars with much gratitude.

I doubt this review is legitimate! This people are complete scam artists

Well needed and thankful
The product is high In price than my last box but due to the demand it’s understandable. I work for a Hospital and supplies were low so I purchased my own. So those who had a need could get access. They fit well and they were delivered ahead of time. I received the right amount. The box was in perfect condition. With a seal closure. No odor to mask. I will buy more.

Fake review.

I highly doubt your review is legitimate! This Company is a bunch of scam artists !

I ordered a mask from Captainswagger on 1 May. Everything appears very well made with clear instructions. I purchased the mask due to the virus that is in our world. I have light asthma and feel this particular mask will keep me safer this spring.

Fake review !

Exactly what I was looking for. Followers on the site still say it's on the way but I've got it. Hope that will be overcome soon. Easy to wear easy to breathe. MY GLASS DOESN'T FOG UP. Quite comfortable is good.
I would recommend it to my friends because it is very helpful

This is a fake review ! This company does not ship masks ! The are scam artists!

Your review is bogus ! This company is a bunch of lying scam artists

When I received my mask they were exactly what my family and I needed! They were comfortable for each of my family members to use. My 4 year old daughter can even wear these mask and wear them comfortably! It took one week to get delivered but the wait was worth it! Great buy! Thank Captainswagger.
7, Exactly what I was looking for. The tracking on the website still says that it's on it way but I just got it. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. Easy to wear easy to breath. MY GLASSES DON'T FOG UP. Quite comfortable as well.

This review is bogus ! This Company has been reported for Fraud ! They are complete scammers!

I love these reusable masks. They are light-weight but provides protection. They don't have a filter but they provide a good barrier between you and others. They also fit well. I washed them when they first arrived and washed them frequently when used. I loved them so much, I also purchased the six pack that they have available.

Fake review! This company is a bunch of scammers! Interesting that all the fake reviews were written on the SAME day! Probably by the same person! Look at the reviews before and after 5/15/2020!

They are very stretchy, that's what I want. I have trouble with anything on my face and these are comfortable. They smelled with them, however, I was washed in detergent and dried in air. Now there is no smell and they do not fall off.
I am very happy about it. I will order more for relative

I ordered 2 masks from Captainswagger. The masks are thin but have a lining in them that seems to work well. The fit around the ears is just right and you can cover your face from the nose to the bottom of your chin. It will be interesting to see how they are after being washed but so far they do what I need them to do. In fact I ordered 6 more.

This review is bogus ! This company is Fraudulent!

Thanks to Captainswagger. We got these to help with the prevention of the flu spread (not coronavirus) as our family gets sick often. This has helped this year. We enjoy that they are flexible, soft and washable. Our family is very comfortable using them.

A lot of the other reviews seem misleading. I found these masks of a high quality. The seams are sewn together very well. They’re light and comfortable. It’s easy to forget Im wearing it. They wash well in the washing machine- no fading or stretching or anything. They come out still looking brand new. I can fold a mask and tuck it in my jeans pocket without noticing it’s there. They’re great, a great design. Perfect for public outings during covid. I can’t think of a single reason not to recommend these. They’re a good price too. If I ever have to buy masks again I’ll get these again.

This is a fake review! This company is a bunch of frauds !

These people are [censored] ! Complete scammers

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