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Capital Credit Lending

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Capital Credit Lending Reports & Reviews (6)

I have given them all my information hot a call said i had to pay 1500 before i was too receibe a 20 000 loan what about my kiney and my information:/

I applied for a loan online and received a call the next day saying I was approved but needed it to be a secured loan. So they explained they need insurance fee upfront to release the loan just in case I default on the loan. I sent them the amount by etransfer $1450 to a gmail account and called then to release my funds and was told a supervisor will now handle the release. The supervisor asked for more money to finalize the loan and I said my bank blocked the second etransfer and can’t send it. They said they’ll wait a week until I get the funds to them. That’s when I called my bank and Interac and they confirmed that they have flagged the email address I was sending money to. I recovered the second etransfer but when I called the scammers to send me my money back they said it will take a week to 4-6 weeks to return it. I then went to report the scam to the police but they said they don’t investigate these type of scams as they come and go really fast. When I called the number again, same person thought I was sending the other etransfer and have me a different email to send it to. I refused and asked to give me a loan based on the security deposit I already sent the day before. He said to give him a week. The next day he calls to ask if my bank releases my funds for the second etransfer I said no and I’m not sending any more money and I want my money back. He asked for my banking info to deposit to and I said I need legal documents and an email from him to confirm I’m getting my loan. He said they don’t do that. That’s when I said I have filed a police report and they will deal with my lawyer. I haven’t gotten a phone call since. I’m dealing with my bank now to try to recover my first etransfer as they called me from their fraud Dept if I was the one that sent the money and I said yes it’s for a loan. Interac has informed them that it’s a scam and I’m crossing my fingers that I get my money back. I will never get a loan online or use my bank for anything online again. This just traumatized me and going back to traditional cash on hand and no debit cards. It’s scary that people get scammed when they’re in desperate need of help when banks deny them. I hope u flag he website as it’s still running and it llooks legite but I don’t want anyone losing their hard earned money for a scam like this.

I have gotten a call of approval for 90000 they asked for a security deposit of 2900 at first then another security deposit of 2100 and said I will get the 90000 deposit in my account and they never called and it was hard to get ahold of them I had to harass them and now I'm still trying to get a hold of them, they said my lenders cancelled cause I took long for the other part of money and found new lenders that will only give me 50000 and now asking for another 1450 deposit. I'm still trying to get my money back hopefully.

These people are special. They said they'd be willing to loan me anywhere from 10 to 15 thousand dollar. In Ontario its illegal to ask for a fee for a loan application. They're trying to tell me its not a fee but I'd be buying in to an insurance to cover who ever is lending me the money. Then they gave me an account number to send them the money and now when I called because I exceeded my etransfer for the day so they suggested I go to a bank and withdraw the money and send it over that way. When I called back just to let them know that it would take a bit of time as my bank was across town the guy got very rude like I was making up excuses when I was just stating that I was letting him know how long it took. Luckily I did not send them any funds and just wanted to make others aware before applying! If it was for the fact that I did some research to see that its illegal to request funds in Ontario for a loan application I would have been screwed!

I submitted information on this third party website (Capital Credit Lending) and was contacted within hours.

The email I received was from Heritage Financial Service, listed at 1565 Carling ave. Suit 400 in Ottawa, and the call-back number given was a 647 (Toronto) area code.

I did call and was asked which of the 3 options from the email I would be interested in, in order to secure a $10 000 loan. Options being;

1- collateral (vehicle, but year being 2014 and newer. No properties.)

2- co-signer. (cannot be spouse)

3- Heritage Financial Service will be your co-signer with a deposit of $1 000, given back after your first payment.

The amount approved seemed too good to be true, but what tipped me off was when I looked up the address on Carling ave. it is a law firm that has been there for several years. The second thing I noticed was their website, there are no privacy laws or terms and agreements at the bottom of their page, but finally I looked into it some more and there is a Heritage Financial ServiceS (with an S) in Ottawa. They are located on Kirkwood ave. (oddly enough not TOO far from the address used from the scammers could easily be mixed up) and this company is legit and does investments.

DON'T be confused or conned. This is a scam.

I did not give my $1 000, nor will I. But the "relationship manager" is supposed to call me back, when he does I will be asking for the business number along with his broker number - does he even have one ?

Think it's important to report these as not everyone is aware, many are in very desperate times and fall victim to these scams. Hope this helps save someone else their hard earned cash as well as preserve the name of the other company who are legit.

I went on this website to apply for a loan. I was contacted the next day saying I was approved for the loan. As I would need a co-signer the man said they would co-sign for my loan for a fee of $1000. I sent the money and was told the loan would be in my account within 2-3 hours. Needless to say that never happened. I did some investing on my own and found there to be no such company and have contacted the police for an investigation to be done. I have all the information as to who received my money.

When the money wasn’t deposited for my loan into my account, I called the man back and he requested another $800.00 which I didn’t send as this raised a red flag for me and I contacted the authorities right away. I hope no one else falls for this scam like I did. Lesson learned!!!!

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