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All this started two weeks ago. I recently graduated and was looking for a part-time job opportunity until I find some full-time regular job position. I applied to so many jobs that sometimes I can not even remember that I applied for the particular job position. I received an email on 5th of Sept 2018 from CANEWS.TODAY and they claimed they reviewed my resume on indeed and they want to offer me a position of Quality Control Agent. It was a part-time position with a trail of 30 Business Days. They wanted me to go to the different places like bank, mall, hotel and Restaraunt as a customer to check their service and get back to them with the survey form that they provided me. First two days were good and I never realised that it was a scam, they sent me to a restaurant and mall for the first two days. On Wednesday the 12th of sept, 2018, they didn't send me an email regarding my task so I emailed them that I didn't receive and task and they said their server is down so I am off today. On Thursday the 13th of sept, 2018, they called me and said I need to go to the Scotiabank today and check their customer service as they received a complaint that they take more than 40 minutes on one customer. Afterwards, he said he will send me an interac and I need to deposit that money into my Scotia bank account and send them back immediately to their company via Bitcoin ATM. I asked them if it is compulsory to do that as I was not feeling good to use my account to accept or withdraw the money. I told him that I am already a Scotiabank customer so I can ask the question regarding my account to check their quality of service but he denied me to do that and he said if I want to work with CANEWS.TODAY as a quality control agent or not as he manipulated me that he can promote me as a manager if I can keep doing this job according to their rules and regulations. I asked him that I am not feeling secure about using my bank account but he assured me that CANEWS.TOADY is reputed and dignified company and nothing negative will happen on my bank account. He claimed that CANEWS.TODAY will pay for all the charges and expenses happen to my account. I did as he told me to do and he provided me with the location of bank and bitcoin atm. He sent me two interact e transfer with the amount of $1990.80 and $1985.00 and I deposited the whole amount back in the bitcoin atm. When I get home I opened an account to check one of my payment that was supposed to go on 14th of Sept, 2018 but I was unable to open my bank account on the mobile app. Then I logged in to my web to see if there is any kind of problem with my mobile app and then I came to know that my bank account is suspended. I called the Scotia bank right away and customer representative asked me if everything is okay at that point I was unable to hold anything back and I told her everything. Next day I went to my bank and got the new card. On Saturday that is today, my friend sent me an interact on my email when I tried to deposit into my bank account they said I need to contact my financial institute to check if everything is alright. I called my bank and them and my email is in the fraudulent list and they need few business days to resolve this and they will contact me and interact department if they need any further information. Now my mail is in the fraudulent list and my friend who sent me an interact of $500, his money is on hold and they sent his email in the fraudulent department for further investigation. When I filled a job application for CANEWS.TODAY they wanted me to send my identification proof. I sent them my DL as an identity proof but now I know they are fraud and I do not want them to use my personal ID. I do not want this to happen with someone else so I am willing to provide all their emails that they sent me so any action can be taken against them. Below are the email and phone number that they were using to contact me. CANEWS.TODAY email is [email protected] and phone number is 604-283-4770. I still do not believe all this happened to me. I cannot shake the feeling of this fear. I didn't lose any money but I wasted my time and gas and now I am having trouble with my bank accounts. I cannot sleep properly because they are still out there and can use my information on anything. Thank you for your time and please let me know if I can take any further action against this person.

I received an email from them saying I got an offer for the position Customer Service Representative-Quality control agent, and that they got my application through ***. I don’t remenber ever applying to them. Attached in the email are pdf files for the job position and application form, that asks for name, address, contact number, and 3 character references. I initially got suspicions but I took a chance and filled up the said application form. The day after I received a call from a guy with an Indian-accent, saying I got the job and and asks me to send a copy of my DL/passport. I asked them about their office and told me someone is contacting me after I send the requirements. That’s what alerted me, more to fact that they are offering me 650cad for 3 days a week. Searched them online, nothing comes up except for a basic looking website.

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