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Canadian Sweepstakes Company

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I got call yes about the prize for almost a year but I didn’t want to do but then I start to receive call from certain number an I spoke with Mr Kennedy from mega millions he was professional loyal an know the business but I made payment with got receipt from the bank and ever since I have being receiving 5000 every month plus return what’s left to federal reserve bank, James Kennedy is great guy call him 4015611247


I received same call from mr andrew Goldberg, same papers and a phone call today saying he will arrrange the courier and insurance info.He is assuring me that the insurance and courier service is doing there job and isn't part of their company and these are legal documents. "This is how they do things in the states and its legite." he claims... I told him go ahead and I will show these to my lawyer. will see if he calls back. Wish it was true but sounds very scammy to me. I am not paying for anything to be sent to me.


i got a call from a man i forget his name he is now working on getting the insurance to protect the money for me and a courier to get the check to me. he call a few times and i still forget his name. the letter is dated March 19 2021 one from Bank of America signed by Susan Miller Senior Accounts Manager and one from Canadian Sweepstakes Company signed by a Heather Rohr Chief Financial Officer They are good at what they do. almost believed him but i had to check it out online and found this site thank you all for sharing.


On Monday, August 24, 2020 I received a phone call from an individual named Andrew Goldberg. I have caller ID and the call showed as “Private Caller”. Andrew stated he represented the "Canadian Sweepstakes Company" a subsidiary of "US Sweepstakes & Fulfillment Group" and that I was the 2nd place winner in their "Grand Super Bucks Sweepstakes Bonanza". The prize amount was $750,000 USD. Andrew said that my name had actually been drawn in April, but due to the Corvid pandemic and the shutdown of businesses etc. that they were only now getting around to contact winners. He explained that entry into this sweepstake was made automatically when “eligible individuals purchase branded products affiliated with our company sponsors at selected stores. Stores include Home Depot, Best Buy, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Canadian Tire. The had in his possession a “letter of confirmation” that he would be mailing to me which be received within the week. He advised that a “certified cheque” had been made in my name, and once I was “confirmed” and a Legal Affidavit signed the cheque would be delivered. He asked if I agree to picture taking on delivery of the cheque or if I would prefer a private delivery of the cheque. I indicated private. Andrew provided a phone number should I have any questions.

I received another call from Andrew Goldberg on Friday, August 28, 2020 asking if I had received the letters. We live in a small town approximately 1hr south of Ottawa and mail generally takes one or two days longer to receive us. I had not received it when Andrew called.

Letters were received, on Monday August 31st, 2020 letters were received. Envelop contained two (2) letters. One is on Bank of America Letterhead. Bank of America 79 Main St. Port Washington, NY 11050, dated April 30th, 2020 and signed (stamped) by Susan Miller, Senior Accounts Manager, The Accounts and Finance Department, Bank of America Corporation. This letter indicated that a certified cheque had been made in my name along with other details on receiving the cheque.

The second letter is on Canadian Sweepstakes Company US Sweepstakes & Fulfillment Group Letter head. Dated August 24th, 2020 and signed by Heather Rohr, Chief Finance Officer, Canadian Sweepstakes Company. This letter also states that I am the 2nd prize winner in the "Grand Super Bucks Sweepstakes Bonanza", how I was entered, how the prize will be delivered (Certified Courier with security and representative of the company) etc. It states that the Canadian Sweepstakes Company “must ensure that insurances are paid in full to cover losses, fraud, due to identify theft, misplacement or other fiscal damages.” It also states in the US state and federal taxes must be paid, but that Canadian winners not pay taxes on lottery.

It then states that their representative will assist the winner with tax settlements and other related expenses. It should be noted that under the signature on this page are the logo’s of Home Depot, Best Buy, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and Canadian Tire.

Scanned, pdf copy of the two letter and the envelope attached.

Phone calls were received from Andrew Goldberg on Wednesday, September 2nd and Thursday, September 3rd, 2020. Both times Andrew indicated that he was making arrangements for “the insurance” and trying to arrange a “courier” who could make the delivery. On Thursday, when asked who the courier company would be he stated A1 Express, out of New York and he was still confirming the insurance with their regular insurer, due to the high amount of the prize. He required our street address as the only address provided was a P.O. Box number for the delivery. I asked Andrew about the “Affidavit” saying that all I had received were 2 letters, there was not affidavit included. He advised the affidavit would be provided and signed when the cheque was delivered. It should be noted that there was no mention of any costs to me. He advised that he would call me on Friday once every thing was confirmed.

I received a phone call Friday, September 4th, 2020 from Andrew. Insurance and Courier had been arranged for deliver on Monday, September 14th, 2020. Everything had been arranged for delivery. Insurance would cost $3,235.00. I asked Andrew who would be paying for this as I am aware that in Canada prize winners are NOT asked to pay anything to receive a prize. Although I had been skeptical through this whole process, I was now certain that this was NOT legitimate as I was been asked to pay “the insurance”. I stated that I would NOT be paying anything to which Andrew stated that he would speak with his supervisor to see if the insurance fees could be waived.

As expected I have not heard from Andrew Goldberg since.


I received a call like this and these letters (same as you describe), just today. The initial call came a week and some ago. I figured it was a scam from the start. Thanks for confirming it!

I received a call from a person claiming to work for Canadian Sweepstakes Company US Sweepstakes & Fulfillment Group. He was calling from Toronto (705) 818 4289. I was able to call him back at this number. He personally answered the phone, although no one answered as a business. He said I had won $750,000. as a sweepstake prize and would be sending me documentation. The paperwork arrived addressed to me, saying that I had won the money. In addition, there was a letter from Bank of America in Rochester NY with my name on it, but notifying another woman that she had won. The sweepstakes person called me to ask if I had received the documents, said that there was a bank error with the wrong name on it and he would get that straightened out. The next step is, he will call to advise me how much money to send for some insurance costs and costs of sending the money.

I received an evening Phone call on a number that I never give out. Said that I won $750,000.00 as a second prize (drawn in late Dec) as a result of purchasing something from Walmart, Home Depot etc. He gave the name of John Anderson. He proceeded to ask me a variety of questions. Are you over the age of 18, are you married, do you work? I stopped when he asked for my address. I asked for his address and phone number and told him that I would get back to him. He said that they tried to contact me many times and there was no answer.

The person who called from Canadian Sweepstakes Company on Tues., Feb. 14, told me I had won $750,000 US funds. They had to coordinate a courier and media to deliver to my door. In 2 days I received an email with two documents, one from Canadian Sweepstakes Company with legal information and showing the winnings from Grand Super Bucks Sweepstakes Prize, and the other from Bank of America stating the amount that would be sent to me. I needed to read and call back that I had read the documents. After 4 days, they said they still didn't have a 'suitable' courier. Then I received a call late in the evening (9 PM MST; 11 PM CST) on Tues., Feb. 21, and he was hoping to have it all together by Thurs., Feb. 23. We talked about suitable times for delivery. I received a call Thursday am, saying they had a suitable courier "Red Line Couriers" out of NY. I needed to send cash to an Ontario address which was assigned to a *** ***, 6 Tracy Blvd, Box 8, Brampton, ON, L6T 5R9. I did this, and followed the next instruction which was to call John Peterson with the tracking code. My husband and I called Publishers Clearing House and they said it was a scam. I went back to the post office and collected my envelope. I returned to the bank and put the money back in the bank.

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