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Calming Pup

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• Oct 16, 2021

Not a good company, they said they would send me a different larger bed, because the one I ordered is no longer available, they also emailed me they would return 30% for the 4 week wait and inconvenience, still no need, no refund. What a scam.

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I wanted to say that calmingpup and I have settle and my money will be return. After many emails back and forth I received a email from Emily who is the CEO of calmingpup.. she reached out me and offer me a free X large bed for free and my money back.. Well I said sure and yes she send a bed x large and retuning the money. I received the bed but waiting on the money.
Our deal was she would return my money and free bed if and would remove my comments but for some reason scam pulse doesn’t allow it . I mention this on this web site that everything can be worked out in time . Let's just say that I take back my comments on scam pulse . So please be patient and email Emily and she will make it happen. Please understand there some research to check on the order. would I buy another bed ...Yes from Emily .. I want to apologize for my comments and hope to continue with online purchases ..
Thank you Emily for all your help. Emily is the BEST!

I ordered Anti Anxiety dog bed from CalmingPup and my dog loved it! Super! Good bed, high quality! The order came quickly as I expected! It's so fluffy and so perfect for my heavy dog! Delivery was fast, the product is so good! I have never been this happy with a dog bed before! Highly recommend this from calmingpup


Zendesk is the company that supports there website I keep sending emails to them and I send them the reviews
I went to Facebook and Instagram and found there advertising so I made a comment not to buy from them or any company selling these beds it’s the same company of thieves so everyone need to go to Facebook and Instagram and put your comings there because no know about them and don’t know about the reviews. So if you got ripped off let’s make it clear that no else gets scammed . We are coming after calming pup

Well it’s looks like it’s happing to everyone. I wrote to to calming pup and got the same answer I have a Newfoundland dog she is 130 lbs I ordered the Xlarge and was told I ordered a small bed right,,,when I got it I could believe the way it was packed some tape and a label from China. If you check account the company is in Australia well that’s were the money is going. is the compamy they sign up to. They will not help even when I sent them the reviews.
This company is on Facebook ,Instagram under different names same pictures are same so if you find any companys
Selling these beds run do buy from any of them it’s the same company ripping you off. They will get you with lower prices but it the same a poor quality bed it’s nothing like there pictures. After looking at the one they sent me the fill is almost empty if you put your finger on it and push down you will feel the floor. This company is a band of thieve taking money and taking advantage of people who care and love there dogs and cats.
F U calmingpup

I ordered a bed and tried to change the order within an hour of ordering. Their fake phone number wouldn't go through and when I reached them they sent a lengthy letter of very elaborate way to change the size. Then they sent a size too small and charged me an additional $35. for the change. It's hard to reach pay pal to stop payment. So I have a way too small bed on it's way that will take forever to get here (they said) for 35. more that the large size.

We bought an XL bed for our dog. Size was totally off. It is much smaller than advertised. We paid for ‘extra stuffing’ and it’s still only 1/2 inch thick. The site states the product is from USA, but shipped from China, which took 30 days to get to us. Biggest SCAM and a waste of money! This site should be removed so that others don’t fall for this horrible company’s false advertising!


Not a U.S.A. company! This product shipped from China. I would never have bought this product had I know that. Terrible quality, even worse customer service. Very misleading advertising and pictures. Don't buy this product. I found a similar one at TJMaxx for less than half the price and it's so much nicer than this one.


I bought 3 beds, 2 for my small dogs and one for my medium sized dog. These beds are the biggest rip off. They are not US made, but from China. when I complained, they responded that covid had impacted their 'US' facility and my order was being shipped from 'a back up facility.' I knew right away I had been scammed, but still had hope. Then the cheap taped garbage bag, vacuumed packed package arrived. I still had hope..little, but still some. I opened them and immediately noticed that there was very little stuffing in the beds. All three fluffed up like whipped cream and 2 of them, like whipped cream, had no substance. My old dog, who I had so much hope would be able to lie down comfortably, her bones hit the floor right through the padding. When I asked for a refund...crickets. Suddenly, no one is responding to me. I am going to go on a Federal level and see if they committed fraud. I bet they disappear like most chinese fraudulent companies. I am so sick of being scammed.


TOTAL Scam! I ordered (2) beds and only received (1) for $99! I never would have paid that much for this bed. Claims to have "extra fluff" barely has any "fluff" at all! Does NOT look like their pictures!

I ordered a dog bed from calming pup website on 12/9/20. My payment was immediately charged. Today, it’s 1/9/21 and no dog bed has arrived. This company is a scam, they say orders are sent from Portland Oregon, however the shipping track # lists the package is at SHENZHEN China since 12/10/20 with no movement. They refused 3 times to issue a refund after officially requesting it via their website. They keep telling me to be patient because there staff had to spend time with family during the holidays and give it 8 more days. Yes they responded with that statement, I have the email to prove it. Insanity. Total scam, stay away from Calming Pup.


I have attached photos of what happens when you try to open the poorly packaged, vacuum packed, smooshed to the hilt package that I was sent by calming pup. There was absolutely no way not to clip the bottom of one of the dog beds (2 were in the package). I have been in contact with them several times and they refuse to refund my money for the dog bed or to let me return the dog bed. These beds look nothing like the pictures that they show. They are a sad representation, having many places where there is absolutely no cushion. Wish I had read the many bad reviews here before they got my $215. I will NEVER do business with these people again.


dog bed says it is made in Oregon, this is a lie. the bed came from China in a 9 x11 package taped completely to hold it in. shook it out for 2 days. filling is so scarse I can feel the floor when I touch it. Ordered a 40 in received a 36.7 in for my 90 lb dog.
My dog smelled that bed and walked away has never set paw on it.

Contacted them to return it and get the proper size they will not accept returns and will not send proper size that I ordered.



Do NOTTTTTTT buy from these people! The most poorly made dog beds I've ever seen! And you're paying premium prices! They say their products are made in Oregon, USA. They are NOT. Made and shipped from China!

I wish I had seen these posts before I made my purchase :(

Lesson learned!


I ordered online, because the site states that Calming Pup is a USA company. Immediately after completing my order, my credit card company texted me to verify the purchase because it was an international charge to my card. Well, that’s one big red flag. Went online and saw reviews here about the bed coming from China. Called my credit card company and had it stopped and also reported it as fraud.


Unfortunately ordered 2 beds and covers on 10/20 , I have sent emails to them every other day for the last 2 weeks! Last one received said package on plane from China that was 1 week ago ! I think it was really on a slow boat from CHINA ! Advertising as made in USA ! Really? Fortunately I did use American Express and I will be calling them tomorrow to complain, hopefully I can get 2 beds made in the USA !


Same story...Ordered a XL bed for my elderly dog which arrived in a compressed bag...Ok but what concerns me is the FALSE ADVERTISING of extra fluffy which is a complete lie as basic padding and fluffiness is missing. what shows in pictures is nothing what I received. I contacted right away and was told to give it a couple of weeks but since padding is minimal and missing on some sides my dog completely rejected the bed. When I contacted back after 3 weeks to notify I was told no refund/exchange but buy something else to get 20% off. My answer was Why should I trust these liars!


I also purchased a bed for my large older dog. It took over a month. Their website states "Now with extra fluff, padding & comfort for maximum value! IT'S A TOTAL SCAM. The bed has basically nothing on the bottom. It came vacuum compressed from China. When I opened that package, the little "fluff and padding" was clumpy and minimal. The edges have very little support. I paid $100 for a glorified shag rug. I tried to contact them, but I never heard back. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!


What a scam! The calming pup bed is a great icee of junk made in Chouna that I paid $100.00 for and waited over 4 weeks to receive. On their website, it states they are made in Ca. Try getting hold of anyone at Calming Pet to file a complaint. Their phone # like to a bogus shipping department trying to drum up business.

Please do not but this poorly made piece of trash!


The bed took forever to get here but it was too small. So I wrote to exchange it for a bigger size and they said no.
No exchanges unless it was damaged. You can’t leave a bad review on their page—they don’t post those. Is there any recourse?

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