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C W S Inc

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C W S Inc Reports & Reviews (9)

Victim Location 43201
Total money lost $2,250
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill is a shipping and receiving scam.

Victim Location 49015
Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by this company for employment through an online job search site where I had my resume (ie:,, etc.). I was emailed by *** *** who is a 'recruiter'; I had an phone interview; I was approved to work. This involved being a middle man for packages where I would receive items, check them against the invoice and the company portal then ship them back out with a prepaid shipping label. My 'manager' (*** ***) communicated via online messaging through the portal. I was also contacted by *** *** in 'payroll' to set up my salary payment which was supposed to be $2300 for the first month. I did this job for 30 days (probation period) and at that time the portal was locked for my evaluation. Since then (12/7/17) they have cut off all communication with me. No one answers emails and all the voice mails I left were not returned. Every time I log back into the portal ( it says it's under maintenance for 2 days. Other 'managers' names that came through during that time are: *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** A. ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***, *** ***.

Do not get involved with this company!

Victim Location 95621
Total money lost $2,400
Type of a scam Employment

I was employed as a Logistics Manager with Parsender,com on November 12, 2017 and was hired by Mr. *** *** in the HR Department. The agreed compensation for my first 30 day probation period was to be $2,350 in addition to $50 in reimbursable supplies. My first shipment was on November 27, 2017 and *** ***, the payroll Accountant reassured me my Direct Deposit Form was filed with Wells Fargo Bank, NA on 12/18/2017 in addition to 2)Expense receipts from FedEX for shipping supplies. I was diligently working in my role of Logistics Manager and my Account Profile indicated I had a 100% fulfillment in processing 33 parcels on December 26, 2017. I have still not received my salary payroll check and have attempted to email the HR Dept. as well as my immediate supervisor Veronica Veljohnson. In addition to phoning each Departments and leaving voice mail messages without receiving one call back! The website indicates that the System is in a Maintenance Function Mode until 1/4/2018. I am incensed by the inaccessibility of everyone at the Corporate Headquarters, as I have NEVER been able to speak to one person at the offices!

Victim Location 89074
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Employment

I was offered by this job last month on November as a Logistics Manager and was expected to get paid 2300 for the first month then 2600 for the following months. But then I realized it was a scam because the packages they've been sending me have different names on it also received a report that someone's been accessing Paypal account in our address. In addition I wasn't got paid in the end of my provision and have no access anymore on the online account they trusted me to use.

Victim Location 75093
Type of a scam Employment

Received email: We’d like to introduce ourselves. We are C W S Inc., the registered legal owner of Parsender on-line platform. We are a driving force in the global shipping and logistics industries.

Your name recently came up in a search for potential candidates for some openings we have within our company. We are looking to fill some open positions for Logistics Managers. Our company has experienced a recent growth spurt and this has put us in a position that requires us to expand operations. They then offered a nice job offer, very detailed, professional, and looked legit including website, answering phones and even a CRM. Third Party shipping, to be paid 30 days after the first package was processed. They take all your personal information including your checking acct to make direct deposits. 30 days after, they disappear, won't answer your calls... nothing. You have probably been re-shipping stolen goods and wasted your gas, time, and been scammed.

Victim Location 37062
Type of a scam Employment

Once again, Offered employment as a "home based" business, with the assumption of full time, and pay in the amount of $2550.00 month. At the end of the 30 day probation period, I get an email stating that the corporate account has been compromised, and that it will take an additional 3 or so days before a check can be issued. This seems to be the norm for this business, or so called business. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY...IT'S ALL A LIE!! They want you to ship packages for them, but you will not get paid one dime for your time. It all seems legitimate up front..even have a website, which I checked out. This is not a legitimate business, and I doubt it ever has been. Don't fall into the same trap as I and dozens of others have!!!

Victim Location 77433
Type of a scam Other

This company is a scam. They won't pay you and they are stealing information and purchasing items fraudulently. They have them shipped in the name of the id they stole but to your address. They then ask you to ship the item to someone else and use your name and address as the return address on the label. This makes it look like you stole the id and sent the item. Other than the communication you have from Logistics ASAP there is no record of this company anywhere and they will take their website down and start over. I suggest you send any items you have received and haven't sent yet, back to the sender. It's not easy to do but it is the right thing to do. I would then follow up with the other invoices for the packages you have sent and explain what has happened and where you sent them. I also went to the authorities and disclosed what is going on and they told me to return the packages. Once you realize this is a scam you are receiving stolen property and once you ship the item out of state you are committing a federal crime.

Victim Location 06375
Type of a scam Other

 Shipping Documents

Ensure that the most recent version of Adobe Reader is installed on your PC or laptop.

If you do not already have the Adobe Reader program, you can download it for free at />
All documents that you receive will be in a PDF format, so it is crucial that you have the latest version installed.

NOTICE: Each shipping label is valid for 2 business days. Avoid costly delays by making sure that you use each label the day it is uploaded, or at the latest on the following day. Packages shipped with outdated labels may not be accepted, and can be held at the post office or returned to you.

Please sign each shipping label under the bar code. All shipping labels must be signed to be accepted at the post office. Neglecting to sign the label will cause delays.

If the post office refuses to accept a shipping label due to underpaid postage, inform me as soon as possible. We will request a new label with the correct postage paid.

Save time by double checking the weight of the package on the original shipping label, and ensuring it matches the weight listed on the new label.

Generally, the weights will be listed as the same, so weight errors and underpayments are rare.

Status of Orders

To check the status of an order, click on its accompanying tracking number. A new window will open displaying the delivery schedule.

If an order has the status "Intercept/Return to Sender" this indicates that the client canceled this request, or payment has not been confirmed and we canceled it from our side. These orders will be removed from your database.

If a canceled order is still in your database 48 hours after cancellation, please inform your supervisor through the CHAT function.

Accepting a Package

It is vital that you receive all packages on the day delivery is scheduled. Missed deliveries may be re-delivered the following day. However, often they are returned to the sender if not received on the scheduled delivery date.

The carrier may also hold the package at the shipping facility for you to pick up. However, if the package is not addressed to your name, you are not authorized to pick it up. You would require an authorization letter from your sales supervisor, as well as a copy of his ID.

Your manager can provide the necessary documents, but it is best to avoid these kinds of delays by being available when the package is delivered.

Sending a Package

Ideal processing time for all orders is the same day. Orders should take no more than 2 hours after delivery to prepare the package for shipment (report, verify contents, take and upload pictures, etc).

Any packages delivered to you 2 hours prior to the post offices closing time should be shipped by end of that business day. Exceptions can be made when you have several deliveries scheduled in the same day, and one or more arrived late. You must be available for all incoming deliveries.

Some packages may not include shipping documents for 1 or more days. In these cases, orders are missing the clients shipping instruction or are waiting for additional items for consolidation.

These circumstances are not your responsibility. Your duty is to accept, report, and inspect the item(s), take and upload the necessary pictures, and utilize the shipping documents appropriately.

After you have received a package, reported the package, and uploaded your photos you will receive new shipping document within 1-2 hours. If, after 2 hours, you do not see new shipping label please contact your supervisor via chat to request a status update. They will advise whether you can expect new document by the end of a business day or not.

Unlisted Orders

Occasionally, sales managers fail to input an order to the control panel, or an order has promotional materials which are being sent following the main package.

In these cases, report any received unlisted orders in the database by clicking the ORDERS->ADD NEW button. Fill out and submit the form. Once your new order has been received and identified, it will be added to your list.

Consolidated Orders

Sometimes orders will arrive in 2 or more packages which will then need to be consolidated before shipping. You can see these kinds of orders on the SHIP page.

In the case of a single package, you will see one item on the list.

In the case of a consolidated order, you will see a list of items in the ship section. For EVERY order, ensure that you carefully check this information, and package and ship orders accordingly.

If you receive a consolidated order and you are unable to use any of the original shipping boxes, you must find a usable box that will fit all items. Do not remove any of the original shippers/manufacturers packaging in order to fit all items into a box.

If your package is being shipped through Priority Mail, you can pick up or order a box without charge at the post office. It is advisable to keep a stock of old boxes of various sizes at home for these kinds of orders.

You will likely receive more single package orders than consolidated orders, but a consolidated order should not mean a delay in processing.

NOTICE: If you received only one set of new shipping labels for several items, they should be consolidated into one box. You cannot use one set of shipping labels for several boxes. The post office considers this to be electronic shipping fraud.

Make sure you double check all items going into a consolidated order. When shipping two or more items, place them in the same box and use the shipping label provided by the database.

Global Requests

While in your probation period you will mainly handle domestic orders, though you may get 1 or 2 international orders, as well. Shipping labels are a bit different for international orders.

Shipping labels for all international orders will print as four shipping labels on two sheets of paper. The last label is the senders copy, which you will keep for your records. The remaining 3 labels will be attached to the outside of the package in a clear envelope you may get at the post office for free.if no such envelope attach new labels with a clear tape as an option.

Be sure to sign ALL FOUR copies. One of these is a customs declaration, you do not need to fill anything out here, as all of the information is already provided.

NOTICE: Always check the orders destination on the new shipping label. Anything listed as outside of the United States must be processed as an international order. Using international shipping labels incorrectly can lead to long and costly delays. AVOID THIS MISTAKE!

NOTICE: It is required that you read the Help->USPS shipping labels segment in the CRM.


You are responsible for accepting packages AND correspondence. Any time you receive a letter/envelope which is not addressed to you, do NOT open the letter. Report it to your supervisor through chat using the following message:

I have accepted a letter for [name on the letter] today (or the date it has been received).



*** *** Logistics Dept.

Phone 1 (toll-free): (800) 477-1670 ext. 305

Phone 2 (direct): (951) 330-4466

Victim Location 33175
Type of a scam Employment

Now, there is no way that I can prove that this was scam but I have a weird gut feeling that it is. I got an email stating that they found my resume on career builder. This is a job site that I have used a long time ago. I haven't updated my employment history one bit yet some how from the qualifications they saw I was qualified to apply for the position of Logistics manager. They told me that this job was a work at home job where they will send you packages at the comfort of your home and all you have to do is inspect them and send them to the postal services. I didn't see the harm in applying so that is what I did. I applied for the position and immediely I got an email stating that I was going to do a phone inerview. At this point, nothing concerned me. I thought if this was a work at home job they would do a virtual interview. They informed that I will recieve a call the next day between the hours of 12 and 5 pm. Today, I got a call from them with a number from California. I did my research and according to their webiste they are registered and accreditied by the bbb under C W S Inc. I checked your website and that's not ture. When I recieved the phone call the guy on the other line sounded like he was from India. I thought this was odd because usually if a company it outsourcing a call the number would be a 1 800 number. This was a phone number from California. Anyways, the operator asked me some basic questions. First, he gave me a basic description of the company and the position that I applied for. Then, he asked me for my experiance. After that, he asked me if I had a computer and a reliable phone. I hope this information might help in any way. I am very catuious about this company and very skeptical of this "employment opprotunity." I will go ahead and attach a screen shot of emails that I were sent to me.

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