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Buymybestitem.com Reports & Reviews (44)

• Nov 04, 2020

Victim Location 48223
Total money lost $30
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I thought i bought a realistic puppy chow chow for my granddaughter and they sent me a stuffed pink pig ?? i can't believe it an i payed $30.00

• Oct 30, 2020

This is so ugly that you have to rip people off and there should be consequences for this action. I spent fifty dollars on bogus items. How do I get my money 💰 back. If there is something that can be done, I want to know, angry as hell ! I was suppose to get 2 lifelike puppies but no I got 2 stuff animals that do nothing. Mean n cruel.

• Oct 29, 2020

Total money lost $41.83
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a samoyed dog that, in the ad, seemed like a real puppy, doing all the actions a real puppy would. When I received the item, it was more like a dollar store item, legs don't even move, no battery, no movement, just a fake fur covered piece of cardboard. This information is also in my receipt from PayPal: Payment to:



• Oct 26, 2020

Meant to be real like puppies they were 2 stuffed toys ignoring my emails git paypal to lookbinti it.

• Oct 24, 2020

Scammer's phone None Listed
Scammer's website htpps://www.buymybestitem.com
Scammer's address None Listed
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

This store is setup with life like puppt dogs, that are made to order, featureing all breeds of puppies. They show a video of the puppyies running around, following you, rolling over etc. You would swear they are real. So I bought one for my Grandaughter. The price, $19.99 on sale + shipping, for a total of$30.53. What I received was a no more than $.25 piece of garbage from China, a piece of plastic junk that resembles a Sir Charles Spaniel. Pure Garbage! Site says refund within 30 days, but no address to send it back to, which also is fake, I'm sure. That's my story, sad but true, like the song says (RunAround Sue). They even describe what goes into making the puppy, like a gel body or something like that. The whole operation is just too good to be true, yet I was scammed!

• Oct 22, 2020

Victim Location 99218
Total money lost $29.98
Type of a scam Online Purchase


I was very excited to order the Realistic French Bulldog for a friend of mine. What I received does not look lifelike at all. Has no way that it moves or makes sounds like in the ad. No internal structure or place for batteries. There is absolutely a case of false advertising going on here! I paid to have it shipped and I don’t feel it should be on me to pay to ship it back. Please email me ASAP.

******* *******

• Sep 12, 2020

I ordered one of the mini huskies and still have not received it I have the proof I paid for it and it’s for my daughters birthday

• Sep 11, 2020

Hi folks.

As same with everyone, I ordered 2 “ real life silicone baby dolls” worth $54 or £44 for my daughters birthday in July 2020. Never arrived till a month after her birthday and worse of all, what was sent to me was some monster like melted rubber dolls that I can get for a £1 each at a poundshop!
Got in touch with the fake guys and all they could say was 15% or $20 compensation! Got in touch with my bank and was asked to return the items to the guys and they will in turn refund my money.
I contacted the fake guys again and below is the reply I got with another strange address:

"Dear customer,
First,we really don't suggest you return it back as it is still can be used,and our return warehouse is in China,the shipping fee is very expensive,sometimes it might beyond the value of the product.
Second we will refund you until we get the parcel. Because some sellers didn't send it back after we refunded,we suffered a big loss,It might last around 1 month or more,The worst thing is it might get lost during shipping,waste more money and energy.
So we suggest refund you 20 USD as compensation,that is the best we can do now.
However,if you insit on returning back,here is our address:
Warehouse A, Order Management Center, West Yiheng Road, Kapok Industrial Area, Qishi Town, Dongguang City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel:15660252809 .
Receiver:龙礼期 Long Liqi.
After you send it,pls leave a message about your order number(10471) and the store name(atree2u) on the parcel and then give us your return proof.
Thanks a lot



Had also postEd what I ordered and what was sent below:

• Sep 09, 2020

I did buy some dolls from this site and I was canned too I paid $83 for two dolls and I received the bad one and I'm really not happy with in any doesn't want me to reimburse me and I don't want know what to do now I'm trying to fight but I don't know if I'm going to win that one I have the same picture as you have over there I don't know if I can put it over here but on the website it says that they found it's possible if you return the the package and after they receive the package they will refound you but it's not true cuz they fight they don't want the package they fight with you to not refund you so I don't know what it's going to happen no so I found you so I make a report over here that I was going to
Like you see on the picture that I put it's not even bigger than the pen who's just beside the dolls it's not 22 in like they describe on the description of the dolls on the website it's not even like 3 in
Thanks for reading me

• Sep 09, 2020

I'm so sad to not having the dolls that I paid for the last picture is the one that I wanted so bad. I was in love with those one it's so sad the people that take advantage of us who loves dolls for there collection ...

Wish id of read all this before I bought two.
They are selling fake goods and robbing people. The dolls the send out are worth £1
this company need closing down and made to pay all refunds
they are still getting away with it. And why are PayPal allowing them too.
Try and report them to whoever you can... Let's shut this fake company down.

• Sep 06, 2020

I ordered a realistic doll and this is what arrived I've asked for a refund they never responded and PayPal has no way of giving a refund

• Sep 09, 2020

For the person he proposed to me 5% of refund good thing yeah wow 5%, when I pay $83 for two for two dolls!

• Sep 01, 2020

Same as everyone else, I ordered what I thought to be an adorable baby girl with her cute outfit, lifelike, realistic sylicone baby doll for $42 and I almost Threw Up when I opened the tiny 4 inch bag, I got a 4 inch PLASTIC NAKED BABY DOLL that I could have bought at Wal-Mart for not even $5 and it wouls of been clothed! I emailed them and filing a complaint with Pay Pal and my Bank. I better get my money back this is absolutely disgraceful and beyond upsetting. And to make things even worse, try and pull up their Website, No More Baby Dolls... Now theyre selling FAKE REALISTIC PUPPIES! I could cry I'm so upset.

• Aug 26, 2020

I paid for 3 life like dolls 22 inches , but that’s not what Received,, the dolls that I received didn’t look anything like the pictures of the dolls I ordered, it was supposed to be 22 inches lifelike dolls with clothes, two dolls about 6 inch each, & one doll about 12 inches And they were hard not life like . Can’t get in touch with the company, I feel like I’ve been scammed

• Aug 25, 2020

I got amen for a ride too - with COVID, and border closes in Australia, I can’t visit my grandkids and haven’t seen them for a year now. I thought I’d start Christmas shopping early and bought each of my granddaughters a silicon lifelike baby - what I received was rubbish and being on a very limited budget I’ve lost a lot of money and will have to somehow save to get something else as I can’t give them what was received- I’m beyond angry I’m just totally devastated 😢 see image - ordered and received 😢

• Aug 24, 2020

I bought 3 babies dressed and hair. My kids were in tears when they seen their non dressed plastic junk. 3 heart broken kids. I want FULL refund. You expect something and get heart broken by something you cannot even dress or really act as if is a baby doll. Also stated 17 inches for one. Not even all three combined is 17 inches. Dissatisfied and beyond disbelief. REFUND REFUND REFUND

• Aug 15, 2020

I ordered a 17 inch newborn silicone baby with dark hair from this site. I received a 7 inch bald " Dollar Tree" quality baby instead. Below is the doll I received. I would like a refund!

• Aug 12, 2020

I ordered 2 dolls from this site, and they are NOT what I ordered at all! I want a refund. My mother-in- law I ordered one for bought stuff for her doll for nothing! This is what I received.

• Aug 12, 2020

I also was scammed by them, $42.98 for a 6 inch glob of MELTY painted rubber not worth .01 I demanded full refund it was for my Granddaughters 5th Birthday the first picture shows 17 inch doll supposed to have clothes and removable pacifier, and supposed to be silicone.. 🤬

• Aug 12, 2020

I pay 42$ for this 1$ worth doll. Can we collaborate and get our money back?

• Aug 08, 2020

I am so angry. I did not get what I ordered. It took 5 weeks to get something I wouldn’t buy at the dollar store. Below you can see what I ordered and what I received. Not even close. BUYER BEWARE!

• Sep 09, 2020

I bought the same and I had the same as you and I'm not happy just like you it's so sad cuz in the picture they are so beautiful baby dolls
I hope and in one way we can have a refund or I don't know good luck to you too

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