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Business Generic LLC

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Business Generic LLC Reports & Reviews (12)

- San Diego, CA, USA

I applied for the Quality Control Analyzer position. I submitted my identification to this company along with my signature, drivers license copy and my social security card. I haven't heard from this company since. I also sent a voided check to get started. I read a article from a few individuals who did the same process. I have had fraudulent activity done to me for the 6th time I'm pissed. I want to take action. Can you help me?

- Hialeah, FL, USA

I was first contacted by an email (see attached) and then by a quick phone call. A contract through DocuSign was provided by a person name Melissa Afra / Cole ([email protected]) and Linda Branch for a Quality Control Supervisor position. The company posed as a third vendor for Amazon. A field manager by the name of Alexis Barnett was assigned to me. I will communicate daily with Alexis regarding the picking up of parcels (most at Best Buy stores in my area). The parcels were mainly expensive laptop computers, cameras, and lenses. My first two parcels were delivered at my home by UPS. After the pick up of parcels a shipping label was emailed to me by Alexis. You can process all parcels through a company dashboard similar to the one use by Amazon. I undergo training with Amazon training materials for few days until they begin to assigned parcel tasks to me. These people are good on what they do. Although I was skeptical at first everything else they did led into me believing this was a true job referenced and supported by Amazon. After 17 parcels all communications stopped and of course no pay.

- Jacksonville, FL, USA

A email was sent about a job position as a quality control inspector. A convincing website with phone numbers contact for hiring. The job required you pick up packages inspect and resend with a per-paid label. Packages was being sent same job requirement. I personally receive a package inspect resend to forward address. I picked up two packages at best buy and that's when it became a issue . The pick up was misspelling my name and Best Buy could not release package and then the questions started and I was now saying this isn't right . I called best buy support and reported the situation, she corrected the spelling of my name and the entire time I had notify the company about what just happen and ask for guidance . I picked up a camera and the company had closed the pick up now I have not gotten paid and I still have their package with no direction. what a scam

Business employment fix income of 1500 monthly plus 50 bonus per package send after training was finish never received payment

- Florissant, MO, USA

I received a phone call from a Sean Nick stating that I was employed by business genetics LLC. I provided all of my information and was told the hiring manager Nancy green would be reaching out to me. Payday is approached I cannot reach anyone via email or phone call I have called the many numbers and no one has responded. I am very nervous and afraid because they have personal information like my driver's license ID for my W-4 forms. They told me that I will be getting paid 1500 plus $50 per package. I have emails from Nancy green regarding information of packages. I'm not sure of what to do I don't want to pay for an attorney due to my recovery fees is going to be the same as court cost in type of retainer. Any companies that is stating to ship from home and send them your information via email do not trust they are all scam. I feel should be held liable for not running references.

- Amarillo, TX, USA

I have been looking for a second part time job so I have been putting in a lot of job applications and I had my resume available on several employment websites. I received a email from a company called Business Generic saying that they wanted to interview me as a Quality Control Inspector for Amazon. They said I would receive packages at my house and occassionally pick items up from a store. My job would be to inspect the products to make sure it met Amazon standards, take pictures of it, go online and print out a pre paid shipping label and mail it to the customers. The pay would be $1500 a month plus compensation for each package that I mailed out. They sent me a employment contract through Docusign where I had to download my drivers license and social security card. The website they have is very professional and legitimate looking. It says after training the ultimate goal is to become a Amazon sales representative. The training videos I watched were even inside the Amazon warehouse. It all looks very legitimate. They say the main company is in China and a branch office in New Jersey. I even spoke to them on the phone and it seemed like a great opportunity for a second income. My first shipment came to my house and after that they wanted me to pick up items from Best Buy. I started thinking something wasn't right but when I googled the company nothing came up about it being a scam. I started researching how to know if you are involved in a employment scam and it gave me a tip to check the email addresses from the people who had contacted me. There was a total of four and when I put in one from the human resources the entire scam came up. The name was Georgia Ray from Berry Mayers. When I contacted the they informed me it was a high risk for identity theft. When I checked my credit report there was recent activity on there I had not done. A couple of days ago I got the exact same job offer only from another company. This job is a scam don't fall for it.

- Arvada, CO, USA

I received a phone call from what seemed to be an agent in a call center calling regarding a job offer I recently applied for. I was actively seeking employment and placing my resume on line, at several job finder websites, so I wasn’t surprised by the call regarding an application I filled out online. The call was representing “Business Generic, LLC and Amazon, hiring for a “Quality Control Specialist” and training for thirty days to become a International Sales Associate selling goods through Amazon after your trial thirty days. Its advertised to be Home-Based | Part Time Salary: $1,500 fixed salary + bonuses (50$ for each shipment) =average income $4,000/month Hours: 20 hours/week Trial period: 30 days. Job duties consist of: receiving delivered packages from UPS or Fed Ex at your home or picking packages up from the nearest Best Buy Warehouse and Reshipping these items after inspecting them, confirming specifications; rejecting and returning unacceptable products being shipped from China. Verify and keep records on incoming and outgoing shipments and prepare items for shipment. Provide photo reports. Print shipping labels, attach it to parcels. Unpack/repack items into container/box. Prepare records of merchandise shipped. They will compensate for gas and packing material during “Pick Up” time. They provide a website dashboard you sign into to track the packages and view your assignments. It’s also where you communicate with your “supervisor”. They have all the forms usually used when applying for an online job position, and the website would keep track of the packages and the money earned and days remaining till you get paid. It has legal advice and financial advice. It holds a profile of you showing details of work progression, and delivery address, phone number, etc. Looked very professional and has 24 hr. support and chat with your supervisor regularly.

- Provo, UT, USA

This Scam emailed me offering a work at home job in which they would send packages to my home and I would ship them out. I was offered $1500 a month as a flat rate with a $50 bonus.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

They emailed me about a job offer for quality control inspector and listed everything that I'd be doing and how much I'd be getting paid. They asked for name address phone number and if I was already employed. I responded back with that information and they emailed me that they called me but I didnt answer. So I responded just to email me instead. They then emailed me saying about how they were sold on me for the position because I responded quickly but I didnt respond quickly. They kept calling for an interview but I never answered and somehow still got the job. And they went on to email me about the job and what I'd be doing and when I was getting my first package and I got the package 2 days ago and they've been telling me on their website how to send it out and stuff.

I clicked a link on reddit to work from home as a quality control inspector for Business Generic, LLC. They emailed me an employee agreement and a job description and asked for a copy of my license. They offered $4000/month to receive boxes from China, open, check, take pictures and repack and mail to an Amazon facility. They indicated you would be an Amazon employee at the end of 30 days. The website you go to for training looks real. I am supposed to talk to them tomorrow to fill out paperwork that would have given them my social security number and bank account info.

- Farmington, MO, USA

This lady wants to ship items to my home and me ship them overseas. And get paid $3,000 a month this has got to be completely a scam I told her I was gonna check out her company and she said ok she wanted a copy of my drivers license and I said no

- Bossier City, LA, USA

Received and email from HR Department for a job asking for the following information:

my name is Nicky Smith and I represent "BUSINESS GENERIC" LLC. We really appreciate your interest in new open vacancy "QUALITY CONTROL INSPECTOR" and replied to our email hiring campaign. Let me provide a detailed description about the position.


This job is entirely home-based and has flexible working schedule from Mon- Fri. In order to get this employment opportunity, feel free to reply to this email with following info.

1 First name,  Last name

2 Address, city, state

3 Cell phone

4 Home phone

5 Are you already employed?

and we will contact you for the interview to start the trial period.

(!please note: message without the complete information might not be accepted by our HR department) 


Type:  Home Based | Part Time

Salary:  $1,500 fixed salary + bonuses (50$ for each shipment)=average income $4,000/month

Hours: 20 hours/week

Trial period:   2 weeks

Also shows to be located in 8354 Northfield Blvd, Denver, CO and Main Office 7 Canton Road, Wharf T&T Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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