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I was called several times by BRG claiming that I have outstanding unpaid payday loans from 5 years ago. They knew a lot of personal information and even called my father in law who is not on any previous loan document or credit application. They wanted to set up a payment plan to settle the accounts. Do not give these people any personal information it's a scam!

- Amarillo, TX, USA

very rude individual claiming i had a debt. asked me my name and he said a different birthdate. i said that was not me and my husband had been trying to call back and no one would talk with him. he told me my husband was lying. i then proceeded to tell him he needed to get his files straight and to call the correct individual. i hung up on him. he calls me back on my cell phone which i did not give him the number too, telling me that was uncalled for. my phone alerted me saying the call was suspected scam. it is now blocked.

he said his name was Terry Richardson. which i am sure is fake.

- Ashville, PA, USA

Number called for "tracking and location" and inserted an automated person saying my name. The person only gave the first name. I called and they said it was in regards to a personal business matter and asked if the number I was calling from was the one they contacted and I said yes.I told them I didn't know what it was in regards to. They then told me they wouldn't call my number back.

They keep calling saying in regards to the whereabouts or tracing efforts for my name. Says they have the authority to call references they called my niece whom I've never used as a reference. So i don't know how they got her number i presume by matching last name

- Aberdeen, SD, USA

These people keep calling me at first it sounds like a real person talking than I get a robot sounding person saying my name. They are asking for my whereabouts and trying to trace me.

- Huntington Beach, CA, USA

I just got this really weird phone call that was automated saying they are trying to track me down. They will use all the resources I had. I called back the number and it's a company called BRG. Apparently it's a huge scam. They called my Dad and left a message about me. I googled them and found this post. Don't be fooled or give away any information. I know my credit very well and am current with everything. Please do NOT fall for this!

- Moses Lake, WA, USA

Call and is searching for my location and demanding a call back. Wanting to know my whereabouts. There is legal action they want to take against me.

I received call looking for my daughter who hasn't lived with me in 10 + years and doesn't even know this phone number to use as a reference as it is my business line. They stated she used # as reference. They have call before on my cell phone, using a different company name. My daughter requested they provide information about debt and they have failed to do so. I

- Hollister, CA, USA

They called at 6:38 AM PST which constitute as a violation of collection law. According to collection laws, any debt collector may only call from8AM to 9PM your local time.

Well, BRG called me back in October and I talked to Dominique extension403, she told me that I owed $425 on a payday advance. She said that my wages would be garnished if I don’t pay, she also said that they would send me to court and I would be served a court order, a sheriff would come to serve. It’s been a month and I haven’t receive anything, she gave me the name of the company which I forgot, but she wasn’t able to give me their phone number and or a contact from the original creditor.

- Manteca, CA, USA

They called my mom first and left a message trying to trace me down. I called the number and they said I owed money to Global Group Funding for a loan. When I told her to not contact me via phone and to only contact via mail she got loud. Then I said it was fraud since I have never taken out a loan she began to yell at me saying if I don't pay she will put my debt through. I received a call later on my phone from the same number and I explained the same thing to her and said I found them online as a scam company and she started yelling at me also... I want to make sure these people are stopped. They were asking fro me by my maiden name as well.

- Southaven, MS, USA

A woman claiming to be Jamie left a message on my mom's answering machine saying that she was with a company called BRG and that if she knew my whereabouts and didn't let them know, that law enforcement would authorize her to access all my records or something. I called the line back, and it had an automated message in the same woman's voice, saying hit 1 if you know the name of your extension and 0 if you don't. I tried both options. Each time I called, the phone rang and rang. Finally, someone picked up. I asked for Jamie, and she said that Jamie was their automated voice (although she sounded identical to "Jamie"). I asked what their company was, and she said something really fast and wouldn't answer what sort of company it was. She asked my name, and read out the last 4 digits of my SSN. She asked me to "verify" my Social Security Number, and I refused. She said, "I'll put it in our records that you refused to verify. Good day," and hung up on me.

- Hico, TX, USA

I have gotten 3 calls from a guy named Joshua stating I owed money from 2011 from a loan place I've never heard of, wants me to give my credit card information and make payments I googled number and found many people have gotten same call and same person name I in closed a screenshot of one of the many people who have had same experience with this.

- Higginsville, MO, USA


- Orlando, FL, USA

They're calling me all through the day with a threatening msg s. About money they claim I owe from a loan that I do not remember receiving.. I the calls and harassment I gave in. I actually gave them $300.00 with my checking account info.. Months later they called again and I told them that I paid. They said they did not speak to me nor they have no knowlege of payment. I close tha

My checking account since. Now they're calling again with the same msg.

- Mckinleyville, CA, USA

Robo caller named Jamie calling saying they were a skip trace company. When I returned the call Bill stated he had a claim against me. I asked who the claim was from? He tried making me verify personal information. I said I would not verify anything and they were required to send something to me in writing and I wanted more information about their company. Bill said he already told me BRG. I repeated he is required to send me information in writing. He advised no he was not and good luck.

They have continually been calling my father looking for me and neither of us have any debt. They called me last year and stated that I was sent to collections by a loan company I used over 10 years ago and paid in full. I was advised by my lawyer not to give them any information and have not heard from them again until a couple weeks ago when they started calling my father. We are both on the do not call list, but I was told by "Robert" that they do not abide by the DNC list because they aren't making sales calls. He then asked for my father's name and phone number to "remove him from my account." I did not provide him with any information and he got angry and hung up on me.

I received a call saying I owed for unpaid payday loans from 2013. They started to give names for the companies I owed so I googled them and they either didn't have a valid contact or only had a wikipedia page. They were trying to get me to pay the debt amount or file a dispute, but when I asked to file the dispute, the rep just told me thank you for being nice, have a good day and did not proceed with the dispute process.

Calling alot of people not identifiying self at all then hung up on me i wouldnt give info and have called alot of others with false collections please investigate ,saying they have a collection for unknown wont say what i dont have any unpaid anything

- Winchester, TN, USA

They called me and my grandmother saying they were needing help tracking me down. When I called I spoke to a lady who said she was Linsdey. She said that they had 4 people claiming I owed money to them, she gave me the names none of which I had heard of before. I asked that she send me a letter with this information on it to which she said she couldn't until I made payment arrangements and they has my card info. I told her that without that info from her she wasn't getting my info. She called me for about a week or two trying to get this information. I told her that I talked to my lawyer (which I did) and that I looked them up on the and that my lawyer said not to trust them and that they showed up as a scam and I haven't heard anything from them again.

- Cordova, TN, USA

John called and stated that I owe a high balance on a loan in 2012. I made him aware that I didn't do a loan in 2012. Then he stated it was 1 or 2 years ago. When I caught him in his lie he stated he said 1 or 2 years prior to me doing good the loan. Asked for the company name that I did the loan through he said he doesn't have that information. If you are a debt collector they will have who the loan was done through no matter if it was a third party. I looked company up and so how they are doing this to several people. Debt collection company will send you letter in the mail to show proof you have been notified of a debt. I will having a lawyer look into the company.

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