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Brandon Smith Pitbulls

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- Houston, TX, USA

I was looking into getting a new dog and happened to do an internet search on ‘pitbull rescue agency’ a few websites came up and a lot of breeders websites. I was clicking through some of the websites when I found Brandon Smith Pitbull’s page. The puppies were very adorable and there was an area where you could inquire about a dog. I sent a message regarding ‘Benji the pitbull’ within minutes I was emailed and asked if the person could get my number for more information. At the same time they sent additional pictures of Benji which all looked legit. One even had a woman holding him, you could see the woman’s face too. I gave my number and the person answered my questions about the price, size, puppy history, etc. I then asked where they were located and how the shipping would be. The person said they were located in California and the shipping would cost an additional $150 (the puppy cost $750, total of $900.) I told the person that I would be going to my sisters wedding that weekend and if they could hold the dog for me. He said he could but I’d have to pay a deposit of $500 which I did. Once the time came closer I paid the rest of the $400 and told him what day I wanted the dog. He said they would ship the dog with the courier service the night before and that I would have the dog on Tuesday September 22nd at 9am. I am located in Texas. The night before I was supposed to receive the puppy the person said he took the puppy to the courier business and register his name under mine since I was going to be the new owner and even gave me a tracking number that was used through a business called World Logistic Services, the information was there and everything even looked legit. A few hours later I was sent an email that stated the puppy was being held due to not having a puppy health insurance and that it was an additional $1200 but refundable once the puppy arrived at his new home. I messaged the seller and told him about the email, he said he was going to contact them and find out. Within that time I received a call from what was supposed to be the courier services, the man had a thick accent and told me that I needed to talk to the seller and find out what to do (the courier travel business was clearly a scam too.) Once the seller replied and stated exactly what the email did, I told him that I wasn’t going to pay that money because that was never communicated to me before hand and that he should’ve known to do that since this is his business and I would think that he had encountered that issue before. He told me that he was willing to work with me and pay half. I was upset but at that point I didn’t want to deal with that anymore and since they stated it was refundable I went ahead and paid it. (Thank goodness, I didn’t lose this additional $600 because the zelle information he gave me happened to not be registered so the transfer failed. But neither of us knew it failed, I found this out the next morning when I checked my account and called my bank.) after I paid that money or thought I paid that money, I was called again by the “courier travel services” and the man with the thick accent said that they were set to go and on their way and that I would still receive the puppy at 9am. The next morning 30 minutes before I was supposed to receive the dog I got another email stating that the dog was being held in New Mexico due to weather conditions and that he needed a thermal grate to continue the travel and that it was an additional $700 but also refunded upon receiving the puppy. At that point I was pissed off and contacted the seller, screen shot the email and told him I’m not paying anything else. He said he would contact them and once again replied with the same stuff as the email and to just send the money for the dogs sake. I told him absolutely not, that if was truly a good business owner he would pay that money and make his clients happy since it was “refundable” at that point he got very rude and aggressive, kept telling me to send the money and at this point I knew it was a scam. I wanted to see what he would say so I played along and told him that I’d pay with my credit card this time and for him to send me the direct link where I could make the payment. He kept insisting I do zelle and that I paid him directly. I said no. During that time I also googled his website and looked for scams and happened to find his under the scam list. If I had the slightest feeling about this before I would’ve thought to google that but his website seemed very professional and I never purchased a dog from a breeder before so I had no clue. I screen shot him the scam page and sent it, said I wanted my money back and that I was going to report him. He said “don’t believe everything you see online” I then again told him that I was going to report him and he said that he would zelle me back my money. He never did so a few hours later I asked him when he was going to refund me my money, he didn’t reply but then 2 hours later replied with “the 600 you sent me I never received, can you check your account to see if it was sent” at that point I had already called my back, reported him and asked about that 600, they said it failed and that he couldn’t take it anymore at that point which was a relief. I replied and told him that the 600 failed to send (so happy about that) he just said “okay” and that was it. The next day I asked him when he would refund me again, no reply. I haven’t heard from him since. Obviously he’s not going to send me that money. My bank said that they could see his bank information (bank name) and they would contact his bank and I would know something within 10 days. Which won’t be for another week.

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