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Big Family Discounts

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Big Family Discounts Reports & Reviews (29)

• Jun 24, 2022

Worked for big family scammers

I was employed with this company.. they absolutely target senior citizens try to upsell them or get yelled at by Nicole the half wit owner.. I walked out
It’s sadly a really big scam folks

• May 20, 2022

There a SCAM!!!

thank you all for your reviews, which saved me from following through with paying the $2.95 fee and giving them my credit card info.

I was doing a survey for a testing opportunity for the iPhone 12 when I received a call from (910)372-4657. I answered she said I won $250.00 from a survey I did and I wasnt even half way through it yet. FLAG so as she tried convincing me they werent a scam she then started asking for my cc info because " she would hate to see me lose $250.00 just because of one little stamp and envelope"

Thankfully I was at my computer already and googled them as I told her to wait. thanks to all of you I was able to tell her to shove the gift card where the sun don't shine then go play in traffic blind folded.

So thanks again everyone!

• Jun 11, 2022

I worked for this company for 3 days and yes they’ are 100 % scammers. If you don’t read the whole script and upsell the caller (usually seniors ) well nicole ( this girl is a ?) yells after the call.. it’s 2.95 plus 1.95 after 30 days it’s 29.88 plus 24.83 plus the gift at the end of 24.95 total scam ?

• Apr 07, 2022

Scammer's phone +1 (620) 210-8303
Scammer's address Baxter Springs, KS
Country United States
Type of a scam Other
Initial means of contact Phone


They told me the same exact things everyone on here said they did to them however since I knew better I didn’t give any information out and so thank you for the information that everyone has posted before me to keep myself safe

I was lied to yet again but this time by these people

I received a phone call and was told a bunch of bs obviously cus I was told I would get a 250.00 gift card and never did but was charged not just once but 2 times in the same week I better not keep being charged for faults information.. It's bull crap I do surveys to make extra money do to the fact I am a full time student and not working because of this whole covid crap..

Run for your dear life

They called and told me that I've won 250.00 visa gift card, and then they also said I have to pay a 2.85 processing fee and then about 2 days later another 1.85 was taken out , when I opened the letter only a bunch of papers came out don't fall for this, why just why play with people emotions


Don’t fall for this scam

I was charged the 29.88 for the subscription. As for my bank they advice to first give them a call and try to see what’s going on and get a explanation. So I called the company and spoke to Nicole the owner of the company and she was very unprofessional and rude and very judgmental and accusing towards me when I explain that I never received the call and she played a recoding of someone that according to her was me giving authorization for these charges Of 2.85 cent and a 1.85 as well. I was trying to explain to her that was not my voice in the recording and that I never received any emails or paperwork and she started accusing me of making excuses and telling me that I was doing this to get my money back. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and she said she was the owner. The bank is dealing with the fraud. Hopefully this does not keep happening to other ppl.


I received a call like most everyone else here about winning 250.00 for a processing fee of 2.85 then a couple of days later I was charged 1.85 to my debt card. I tried calling their office to only receive a recording saying call between 8 and 7 pm eastern time it was only 5:30 eastern time when I called. I called my bank and cancelled my debit card, I will need to call my bank back in a couple of days and dispute the 2.85 and 1.85.


I was just scammed by them as well. They had my name, email and mailing address. I was very skeptical but he made it seem so real. I gave him our Amazon Visa credit card number for a $2.85 processing fee for a $250 rewards gift card I had "won". We called and canceled our card and now I have to call and cancel the 2 30 day free trial we're apart of. He called from the number (813)791-7522


Scammer's phone 888-412-0398 & 800-431-9340
Scammer's website Big family-ID Protection
Scammer's address P.O Box 5004 Spring Hill; Florida 34611
Scammer's email
Country United States
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes
Initial means of contact Phone

I got a call from a woman and said I had won a $250 gift card which would be redeemable at over at 1000 different places dining shopping traveling and I got this paperwork and it seems like a bunch of riffraf lies from what she made it sound great and so I saw this site and I'm going to file a claim on Fraud I guess and it's going to be big family ID protection out of Spring Hill Florida PO box 5004 phone number 888412 0398


Scammer's phone 8443641759
Country United States
Type of a scam Identity Theft
Initial means of contact Phone

They charged me $2.85 for identity theft at big family sweepstakes and then a few days later they charged me $1.85 for big family sweepstakes again so I just canceled my card after reading all of the scam reviews in hopes that they are unable to get my other card


I fell for it too. The lady who I called at identity theft to cancel told me she doesn’t even have the other ones number! Don’t fall for this scam!


I tried the identity protection and did not know that the Big Family discount program was associated with it so when I canceled their identity protection I was then charged for the big family discount program.
When i called their customer service i spoke with a very insensitive person telling me that I did not cancel the big family discount and only cancelled the identity program which I thought was very deceitful. I told them I would dispute the charge and then the gentleman said he will just play the recording of me only canceling the identity program to prove I did not cancel the other one in time and would not offer a refund. Very deceitful. Scammers if i ever saw one. BEWARE


Big family discounts and their partnered identity theft program first promises a $250 gift certificate for online shopping and charge you $2.85 for the privilege. Going through my records I see that they charge me that $2.85 and have now charged me an additional $24.95 plus $23.83. I received nothing is promised and no one explained that there would be not just one but two monthly charges on my card. I'm going to file a fraud report and contest their charges.


My name is Sandi Jones Draper and I did not authorize you to deduct money from my account. Please cancel this service immediately. I can be reached at 8047041610. I have already reported this to the Better Business Bureau.


I don't know how 'Big Family Deals' got my snail mail address. I'm assuming I must be on someone's list because it came in my name, not the name of a previous tenant or 'current resident'. I received a letter from Big Family Deals this afternoon. Their letter made absolutely no sense! First, it thanked me for becoming a Platinum member (I'm not). It mentioned a mobile code and mobile app instruction kit. The only thing it didn't mention was a 'card'. While reading all the posts I noticed that they were sent a card. I never received a card from them, and they didn't include a card in this odd letter. Unless I fell for this scam in an email or on my cell phone and had just forgotten, I'm assuming that they got my home address because I am on some list. But if that's the case why didn't they send me a 'card' like everyone else?

So here is what I am thinking. That this is a 'twist' on the scam because too many people are catching on not as many people are falling for it as in the past. I'm thinking that the reason I didn't get their card is because I didn't agree to anything, I'm thinking (and hoping) that they don't have my debit card info and this is a snail mail attempt to get that information. The letter is to convince me that I already have it and to go to the website and give that information and download their mobile app. Something I have no intention of doing.

Yeah, I don't have a card from them and am 90 percent certain I didn't give them my card info online or on my phone, so this might be an attempt to get that information from me. Please beware.

• Jun 11, 2022

I worked there for 3 days and walked out it’s upsell upsell upsell and Nicole has a fit if you don’t read the whole script.. it’s 2.95 plus 1.95 plus 24.88 plus 29.88 plus the gift at the end for 24.88 total scam and I’m so sorry that happened.. they’re on Spring Hill drive across from Dunkin’s

Nobody received the gift card they we was told we would receive

I lost 2.85 plus 1.95 I canceled my card after those charges and I was still charged $26. And some odd cents today and I canceled the card 2 weeks ago and got a new one not sure how that happened when card was no longer good that they charges me on . I have a whole different card and that they had but still able to charge my acct




Yes of couse they got my again for 2.85 than another 1.85. But this time she did not say it was big family till after she got my card number. I dont understand how they still around authorities should stop them.


Was just called twice and I definitely fell for it the first time.. they wanted 2.85$ for a processing fee to send me a 250$ gift card in the mail.. I felt cautious but still like an [censored] I fell for it even though deep down I knew it was a freakin scam.. like everyone else said at least I only lost 2.85$ ugh idk if i should cancel my card and ask for a new one to be sent to me or not...


Scammer's phone 8443641759
Scammer's website
Scammer's address Bloomington Minnesota 55420 P.O. Box 201641
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Postal mail

I received postal mail that wanted me to sign up for a big family discounts and mobile app

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