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BGE Imposter

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BGE Imposter Reports & Reviews (16)

Gentleman stated he was from BGE and my service was due to turn off in forty-five minutes. In order to stop turn off, I had to call this number 877-346-7284. I was told I had to pay $500.00 right now at their center or Zell or Cash App .

Received a phone call from this number 443 617-7661 said they were BGE, and was cutting my service. Then cussed me out on the phone.

- Baltimore, MD, USA

Received a phone call at approximately 2:30 pm on 7/26/21 from someone purporting to represent BGE. Returned the call & the call was answered with the same recording as BGE. Spoke with someone named Addix Terry who stated that there was an outstanding balance of $627.81 and service was being disconnected in 35 minutes and payment must be made in full right now by credit card, bank card, or authorize direct withdrawal for my checking account. I asked to speak with a supervisor but the individual stated that I couldn't speak with anyone but him. He even provided a service reference number to use if I called back and spoke with him at 18007084793 x7001 right away. I asked him to hold for a minute but he hung up!!!

I should have know this was a scam because he did not have any billing or account information, which I provided, or know what **** was. What also fooled me was that the answering recording seemed the same as BGE's recording, but with the option to contact the individual directly using an extension, which BGE's legitimate number doesn't have.

- Bel Air, MD, USA

This is for a business.........Gentleman stated he was from Business Contact Center & our BGE service was going to be disconnected today if account wasn't paid in full. Since I had problems receiving BGE bills the last three months, I called the phone # they left 800-535-5891. This gentleman sounded very legit, but he asked for us to send additional funds because the funds that we have previously sent are in transit. I checked my bank account & called and the initial funds were transferred out of my account and we owe nothing. He also he stated that our acct. is being investigated, but until the investigation is over they can't apply the funds. We are to make a payment today and they will reimburse us when the investigation is over. THIS IS A SCAM. I called the BGE phone no. on my bill and verified that nothing is due on our acct.

- Baltimore, MD, USA

Scammer claimed to have an order from BG&E to cut off electric in 45 minutes.

Received a voicemail stating to call 800-889-5607 to avoid a power interruption and if I need to speak with a Representative to press "2" and Thank you for using BG&E. I don't have an account with BG&E.

Called said I over paid my BGE bill,,n I had money coming back to me ,,I called BGE n they said it was a scam,,this started yesterday May 6th they called 3x one of the calls was 3:30 AM N JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER TODAY MAY 7th @11:00pm

- Baltimore, MD, USA

received a call today at 11:54 AM from 443-438-4422. I heard a recorded message stating it was a call from BGE and this was my final notice prior to my service being terminated. A toll-free number was provided to call in order to speak to someone concerning payment on my account.

I press "1" instead to be connected to a representative and I immediately asked the name of the company. I was asked for the phone number I was called on, and I immediately asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told the person to whom I was speaking (Tom) was the manager on the floor. When I refused the call disconnected.

I then called the toll-free number (1-800-961-8174) provided in the recorded message and was connected to a representative that only spoke Spanish. I explained I did not speak Spanish and the call was disconnected

Caller stated that the electric would be turned off at one of our business buildings. When calling back to the number a BGE recording did come on. A woman who claimed her name was Elizabeth Thompson said the bill had to be paid in cash by 4pm in order to stop the interruption of service. Said where to make a payment which was a kiosk. Cash payment was made. Receipt stated it was a Bitcoin receipt. BGE said this was a scam.

I received a phone call from "Max" who stated several times he was an employee of BGE and informed me that if I did not "confirm" the change to a different energy provider, my electricity would be cut off in 48 hours. I requested his phone number as I knew it was a scam but wanted to follow up with BGE directly. He gave me his cell phone number. Obviously, he was not an employee of BGE and when the representative from BGE attempted to do a conference call with the three of us, when he picked up the phone, he hung up immediately. He called me back within 2 minutes and said that he was from "BGE Headquarters" and was aware I had contacted BGE; however, he was from a different dept. and I needed to make a decision ASAP. Again, I told him I would have to call him back.

- Columbia, MD, USA

Although the caller began by saying that I was receiving a 30% BGE discount for having been such a faithful customer (which of course immediately sounds fishy), I did not proceed far enough into the call to clearly identify the scam. The caller hung up on me. I suspect this is actually an identity theft call.

Scammers keep calling me using BGE no.1-800-685-0123 telling me I won a bonus all I need to do is provide info.I can hear other people in back ground.I called BGE they no nothing about someone calling me from dept. Not noted in computer it's a scam using BGE real no. They called me a week straight.

- Elkridge, MD, USA

The person said his name was Max Lopez and that he is calling about an outstanding bill from BGE and that we had 45 minutes to make payment or the power and gas would be turned off. We are set up with auto-pay and I had already received the notification as I do every month that my payment would be processed on a specific date so I knew it wasn't real. When I called the number Max gave us it was very realistic almost the exact same message as the real BGE number. I spoke with BGE to let them know all the information they gave. This is the second possibly the third time they have tried scamming our small business.

- Severn, MD, USA

An attempt to get receiver to answer "YES" and get account number.

- Annapolis, MD, USA

Person from "BGE" called my place of business to warn us of turn off of service. Called multiple times on 5/10. Called on 5/11, the phone number was given to me since I handle the billing. I called the number, presented them with my correct BGE account number so they could look up the info. THey told me technicians were en route to turn off service. I asked what the reasoning was, he said "3 or 4 months late on payments and we need payments". I told him that was impossible since I paid last months bill online myself and have auto pay set up on my account. He got defensive and said watch how I speak to him.

I asked him for the amount of these "3 or 4 months" and he said to take it up with the techs when they arrive. I replied techs do not handle financial or billing aspects, you should have all the info there since my account is in front of you and how come wasn't mailed a turn off notice like BGE makes a practice of doing. Asked for his name, said Mike Daniels, proceeded to hang up the phone. Called back, when he answered trying to use a woman's voice he simply said "why dont you suck my d***".

I called the legit BGE to confirm my account was in good standing, and reported the scam to them as well. The rep told me that this number has already been reported to them and their security were working on it.

I got a call from a woman saying she was with BGE and that they were going to all of their "local customers" offering a free home energy evaluation. She said a rep. would come to my home on a convenient date and spend 30 minutes evaluating the insulation, heating, cooling, light bulbs, etc and replace anything that wasn't energy efficient, for example, the hot water heater (!) So I said, "Do you mean to tell me you are going to every BGE customer and making these improvements at no cost?" I questioned how they could afford to do that and how did they determine whose home to call? Then I realized she had said BGE not BG & E which I think is very misleading- I am a BG&E customer, I have never used BGE for anything. Just to make sure I heard her right, I went back over everything she had said and THEN said, "Didn't you mean to tell me you are not Balt Gas & Electric, and that you want to schedule a salesman to come over to tell me what I need to do and then after you make "improvements" you will hit me with a bill?" Then she hung up abruptly. I got the phone # by calling *69. I am concerned that an elderly person especially could be totally misled with this "free improvement" scam- she did NOT say "free evaluation and then you pay for the improvements" she said the improvements were free. I can imagine an older person (esp if alone) letting someone in their house and being talked in to all kinds of stuff they are then told they have to pay for after the fact and feeling intimidated or that they "must have misunderstood" and pay them. The fact that they say "our customers" which I am not, and the name sounding like BG&E is misleading enough. I've seen their trucks and I know they have a disclaimer on them (about not being BG&E) I think a) they should have to state that, b) they shouldn't call people and lie c) they shouldn't call people on the DO NOT CALL registry which i believe I am (therefore, I thought it was BG&E at first). Thank you .

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