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• Apr 05, 2023

Be careful!. Just received a scam from the following phone number : 4036709155 and e-mail: [email protected].

They offer you some promotion but actually they will take your credit card and steal your identity and money.


It looks like the Geek Squad at Best Buy, and it's telling me that my subscription with Geek Squad will renew today for $389.99. I DON'T have a subscription to Geek Squad, and I certainly didn't authorize anything be taken out of my account!! I then got a follow-up email that stated this amount had been taken out of my account, and the amount was for $399.99 ($10 more than the amount first stated)!! As of today, my account has not been charged, but I don't like that I received this email, and I don't know what the full ramifications are!

Opened up email and it said an invoice was attached and the invoice said the amount of $1,209.00 has been processed successfully on your credit card. No number listed. If you have any ?s call support helpline at 2506-445-0699

I called and it was a foreigner and I could not hear good because a lot of talking in background He said he could not give me the credit

card # that it was charged to so I hung up.

I received a fake invoice from Best Buy for 2 years of tech support. I contacted Best Buy and they confirmed that it was a fake. When I tried to reply to get additional information I found the email address was: [email protected]

I found an ad on Facebook for a 55’ smart tv and it took me to a website that claimed to be Best Buy. I paid for the item and received the confirmation email but never received any response after that. I replied to them multiple times after the 89.99 came off my debit card!


The scammer said that they were with Best Buy and my purchase was ready and ask for credit card for $300+.

The caller was international. When I told them I was with a company they quickly hung up. The call came in from 337-233-1721 which I called back and of course it was not a working number.

Spammer screenshot another companies ad and modified it to make a click bait type scam. There was no way to opt out of the email without clicking the modified image. Modified image led to an unsecure webpage: />

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

----- Forwarded Message -----

From: "iPhone-13 Pro.Max"

To: "iPhone-13 Pro.Max" , "[email protected]"

Sent: Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 4:58 PM

Subject: Re: You are Todays Winner


Sent from Yahoo for iPhone13promax

On Tue, 14 Dec 2021 23:58:02 +0100, iPhone-13 Pro.Max wrote:

Drag and drop files here

Email claims to be a renewal of membership. Never had membership. See below:

Membership Renewed!

Order Code : GKNNW14

DATE : 14.12.2021

Support Number : + 1 800 676 5430


Your new membership are now applied to your account. Below is your order confirmation. Please keep a copy for your records.


Total Protection



1 Pcs


$ 389.99


$ 389.99

TOTAL $ 389.99

AMOUNT $ 389.99

Support Number 1 800 676 5430

Thank you again for shopping with us. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the near future.

Need Help?

If you have any questions you can simply contact us at +1 800 676 5430.

If you would like to unsubscribe and stop receiving these emails click here .

Received an unwanted spam ad that I could not opt out of from: [email protected]. The spammer had screenshot a companies advertisement, modified it, and then resent the image out as a click bait type of spoofing/phishing scam. The ad claimed to be a prize for a playstation 5 if you took the survey. It appeared that you could opt out on the image but in reality if you clicked the image the browser redirected to an unsecure website:



Today, 17 November, 2021, you have been chosen to participate in this survey. It will take you only a minute and you will receive a fantastic prize: iPhone 13!

Every Wednesday, we choose 10 random users to give them the chance to win fabulous prizes. Today's prize is a brand new iPhone 13!

This survey aims to improve the service for our users.

You only have 0 minutes and 24 seconds to participate.

Hurry up, the number of prizes to be won is limited!

Question 1 of 4: Are you a man or a woman?



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Luisa Bianchi

I didn't win anything ??

Like · Comment · 4 minutes ago 29

Brady Schroeder

I like these promotions!

Like · Comment · 11 minutes ago 9

Roslyn Kirlin

I have already received my new iPhone. Thanks a lot !!!

Like · Comment · 15 minutes ago 22

Marco Thiel

I thought it was a joke, but my iPhone 13 arrived this morning ????

Like · Comment · 36 minutes ago 38

Rosa Carrocci

I participated, won and received my phone after 5 days. Thank you guys!

Like · Comment · 42 minutes ago 31

Amalia Falchi

Can I get my iPhone 13 today? Thanks

Like · Comment · 1 hour ago 6

Jamey Botsford

I thought it was a joke, but this morning I received my iPhone 13 via DHL and would like to do other surveys!

Like · Comment · 2 hours ago 15

Domenick Toy

Are there any other surveys to be done?

Like · Comment · 2 hours ago 39

Deion Littel

Fantastic! I had never won anything!

Like · Comment · 3 hours ago 23

Elroy McGlynn Rossi

At first I thought it was a joke, but in the end I had my iPhone 13. I talked to friends so they could have theirs too. :)

Like · Comment · 4 hours ago 30

Received a text claiming I had won a Gift from Best Buy! **Congratulations you've won our BEST BUY mystery box this week. TY! for being a great customer. Use this link to check out whats inside! *******************************

- Otis, LA, USA

Received email stating that I was auto renewed with geek squad and 360.00 taken out of my account.

I received a text message saying I purchase something from Best Buy. I immediately called the number on the text. They said I purchased antivirus software. they gave me the name of the purchaser which was probably a false name. they asked me if I wanted to cancel I just said yes. And then tried to ask him what payment was made they told me they couldn’t disclose that information and mentioned that they were recorded by the they then hung up on me. when I tried to call back I was unable to

- Monahans, TX, USA

Best Buy was caller name. Voice message stated 1099.00 was charged on my Amazon account. The call came in at 8:32 a.m. March 22, 2021. I checked Amazon account no charge has been made for that amount. Obviously a scam.

- Keller, TX, USA

Tired of scams, online purchase scams. 

Received tracking code with notice of Paid, Delivery today with a tracking code. When you click on the code it takes you to a Best Buy add saying an order has been made but the address details have not been provided. Looking for confirmation of personal information

aMy brother-in-law went to the website and purchase an item from the site. They call him after the first payment was submitted and say the payment didn't go through so they told him to run a checkout again. Then told me that didn't go through so I gave

them my debit card over the phone which then they ran it two times after the initial two payments. So I was charged $99 four times. Once he realized this was a scam he tried to contact Paypal to have the transaction cancelled. He had a difficult time understanding what the Paypal representative was asking of him because of the reps heavy accent. In desperation he contacted his bank and didn't get anywhere there because the transaction was done with a debit card through Paypal and the bank was not responsible for the charges/fraud. That's when he went to me to ask for help. Since I work as a computer consultant and am very familiar with purchasing online as we scammed myself last year I assisted him in getting a refund from Paypal. Initially Paypal "dispute resolution" favored the seller/scammer, because Paypal concluded the shipment was delivered. Obviously the seller lied to Paypal and sent Papal some bogus proof that they sent the shipment to my brother's address and Paypal believed them. Then when I showed Paypal the real Intranet tracking report and it showed it was going to a different address, same city but different address, Paypal changed their mind and said for the first transaction out of the 4 transactions would be refunded. We'll wait and see. In the meantime I'm arguing with Paypal because they want me to go through the same process with the other 3 bogus transactions. Which any smart individual would deem this is a waste of time since the merchant is a scammer and already show that they lied. So Paypal is just hoping that buyer like my brother would just give up and go away. Paypal is not taking the responsibility for making it so easy for scammers to accept payment over the Internet without little proof of identity.

Their email for each transactions

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Paypal is not easy to deal with. Their setup makes scammers get fund easily because the scammer change email addresses often on their fake website so Paypal have a difficult time of tracking them. The scammers know the Paypal process for "dispute resolution" so they circumvent around the system and whatever Paypal fraud detection if they have any is not picking up these spike but stop these scammer from massively taking in payments one transaction at a time. The scammer generate a first class mail to obtain and report shipment using tracking number through USPS, UPS, and FedEx but mostly USPS because a first class mail is the least expense way they can pay for a shipment with a tracking number. They'll reuse at least USPS tracking numbers to reduce their "operating cost" because the USPS system doesn't have the mechanism to disable a tracking number once it as been used. So the scammers use the tracking number over and over again or until the tracking number becomes bad or expires.

This is one reason why people are receiving "Chinese seed packets" but they could be receiving any number of small packages or questionable mail just so the tracking number will show that the item is "deliver" to the city of the buyer. That's what Paypal uses to deem that the seller properly sent a shipment. A tracking number showing that it was delivered to the intened city. At this point Paypal will favor the seller as a completed transaction. Now whether you get a box of rock or our item, Paypal doesn't care. That become a dispute between you and the seller. At this point they prefer to wash their hands off of this transaction. Initially the tracking system of a package in only shows that it's received to the city and no specific data shows it went to the actual intended address. You'd need to request an Intranet report at least through USPS to show that the tracking number is going to a different street address. In this case we receive three tracking number all showing that it was "delivered" to the correct city. But the Intranet reports showed it went to three different street addresses.

Called and told us that $300 would be taking out of our account for a product when we try to call back they asked if we had computers or laptops we said no and they hung up on us we continue to try to call back but they kept hanging up

Someone called claiming that they were from Best Buy and that if I didn't follow there instructions $580 would be deducted from my account for computer services. The number was from Texas. I ended up hanging up on him.

- Lakeland, FL, USA

Complaint on social media for those people who have had bad experiences with Best Buy customer service or product ordering. Blog said to call "corporate" number for complaints. (888-237-8289). Call is answered "Corporate Offices" by a man with a very distinguished sounding diction. In my case the man said his name was "Richard Schwab".

The man listens to your complaint and then says he will compensate you. He then provides his name and "direct dial" phone number. (800-759-6417 x 7000) He instructs you to go to a Best Buy store and call him when you are outside of the store. He then says he will give you 10-15% off your purchase, overnight shipping, and other perks for your inconvenience. He will tally up the 'perks' and give you an approximate dollar amount of the refund for your inconvenience.

He says he does not want to inform the store about the issue and asks that you do not discuss it with the store employees. He then instructs you to go inside the store and purchase gift card(s) and call him back. I called bull[censored] at this time and did not go inside the store and purchase gift cards. I would assume that he would then ask you to give him the gift card numbers so he could process your discounted purchase. By that time, you're too much of a sucker and have already lost the value of the gift cards.

Don't fall for the scan from this scumball!!!

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