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BBM Reports & Reviews (7)

- Prattsburgh, NY, USA

Scammer's phone 951-277-6070, 844-373-0407
Country United States
Victim Location NY 14873, USA
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called and left a message from an unknown number but left a voicemail stating I was going to be server with legal documents to call this number 844 373 0407 to discuss the matter. I called it back to find out who was suing me and for what. Only after arguing and threatening them did they reveal that it was a credit card company that I’ve never had a credit card for but wanted 2800. For fees and the balance of the card. I was then threatened with getting arrested for stating I wasn’t going to be harassed and anyone coming to my property would be considered a threat and removed by a corner. They called back from an anonymous number and started making crunching noises and crumpled paper noises for over 2 minutes. The card they say they where representing was ** *** and it was from 2002-2003 then changed it from then to 2012-2013. I’ve never owned a ** *** credit card. After speaking with someone I was dating they stated they had an ** *** credit card and it was removed during a bankruptcy. So these scam artists are now going after another person after it was dismissed in bankruptcy.

Victim Location 77504
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from BBM stating I owed money with Wells Fargo. They stated they have been sending me letters and that they have been trying to get in contact with me. The company even stated they would be going to court if I didn’t settle. Came to a settle agreement. Before I sent money over, I asked for documentation. She emailed it to me. I later asked for the licensing number because something seemed “fishy” so I called the rep back and she stated that she was unable to give that number because she didn’t know it. She stated that she would call back.

- Portage, MI, USA

Scammer's phone 1-888-468-8527,951-309-9362 ext 351
Scammer's address 2420 River Rd #230-5019 , Norco, CA 92860, USA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location MI 49024, USA
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from an unavailable number, which i didn't answer. A voicemail was left by a woman saying she was "calling about a complaint that had been forwarded to her office, and if I wanted to discuss this pending action before it was filed against me to call "the law office" immediately at 1-888-468-8527, and to have my case number available (which she then gave me) and that it was a time sensitive matter and to call today.

I called the number and spoke to a lady named "Shannon Bentley" who said she wasn't in charge of my case but would look at it. She then tells me I have an unpaid debt with Huntington Bank. A bank I used to use maybe 10 years ago, who I believe I did still owe money to, but believe the statute of limitations has run out on. She then tells me that papers are on there way to be filed with the court, and my wages can be garnished. She stated that they mailed papers to my current address , and a previous address (both of which they had, as well as my whole ssn). Of course I never got an papers. She said since I never signed for papers that they would cut me a deal, instead of paying just short of $4000 (which is way more than I ever remember owing Huntington), they would do $1025, all of which they wanted paid that day. I told her I couldn't do that, and she asked if I had a "counter offer", which I didn't, because I couldn't pay anywhere near that at one time. Then she said we could work out a payment plan of $205 a month for 6 months. I paid her $205 over the phone so papers weren't filed with the court.

She emailed me a Docusign with our payment agreement to sign. On the Docusign I was able to see their address and when I googled it, it was a ups store. I looked up BBM (the company listed on the docusign) and can find nothing. When I call them after hours the voicemail just says "mediation department ", no company name. If they had my address why didn't I ever recieve anything? If they had my phone number why did they not call before the day papers were being filed? Nothing is adding up. They also called my sister and left a voicemail on her phone for me. These people sound legit, don't get fooled like I did. Luckily my bank gave me my money back , but it has been an emotional rollercoaster.

- Scranton, PA, USA

Scammer's phone 5703099363
Country United States
Victim Location PA 18505, USA
Total money lost $534
Type of a scam Debt Collections

i received a call that i had an outstanding loan 10 years ago with wells fargo.. i have banked with wells fargo for years and that was a time when i lost my job.. and although i couldn’t remember the loan, it seemed possible. the woman said if i was served papers i would end up in court and my wages garnished. i paid $534 over the phone and set up monthly payments to pay off the remaining $1600....

i had a bad feeling and contacted wells fargo.. although they says it was 10 years ago.. they could not find it anywhere abd it sounded fishy. the paperwork to sign came from a ‘media document’ or department address.

i cannot find their name anywhere..

the paperwork says BBM

AND A caller identified herself., ‘bloomberg, bagoni, meyers’

my spelling may not be correct.

i’m sure it’s a scam... that sounded extremely legit to me.

Victim Location 12095
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Different people from this company have called using different numbers stating I owe money on a credit card that I never had stating that they have been sending me notices in the mail and this will be the last time they reach out to me and they will be serving me papers to meet them in court. They are very rude in the messages and threatening and state that I owe them over $2000.00. but would settle for a lesser amount (which I don't) At one time, my husband spoke to them and told them to send him all the information as he wanted to research this account (via his email) and they only sent him a contract to sign stating we would pay the money and of course we didn't sign. My husband then told them to send anything via certified legal mail if they needed anything and they haven't. They have continued to call now blocking the number so it comes up unavailable. I want them to stop calling me. This company is out of South Africa as I have researched but satellited in California.

- Denver, CO, USA

Scammer's phone 9503099362,8665015783
Scammer's address Ontario, CA 91764, USA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location CO 80227, USA
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Long story short they called me, my father, and my workplace(left message wth coworker saying they were gonna serve me tomorrow)when I didn’t answer twice(first call showed up as unknown number, second was called from Shannon Bentley’s direct line of (951)309-9362). She called claiming I had a debt with wachovia/wellsfargo and first asked if I had been served yet, and also claiming they had tried to reach out and could not reach me and tried to send mail to my current address. Debt of $1700ish and I could settle today or within 24 hours for $700ish. She also said they were a Filling Agency when I asked if they were debt collectors and if they were verified state debt collectors. Anyway after researching on I’ve seen other people saying similar things and proceeded to ask her questions and she ended up saying “you know what, good luck to you”

- Lakeland, FL, USA

Scammer's phone 8774398418
Country United States
Victim Location FL 33805, USA
Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company contacted an old roommate of mine saying that they have been unable to contact me.

When I called them they stated it was in relation to an old credit card that wasn’t never paid. I do indeed still owe them money however, that was almost 8 years ago.

They told me that either I had to pay a settlement of $650 by tomorrow or I would be responsible to pay over a thousand dollars. An amount that they said that was due to interest. The amount that I did not pay on the credit card was no more than $300.

They stated that if I did not pay this amount I could be taken court.

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