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• Jan 14, 2021

This is an absolute scam of a company!BEWARE, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR VEHICLE AND DODGE YOUR CALLS FOREVER UNTIL YOU PAY A [censored]TON MORE! trust me.. even their staff don't know where vehicles are or what is going on! You can tell they are frustrated because every time they try to reach the "dispatcher" for information ,he dodges their calls too!

• Dec 14, 2020

This company who claims to be Adam or JASPREET GILL
3800 Airport Dr
Springbrook, AB T4S 2E7
Told me it would cost $1800 from Vancouver to Montreal and it would take 8-10 days ... WoW it took 45 days and costed me $2800 ! Everyday he had a new lie to tell me . THIS GUY LIKES TO LIE AND SCAM .

• Sep 22, 2020

They are biggest fraud compay they picup my car from Calgary they not dilivered it for 45 days.. They increased the amount.
They made lot of damage to my car.
Also they charded me 3 time more then the givem quote

Jagpreet gill owner scam scam scam scam scame be aware
They have few more company alberta auto transport

• Jul 28, 2020

Scammer's phone 1-833-700-0002
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 208 Saddletown Circle NE Calgary, AB
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country Canada
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Email

Transported our 2013 Dodge Minivan from Alberta to PEI on June 15, 2020. We were quoted $2,999 taxes in for the shipment.
It has been 43 days and the company refuses to give me the name of the company owner. He refuses to give me any details of where our vehicle is or when we can expect it to arrive. He is extremely rude when dealing with him on the phone. He will lie directly to you. He will tell you that he will call you back or email you ... he never does.
Basically stole $3000 and never delivered our vehicle. Next up, ... legal action. (Jaspreet Gill)

• Sep 22, 2020

Hi please share your number.. We can file case together on them they did same withme

I would like to report this company I shipped my car from Vancouver to Winnipeg, they told me a price of $1100 plus Tax over the phone, I spoked to the owner of the company, he confirmed the price over the phone but it was never confirmed in writting, he send me the papers to sign it and I was on the process of moving I didnt have a printer so I asked him as a favor to send me the driver with the application within 2 hours the driver showed up without the application, the driver told me that he didnt work for the company but he was there to pick up my car.

I repply to the company and they denied what they told me before I pay at front $500 dollars deposit and 1 week after the different of what they told me about $1474 with taxes. They never repply to my questions of when my car was supposed to be in Winnipeg, the owner was an arrogant person denying everything.

I contact them more than 5 times, everytime I was calling they asked the same questions of the car model, the day it was shipped and the entire questions over and over.. Sounds like they dont have a system in place and horrible customer service, they have a female answering all the calls and they make you believe that they service a few companies but is not thuth they dont have any of been proffessional and neither customer service.

At the end of the week they charge over $1900 dollars, the car was left it on a place were they have no ties because the car owners have to pay for parking.

They leave your car with a real company that do ship cars but they dont have no ties at all.

Here are my emails information for your own records and as well I spoke to the storage company that has my car and told me that they only charge $1050 dollars from Vancouver to Winnipeg..

I really would Better business bureau to look after this company, they are ripping up people and I am sure if you read the Auto Haul Inc company reviews they dont have a good reputation and I will escalate this problem to the TV NEWS in Calgary were they are locate it..

Here is the info of the company..

Phone number 403-4300002
Toll free number 18337000002
Email address [email protected]
My invoice # 20987

Payments are through email which is cash and I am sure they don't report that to the government taxes.

Here are their info



Customer Care Representative,

Auto Haul


[email protected]


Here are another name that receptionist use.


Sales Agent

Auto Haul Inc


Here is the information for payments that they use for wire transfer

Company name Auto Haul Inc
Acct number 5051663
TD Bank
Address: 208 saddletowne Cir N.E Calgary Alberta T3J 0C9
Branch 8106
Institution # 004


And I have all the files, information and conversation for further actions.

Feel free to send me an email if you like for more details.

Here is one of my emails that I sent to them at the end..

Attention: Customer Service!

Some how I got another email from you where I need to pay more money of what I expected to pay and I was searching for prices before I make up my mind to go within your company.

My first call to your company was about finding prices to ship my car were prices was okay for me at some point.

The bad thing about all of this, I was on the process of moving out I should it put more attention of your services and reviews.

I believe your company was very unprofessional to dealt with my service and I am sure I am not the only one that is having this problems.

This is not your first time you do business like this.

You estimate prices but you don't sent any information until the client ask for.

I been dealing with your company for almost a week I have been asking for all this questions about prices and time to be delivered you fail to provide accurately information about this now you telling me that I supposed to pay more than $1500 of what it was on my thoughts.

Now I want in writing by tomorrow when my car will be in Winnipeg and how much is the cost of a store per day when client doesn't have the difference at the moment. You mess up with my service and also in provide accordance information to a client.

Take as it is, I am a customer and you the provide it. So I have my rights to ask for this information.

I am so dissapoint it and some how I will find the other cash that I need to pay..

You sent me by tomorrow your prices for store and when is the dateline for my payment.

Thank you

I just hope no ones get rip off any more by this company.

I am willing to provide all the email conversations, invoice info and payment info too.

Where in winnipeg did they drop off your car same thing is happening to me

• Sep 22, 2020

Please share yohr number or email me on [email protected]

We can file caae on them together

Total money lost $860
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

we recently moved to Toronto

we booked car shipping company and to ship our car .

They promised us will ship car in 1080 plus tax

After pickup of car they send us invoice of 1816 .

They do this with all the customers grab there assets and make there personal property as hostage and do not reply until you pay them there ransome amount

more details you will get on there business google review pages how they doing it will all the people

check on google

Alberta auto transport

Alberta auto transport ltd

read reviews

now they open new shell company name doing same scam with people

as they understand police will not come into this the owner name is jaspreet gill of all this company . Check there on online bbb review for alberta auto transport

Total money lost $1,680
Type of a scam Moving

I have hired a company name "Auto Haul Inc" from Calgary to transport our family van from Toronto ON to Vancouver BC

This company send their staff to pick up our family car at a Hotel - Fairfield INN & Suite By Marriott in Mississauga Ontario.on Sept 3, 2019

They have emailed me a quote of $1,500 plus taxes for transporting by truck

After I paid them $500 then $1,180 by eTransfer

Then they tried to ask for more money which they never mention before

They are threatening me that they are going to hold my car in Calgary until I paid them for the additional fees which never mention before

They do not have actual address on their website or on their form or on their email

Please kindly help us to get our family car back

I have share my challenge with our neighbor whom is a Victoria Police, after he view this company's website and my info, he thinks that this might not be a legit company, sounds like someone just tried to steal money from people and property, and sell all the parts from the car to someone else


Auto Haul Inc



email: [email protected]

contact person: Jay, Jennie

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Address: 208 Saddletown Circle NE, Calgary, AB




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