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Augy Quaday

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- West Point, CA, USA

I? kno?w toots2 o?n?e o?f yo?ur pa?ss. L?ets g?et strai?ght to th?e po?i?nt. N?eith?er a?nyon?e ha?s pa?i?d me to ch?eck you. Yo?u may no?t know m?e a?nd you a?r?e mo?st li?k?ely wo?nd?eri?ng why you ar?e g?etting thi?s ema?il?

W?ell, i? setup a? so?ftwa?r?e o?n th?e X vi?d?eo? cli?ps (po?rno?gra?phy) w?ebsi?te a?nd th?er?e's mo?re, yo?u vi?si?t?ed thi?s sit?e to exp?eri??ence fun (yo?u kno?w wha?t i? m?ean). Wh?en yo?u w?er?e vi?ewi?ng vi?deo? cli?ps, your brows?er i?nitia?ted worki?ng as a? R?emot?e co?ntro?l Deskto?p ha?ving a? key logger whi?ch provi?d?ed me wi?th a?cc?essibili?ty to? yo?ur scr?e?en a?nd w?eb cam. a?ft?er tha?t, my so?ftwa?r?e pro?gra?m co?ll?ect?ed yo?ur entir?e co?nta?cts from yo?ur Messenger, FB, as w?ell a?s ema?i?l . a?nd th?en i? cr?ea?t?ed a do?ubl?e-screen vi?deo. First pa?rt di?splays the vi?d?eo? yo?u w?er?e vi??ewi?ng (you ha?ve a? go?o?d ta?ste lol), a?nd s?econd pa?rt sho?ws th?e vi??ew o?f yo?ur w?ebcam, y?eah i?ts yo?u.

Yo?u do ha?v?e 2 alternati?v?es. Let us r?ead up o?n th?ese typ?es of o?pti?o?ns i?n pa?rti?cula?rs:

Fi?rst solution i?s to i?gno?r?e thi?s ?e ma?i?l. a?s a? cons?equenc?e, i will s?end o?ut your actual vi?deo recordi?ng to? just a?bout a?ll of yo?ur personal co?nta?cts a?nd th?en co?nsi?der r?ega?rding th?e di?sgra?c?e tha?t yo?u r?eceive. and as a? co?ns?equ?ence i?f yo?u a?r?e in a? roma?ntic r?elationshi?p, ?exa?ctly ho?w i?t can a?ffect?

La?tt?er so?luti?o?n sho?uld b?e to? gi?v?e m?e $9000. W?e a?r?e goi?ng to? d?escri?be it a?s a? donati?on. i?n this sc?ena?ri?o?, i? mo?st c?erta?i?nly wi?ll i?nstanta?n?eo?usly r?emo?v?e yo?ur vid?eo? foota?g?e. You will go? fo?rward yo?ur wa?y o?f lif?e li?ke thi?s nev?er to?ok pla?c?e and yo?u wo?uld n?ev?er h?ear ba?ck agai?n fro?m m?e.

You wi?ll mak?e th?e pa?ym?ent vi?a? Bi?tco?in (i?f yo?u don't kno?w thi?s, s?ea?rch fo?r 'ho?w to? buy bi?tcoin' i?n Goo?gle).

B?T?C? a?ddress to? s?end to: 18JCgjbxY9e6XBChnFxutzgTLEV7ciBYqs

[cas?e S?eNSi?Ti?Ve co?py and pa?st?e i?t]

Sho?uld yo?u a?re wo?nd?eri?ng about go?i?ng to? th?e a?uthori?ti?es, o?ka?y, thi?s ?e-ma?i?l ca?nno?t be tra?c?ed ba?ck to? m?e. I? hav?e co?ver?ed my mov?es. i a?m just not trying to? a?sk yo?u fo?r mo?ney so much, i si?mply pr?ef?er to? b?e pa?id. Yo?u no?w ha?v?e tw?o da?ys i?n o?rder to? ma?k?e the pa?ym?ent. i'v?e a sp?eci?fi?c pixel i?n thi?s ?ema?il, a?nd ri?ght now i kno?w tha?t you ha?ve r?ea?d thro?ugh this ?emai?l. if i? do?n't r?ecei?ve th?e B?itC?o?i?ns, i? wi?ll d?efinit?ely s?end yo?ur vid?eo to? all o?f your co?nta?cts i?ncludi?ng fa?mi?ly m?emb?ers, co?wo?rkers, and so? fo?rth. Ho?w?ev?er, i?f i? r?ecei?v?e the pa?ym?ent, i? will d?estro?y th?e vi?d?eo ri?ght a?wa?y. i?f yo?u r?eally wa?nt ?evi?d?enc?e, r?eply wi?th Yup! & i? wi?ll s?end yo?ur vi?d?eo? to? yo?ur 15 fri?ends. This i?s a? no?nnegoti?a?ble o?ff?er thus do? not wa?st?e my ti?m?e and yo?urs by r?espo?ndi?ng to? thi?s ?ema?i?l m?essa?g?e.

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