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So what happened was my friend had her Instagram account hacked unbeknownst to me; I saw a post on her page and showed how she made money, obviously I trusted the post because it was a friend I really trust. I reached out through text (never doing that again) about the same opportunity and she told me about a “mentor” (same person) I of course believed my “friend” so I texted the “mentor” of hers and she told me how she would help me. She told me to get cashapp and told me to make an account. After I did would first send over at first 500 through cash app. I then was instructed to but Bitcoin as a block and was instructed to send it to her cashapp url or something idk what it was since I wasn’t familiar with the concept. She than asked for my email and password (an obvious red flag had I known it wasn’t a friend) so I obliged and surrender my information. She than had me log into which seems to be a. very professional website. When I logged in it showed that I had made $13k to my delight and wanted to withdrawal right away but was told I can’t unless I upgrade my account. 500 was all I had and to upgrade my account I needed another 2k so I borrowed from someone I knew I couldn’t send it all at the same time so in the span of a week I sent over 2k the first 1k the “mentor” used it again for an “investment” and it showed an ROI of 20k on my account which was not what I intended since I needed 2k to upgrade my account but the 1k was already in an “investment portfolio” so I was convinced to send another additional 1k which I now had because of my part time job so I send over another 2k within a week only to see nothing happening so I asked the “mentor” why she had no upgraded my account. I no longer receive any text so I attempted to call he; no one picked up, I then attempted to call my “friends” account and of course no response. I was confused and worried so I dialed my friends number and to my horror my friend told me her account was hacked and like a plate dropping I felt a shadow of dread over me as I try to keep calm. I reached out to my bank and they did a reversal and within that reversal I give back the 2k from the person I borrowed from thinking my bank got my money back but apparently I didn’t give them any information ( I give them every information and details I knew at the time) so at the time I had only 1k left out of the 3.5k since I give the 2k back to the owner. After my bank didn’t “get enough information” then took bank the money and I was in debt of over 2 thousand dollar instantly. I tried to get cashapp to do something but since it was in crypto they couldn’t track the transaction and couldn’t help me. I attempted to plea and begged “ the mentor” for my money telling her how she could do this to a fellow person only to be blocked and my account in the process of being hacked. I somehow managed to stop and and saw that Someone was trying to log into my account from LA but I managed to change my password and everything. For what ever reason I didn’t make a police report, I guess I felt distraught, and disappointed that I figure like the bank they could not help. I would spend another 6 month on my part time job to pay off my debts costing over 6 thousand dollars.


Hay un tipo que me envió ese link para que me registrará su número de teléfono es: +1 (217) 665-0662 me dijo que era trader scott

My friends and multiple others have had their Instagrams, other social media, and emails hacked so that they are no longer able to access their accounts. Many others have had money stolen from them through CashApp. The scammer posts in the stolen account that the person of the stolen accounts "bro" referred them to @jason_stewman on Instagram who will help you with bitcoin and investing. This person will then message you and walk you through a process: Asking if you have money in CashApp and in Bitcoin on CashApp, tell you to sign up for -- both of which you will have to verify your identity and provide a picture of the front and back of your photo ID -- Then, if they are stealing money, they will ask you to add bc1q48f84s484kpdq3kk5l22vmzjnl08umgtu4c350 (lower case L's and not i's) to transfer money to a "company bot" which will generate the trades to make a return similar to an investment app. They will then gain access somehow to your accounts and block you out. does not have an option to call or delete your account unless you once again want to provide your email address for the website chat customer service.

@jason_steman on Instagram has been reported as a fraud/scam. needs to be investigated. They could be connected or may have been used as a decoy to make everything is legitimate. Both need to be investigated and flagged immediately.

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