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Asset Recovery Associates

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Asset Recovery Associates Reports & Reviews (13)

- Free Soil, MI, USA

Ms Green left voicemail regarding "final disposition of my claim #. I did not return the call as it appears they are using outdated or false information to scam people they contact (according to several websites).

- Marblehead, MA, USA

This company has a long history of debt scamming. I have had repeated calls to my cell phone as well as to my boyfriend's number - not sure how they got that - at all hours of the day. Ominous messages have been left. I do not owe this. This is a scam.

This company is asking for $14,000 for my five year old son through chase bank ARA file #:2837889–01

The company Asset Recovery Associates sent me a letter stating i owed money for a credit card never in my name. i did not bother to return contact since i know it was a scam.

This company contacted my elderly mother about a credit card that she never owned. They said it was from 12 years ago and she owed $6000. They said they were going to freeze her assets including her bank accounts and she got scared. They had her social, birthdate, previous and current addresses, the loan company who held her new vehicle, everything. Considering she was scared, she didn’t ask many questions and went ahead and gave them over $200, as they said they would settle the $6000 credit card debt for $2000 and that she had until February 25th to pay the whole amount. They said with the first payment of $200, it would stop the seizure of her assets. She called me after to explain and I immediately knew it was a scam. Sad to say, they got their money and the bank will do nothing to get it back considering she gave them permission to take the money. A police report has been filed and they are following up with the company as we speak. Please, under ANY circumstance, no matter what they feed you, do NOT give them any information. It’s very easy to attack the elderly with this type of scam. It happens often. These people just made over $200 in less than 10 minutes and all it took was the energy of lifting a finger and dialing a number. If you’re contacted by these people, or any one similar to that matter, and they say they will take legal action, tell them you want papers to prove that legal action is being taken. They will most likely hang up on you after hearing that. So sad...

My husband received a letter in the mail today from ARA Inc. stating that they had just obtained his Lacks Furniture Account. Of course, our first thought was identity debt, so immediately got on the phone with these people to resolve this. First, we have never even heard of Lacks Furniture and have never charged furniture in our 26 years of marriage and definitely did not owe almost $9000. The man that answered the phone asked for my husband's social security number which my husband would not give out over the phone. He tried to explain that there was an error somewhere or this is identity fraud and which point the man started to become rather rude. My husband explained that they sent the letter to one of our properties, but not to our house and told them this sounded like a scam and asked to talk with a manager, was put on hold and transferred to someone who was not there. My husband hung up and was furious. He immediately called back and got transferred to a very rude and hateful man. Again we told him the situation, and he replied it was our debt and we had had the furniture delivered. BS! He started threatening litigation, liens, etc. And we told him to go for it because we had one good attorney. Then they laughed hysterically and hung up on us.

I went straight to Google to start researching this company and there was complaint after complaint from numerous people having had the exact same experience. Here are the really weird things to caught our attention. We own more than one property and the letter was sent to one we are getting ready to demolish, not our home. They knew my husbands social security number. The amount they said we owed was pretty close to the amount we had open on our credit card when we returned from vacation about 2 weeks ago. Then, I researched the furniture company and they only have stores in southern Texas. We are in central Oklahoma (makes delivery a bit out of the question), no wonder we had never heard of them! So I got on the phone with the furniture company and explained what had happened. There was no matching account number and our names were not on any accounts, surprise, surprise! My husband checked the credit reports, nothing.

- Glendale, CA, USA

I received a telephone call from ARA INC., in regards to a closed credit card from 2001. I was told that I had to pay $490 immediately and then $1669.79 in weeks time. I was told that if I did not pay this amount I would be taken to court. They somehow had the last four digits of my social security number so I thought that this claim might be legitimate.

I paid the $490 over the telephone and was going to pay the rest. I contacted my husband and we did some research into this company. They have an F rating from the There were many mentions of people being contacted for debts that were in some cases 20 years old. They said that this was on my credit report and that they had sent multiple letters to me asking for payment. I have received nothing in writing from them or for that matter any debt collection agency. I checked my credit report and there are no items in collection or debts for that matter.

After researching the less than ethical business practices of this so called company, I alerted my credit card that the charge for $490 was a fraudulent charge. That credit card has been closed and a new one has been reissued to me. I have also contacted the attorney general for the state of Illinois and was told by the person in this office, that this was a scam and I should file a complaint and cancel my card.

This company has been sending letters to my elderly mother saying she owe a debt of $1500 to a company name Speigel. My mother is retired and haven't purchase from this company nor do she online shop or magazine shop. When she called they asked for her social, date of birth, address and income. I strongly enforced her do not provide information to this company when I got on the phone the rep began to be rude and threatening words towards my mother. I ask for supervisor she was worse even curse my mother out and continue to threaten her with garnishments. How can you garnish an elderly person ssi for an account she didn't create lol this was funny but also pissed off. I can imagine how many other elderly people fall for this and this company should be shut down. They don't provide you with any information but continue to ask you for your information very rude and unprofessional behavior.

- Monongahela, PA, USA

Also said they have the Washington Courthouse, asked for 2500 on 8k credit card debt that was 1k 20 years ago. He paid it on his credit card his credit card said he could only pay 490.00. Contacted over the phone and through letters. 888-686-9475 ext 3082. I do not know if this is a real company or not he keeps saying it is a real company I said we can't report a scam on a real company, but he also said the credit card company got his money back for him so I have no idea.

- Zanesville, OH, USA

My wife received a call from ARA indicating that I had a past debt owed to Spiegel Fashions in excess of $15k and that they have been trying to locate me. When she said she wasn't aware of such a debt they said that it's probably more than 15 years old. My wife requested information be sent to her email. They sent 2 documents, one appears to be an affidavit selling a debt to ARA, the other is a settlement request to me asking for more than $3k in immediate payment.

I called them to discuss as i am not aware of any outstanding debt, nor do i know who Spiegel Fashions is. They were very pushy on the phone and insisted that i need to pay this off to avoid any derogatory information being reported on my credit. I ask that they send me some proof of this debt and that is mine, they agreed to overnight me information. 3 days later in the regular mail, i received the same 2 documents that they emailed to my wife, again, with no proof of what this debt is or that i'm connected to it. They have continued to call my cell phone to the point that i had to block their number. They are also calling me at my workplace to an unlisted number that i assume they got from caller id when i called them initially

After researching online, i have found that many people have had similar encounters with this company. I have sent them a letter requesting that they immediately stop attempting to contact me as even if this is a real debt, the statute of limitations has long since expired.

- Frisco, TX, USA

I was called early morning on the MLK holiday by a rep who did not give her name. She did not give the call disclosure statement or debt collector script associated with a legit debt collector. She immediately claimed a judgment was being filed against me and a lien against all my credit cards and personal property for a credit card whose date of last activity was 2006! When I told her I do not know what she is talking about and she must send me something in writing, she got more frantic. She seemed to be randomly reading off of my credit report. When I mentioned statute of limitations, she got silent and then threatened immediate legal action unless I arrange to pay several thousands of dollars that instant.

Darren Jones contacted me and also members of my family stating that I owe $800 dollars from an online payday loan from 2011. They wouldn't give me any information on who this loan is through or how to contact them at that if I didn't pay them they would send the information to court and I would have to obtain a lawyer. I then stated to them that if this claim were true I would contact the business personally to see if this was true, they told me I couldn't contact them and they didn't have a phone number, so when I told them I would look it up they told me I wouldn't find it. went online and put the number and name given and found out that numerous people have filed complaints against this "company"

I got a letter over 2 wks ago claiming that I owed a Spiegel. I sent it back that it was incorrect as I had paid that off w/ another collection agency almost 20 yrs ago. I receive a call this morning at my job from Asset Recovery Assoc repeating claim & telling me SS #, my mortgage co & car lease info, etc. Saying that they are going to send a notice to human resource to garnish my wages; put a lien against my property etc. if I did not setup to pay this account. I told the rep. that this was bogus & I did not owe the debt (they mentioned a mc acct) as I had never had a mc w/ them & what I had was pd many yrs & this was a fraud/scam call & I stated I would find out how to report them for this harassing call & then the person hung up. I called them back & got put on hold when I told them the issue and a rep by the name of Logan started saying additional threats. I said then if they believe they are in the right then to file a case against me in court and we will go from there.

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