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ARRA Reports & Reviews (21)

• Jun 30, 2023

Said that they were from Amazon and that they attempted twice to deliver an item that needed to be signed

I received a call from ARRA giving me a $9000 Government Grant. I do not have to pay tax. I answered the call because the phone number in my caller ID was similar to mine. It came on my cell phone. They called from 440-655-6463. They could give me the money various ways. I said I wanted cash. He wanted me to go to Walmart. They would Western Union the funds. They did not request money. Told me to call them back at 202-599-8269. I did not give personal information or send any money.

- Kenner, LA, USA

He cursed me out he called me all kind of names he was very unprofessional but he wasn't unprofessional until he got what he wanted once he approved the card that I had to send to approve the rest of the cash then he called me a black monkey I'm sleeping with people go kiss your *** **** you all kind of stuff

- Sallisaw, OK, USA

They called and said that they are a grant company that provides grants for your accomplishments and it is a one time deal a year. And they also said that you have to go to dollar general and also 711 and CVS and can not be used for wrong doing but only for schooling and busness and other ways of starting a business.

- New York, NY, USA

He said his name is Michael Young, and that he is the lead accountant of a office in new york city. He told me that the ARRA, picked 1,700 citizens in my state to receive a 9,000 dollar goverment grant for free from the goverment. Becuae i have no criminal background and i pay all my bills and taxes on time, and also have never filed for bankruptcy.

- Okeechobee, FL, USA

called me said I would get 6700 cash never had to repay

- Burns, TN, USA

I have received NUMEROUS calls from them for about a week. I generally do not answer numbers I don't know, but I am applying for jobs, so feel I need to answer. Each time the man (once was a woman) on the phone had a foreign accent, and informed me that I was on the list from the gov't to receive $9,000. They told me I had not received any loans or grants from the gov't, and my family fits in the economic bracket and a bunch of other stuff I could not understand. Today, I pushed back and he didn't like it. After I let him explain the WHOLE thing to me, I started asking questions and he got very frustrated and finally said that if I was going to be hateful then I wouldn't get my FREE money! LOL. I told him that was perfectly fine so him and his criminal buddies can stop calling me now!

- Plano, TX, USA

A man with a foreign accent calls with obvious background noise sounding like a phone bank, called my cell phone and told me that I have been selected by the US government to receive $9000 in loyalty money because I had been paying my taxes and haven't filed bankruptcy. Claims it was for the ARRA and they make the selection from the census information. He gave me a confirmation number NC 5141 and told me to immediately call 646-389-5024 to collect the money.

- Portland, OR, USA

Got a call from the numbers 202 number, claiming that I had been selected for a personal grant of about 4,000 dollars and all I had to do was verify my information. I challenged them to provide me with the name of the grant, the type of grant it was, the government entity that was providing this grant, and the reasons why and how I qualified for this grant. While they claimed the grant was enacted with ARRA passed by Obama in 2009, they would not provide me with a link to an actual .gov site that would certainly contain more information about their "department" and the grant I was receiving. I was very persistent with receiving this information, and overtime they got better telling me to type in ARRA, but still not providing a single .gov site. I ended up cycling three different callers (all which had accents which I did find odd but not providing any validity to the notion that this was a scam, I just heard other people noticed this as well). It even escalated to the point where one of them got so frustrated that I was calmly asking him to repeat the information and answer my question that he said, "Are you kidding me?" and "Really, what's your problem?" SUPER PROFESSIONAL. Anyway, I kind of confirmed it was a scam to them over the phone, when one of the websites the guy had me try to look up was O-B-A-M-A. Then he got so frustrated he said go look at My friends, ANY GOVERNMENT ENTITY IS NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU A .NET, .COM, or .ORG SITE, especially one that involves money. If you ever receive this call, hang up immediately. Call the FTC and report the scam, and if you can trace the call or record the call.

A man offered me a $9,00.00 Grant from ARRA 2009, He gave me ID# GG11019 and a phone # to call back for further info.... That phone # is 315 303 2140..... I called but we got disconnected before any conversation other then giving him the ID #GG11019 and Name, He said he was Jerry Parker.... I called back again and a man said the other guy (Jerry Parker) was on the phone with someone else and he would call me back... I received no call back....

I was scared by some one in New York claiming to be apart of the arra2009 act

My elderly aunt, who is battling bone concer was contacted on Facebook messenger by a woman she personally knows. This woman told her that she had seen where my aunt's name had been selected in a drawing for a government grant. The lady said she had also received the grant and got her money after she contacted Susan Wisdom by texting the number (918)558-7946. My aunt texted the number and Susan Wisdom told her she worked for ARRA a government grant program that was started by Obama to help individuals who are in financial need. She claimed that ARRA was a government organization in-conjunction with facebook to help the communities. She said that names were randomly chosen as beneficiaries through a computer ballot for fans of facebook that surf it frequently. This Susan said my aunt had won $150,000 and that in order to claim the money, she needed to send her email, telephone number, and would be required to pay taxes on the winnings. These taxes were to be a sum of $1000 to be paid via a money gram sent from Walmart to Vidalia,LA. My aunt thought her prayers had been answered and struggled to come up with $300 of the $1000 taxes. She sent the money to Susan understanding that Susan would hold the money until my aunt could send the other $700 to claim her winnings. After talking with the family, my aunt realized this was a scam and asked Susan to send her the money back. Susan said she couldn't do that. My aunt asked why the taxes couldn't come out of her winnings? Susan said that she would try to get it approved for my aunt to go ahead and receive the $1000 through UPS and the driver could accept the $700 out of the package from my aunt as the winnings would be sent as cash. The lady became very angry when she was accused of being a scammer. Later, we found out that the friend who's facebook account the original message was sent from had been hacked. I reversed looked up the phone number online and found that it was a land line in McAlester, OK. When you call the number it rings and then goes to a message that says this TextNow subscriber is not available.

- Newberry, SC, USA

I had received a call from them on more than one occasion. The gentleman on the phone had a deep foreign accent, and informed me that I was on the list from the gov't to receive $9,000. I had to send a $275 registry fee.They told me I had not received any loans or grants from the gov't, and my family fits in the economic bracket. Now, I knew that was a lie, because I owe student loans! I had received the first call in May, and the next call in November. They even called my son, who was 17 at the time and just got a job, and said that he qualified also! They asked him to pay $250. Now, he have never filed taxes before in his life, but they said because he file his taxes every year he was listed also. Of course, they called him in a different month. I was told about this site, and read about the victim that sent the money and it sounded like the same situation. I hope this can help.

- San Leandro, CA, USA

He claimed to be part of the US Grant Department, he also said I was chosen at random by ARRA to receive a free grant and he asked me to go to a Walmart and buy a iTunes gift card of $200 because it's sponsored by Apple. So I decided to do some research before doing anything and that's how I ended up here.

Was called from 646-357-1747 stating 1700 Americans chosen to receive money from Obama's grant. Stated they are with the ARRA. Was told can speak with Michelle at Ext 1022 or direct line of 1-646-780-9933. Spoke with her in depth for quite some time on Friday, and again today.

Was told to go to Walmart, call her back when he gets there, then she will walk him through the steps of sending her the $250 he would have to pay before receiving the $9000 grant. Total he would receive back is $9250 (covering what he had to send to her first).

- Lafayette, LA, USA

Someone called me from an anonymous number on my cell phone (0000000000). I answered the second time they called. The person said that I was selected to receive a grant because of no criminal records ,non payment of taxes,and bad financial dealings. He verified my info and gave me a confirmation code (rl128). He instructed me to call another number (2028718933)in order to be processed. That number was from the D.C. area. The female asked me how would I like to receive the grant by bank transfer,prepaid visa or mc, cash in hand from cvs,walmart,walgreens,or money gram. I stated cash in hand. They instructed me to hang up and call them back from the store. Also have my id etc. When I called them back the person started to ask me personal info but I stopped her immediately. She became irritated when i did not give the info and asked why the payment method changed soo quickly. I then asked how much was the fee and she stated 1500.00 in order to get 9200.00 back. I stated to her that this a scam and she became angry. She then hung up the phone on me.

- Wisner, LA, USA

They called and said that they pulled my name to get a grant from Obama and wanted me to purchase a apple card and give it to them (200) dollars worth and them will send me 9000.

- Coburn, PA, USA

Agent called from ARRA a divsion of the Federal Treasury Department Grants offering a $9000 government grant. They would deposit the money in a checking account or send Western Union. The consumer was asked to call 646-504-4830. The agent at that number requested a $200 fee be paid for the grant.

They called my daughter who is here visiting from Africa & informed her that she was selected for a Govt Grant, then tried to get her Banking info, but refused when I called the lady I spoke to would not give me a Company Name or Website

- Arlington, TX, USA

Govt grant repair from "arra" calls from different numbers claims I won 9000 dollars with a grant if of AC179 phone 206-973-2177 non Fluent English speakers sounds Indian and Asian getting people bank account and debit cards and asking to send deposits

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