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ARA Reports & Reviews (13)

Victim Location 71108
Type of a scam Phishing

Yes, I received a call from ARA stating that I was listed as point of contact for someone I don't know and, they left message on vm of persons name docket number, & if I wanted to get my name removed from contacts. I called the number 866-309-8814 and both times the representatives were very, very rude stating they couldn't remove my name from this person contacts, which is sad because I dont know the person. I informed rep, why would your rep give me a number to contact you to remove me from the list and you tell me I can't be removed because the person listed me as contact and then tell me the person who is being sued will have to contact them and remove me from the list. This doesn't make any since at all I'm about to call to confirm this company, they were very rude, so it makes me think it's a fraudulent/ scam call. Is this company legit?

Victim Location 75691
Type of a scam Credit Cards

called me at work. pay settlement in 3 business days. faxed letter to me. Not sufficient information. If I pay within 3 day she will not report any derogatory information to the credit bureau. if not settlement in 3 days I will be charge for the total amount. She knew my address etc. I was not living at that address at the time of the said CCard. Do not know this credit card.

Victim Location 77903
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a call from someone asking if I reported a claim of Identity theft and I need to sign a release form and send to them and they had also contacted my employer.

I have no idea what this is about it why they would contact my employer if I'm the one who filed this complaint what would that have to do with my employer? I have not file any complaints about anything or anyone. I have a voicemail recording

Victim Location 08021
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a voicemail from this company stating I owed over $600 for a payday loan from CMG in 2010. Company claims they have emailed and sent me letters for years and I did not respond. They claim there are 6 federal charges ready to be filed on me unless I pay. They claim if I go to court i will be forced to pay over $5000 for this loan. They will not provide proof of signature and date of alleged deposit so I can check with the bank. I do not recall a loan from a company called CMG. They claim they cannot provide dates and amounts because it is evidence. They want me to agree to pay my balance and they will text me stating that I agreed to pay. They refuse to send me a letter and they claim they do not have a fax number. They also made calls to my mother.

Victim Location 45211
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Giving my important infromation to my family members and co-workers. Harassing me, calling my phone and my job for a long time debt back in 2013-2014. They will not give me any information where they are located. They have no web site. I gave them my email , i did not receive an email from them. They are very ,very , very rude as well.

Victim Location 44811
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I did not answer but they left me a message stating my name and date of birth. They stated I was listed as a contact for my son. They told me if I did not contact them the court would issue a warrent as well as contact my HR department? They left 844-810-3128 (x2102).

They have called my mother in law, my two daughters all in the last month.

When I called the number I got a message that it was John Green @ ARA.

Victim Location 53129
Type of a scam Debt Collections

My husband and I both received calls and voicemails that a claim had been issued against my husband for an unpaid loan supposedly opened through Bank of America and then transferred to Rushmore; we never opened any account or loan. They had our SSN#, address, license numbers. When I asked about their location, company names, etc. they said they would transfer me to an attorney. They said if we did not pay now, we would be billed for more and that we would have to go to court. Very threatening. They hung up when I said I had looked up their company online. Beware!

Victim Location 96813
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received call from unidentified Male says from ARA Assoc. sez collecting before Judgement is filed on 24year old debt. Gave me my complete ssn# and home address. Asked if licensed in the state to do business said yes (No such business listed with DCCA), asked for name refused said will give to a supervisor then call went dead. Another Illinois phone# Called back after 10 minutes, I did not answer. (Calls from 630-599-8015 & 630-396-3912)

Victim Location 43081
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a message on my home phone recorder on 3/17/17 @ 5:02 pm from this scam company ARA. They gave my name and birth date and we're calling about a legal fraud case. The case number ARA gave was 233345tx2017 regarding a LaCrissa Siemens and that I was a co-defendant. I called the phone numbers back that ARA left on my recorder 855- 205-1347 and 855-205-1372. There was a lot of talking in the back ground, like other calls were being made. The female at ARA was trying to get me to say "yes", by repeating my name, birthdate, LaCrissa name, etc. I told them not to call me again and hung up the phone, then called my bank and cancelled my debit card. This is not a normal first name (LaCrissa). I'm 99%sure that a LaCrissa Robinson and her family members are involved in this scam. I saved the recorder message ARA left on my home phone recorder.

Victim Location 37206
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called my sick mother and ex wife naming my ex as a codefendant on a traffic ticket. Wanted money very persistent. I asked them were they affiliated with the state of TN or Davidson County courts, she said it does not matter. I informed them that I Google the number and SCAM popped up. I told her do not call me as I was reporting them.

Victim Location 92567
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a call from a company called ARA. Spoke to a lady name Tiffany Davis. She said that I owed a company called Access Holdings LLC $300 dollars from a loan that I received online in December of 2012. I asked Tiffany Davis if this transaction was on my credit report and she said no. I say I don't see why not, since it is that old. Tiffany then said she wasn't for sure. She than went on to say that if I didn't give them some type of secure payment before she hung up that they would put the court papers through that they have on hold for me. She said that I owed 300, but with all the interest that accrued I owed 600 dollars. When I told her that I don't have that kind of money, she said that she would talk to her supervisor to see if they could lower the payment. When she came back on the line she said that her supervisor lowered the payment to $483.00 dollars. I then told her that, that would be my whole check. Tiffany Davis then said we don't want to take your whole check. I then ask if I could make payments? Tiffany said that I would have to pay the whole amount of 600 dollars, and that the payments would be $230 dollars until the debit is paid off. I gave her my visa card number and told her that there was nothing on it. She said for me to get a prepaid visa card and put the 230 on it and call her Friday to give her the card number. This all over the weekend. Today (03/01/16) I called my bank and my card was closed. I spoke to the fraud department and they said that they were concerned about some transactions that were tying to come through and ARA was one of them so they put a hold on my card. Then I asked them to close my card on issue me a new one.

Victim Location 33610
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got a call from them telling me I took out a loan with the over the inter net, I never took out a loan on the inter net with anyone.

Victim Location 65641
Total money lost $1,700
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Company by *** came to collect payment for a bad check from 3.5 years ago with a bank I hadn't had account with for over 15 years. Said company number was *** and gave me an extension but no matter which extension I went to I got same person, same accent, same speech impediment, but a different name each extension but each time the answered ARA. They refused to give out any information I requested to find out what was going on with the case but were more than happy to accept a payment in person for $1,680. due to not accepting mailed in payments, but that I would receive no jail time and could appeal but if payment was not made by Noon I would be imprisoned and have no opportunity to appeal. I paid it and they said they were going to get a receipt book with $20 change and peeled out of here. I do not want anyone to fall for this and give in to pay them. I looked up name of business on here and it has a disconnected number and looked up reverse phone number lookup and it shows scammer number.

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