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Apple Inc- IMPOSTER Reports & Reviews (19)

Victim Location 90220
Type of a scam Phishing

I get voicemails saying, that my icloud account has been hacked. And I should contact a Apple Support Services.

Victim Location 45432
Type of a scam Tech Support

My mother has been receiving calls every hour from 408-606-5775 stating they are from Apple support and her account has been breached. My mother does not own any Apple devices nor have an Apple account. Phone calls are being received as late as 11pm.

Victim Location 91750
Type of a scam Phishing

They have called my home phone five times this afternoon, every half hour since 1:44pm. Saying they are Apple Technical Support, and a problem with the iCloud account. Problem is I do NOT have any Apple product.

Victim Location 90010
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammers had their website SEO'd to top of google search page disguising themselves as Apple Inc when they are not affiliated with apple. I called in to try see why my phone had been glitching ever since the last software update. They announced themselves as apple reps and their business was in partnership with Apple and had a very heavy Indian accent and poor English. They told me that upon checking my Apple ID I had 'several" hackers logged into my account from 3 locations, they said Ohio, Michigan and Hawaii. Of course me being the foolish I had no idea I was talking to scammers. I was annoyed that Apple ID made it so difficult to login and obtain help and got naively excited when I found this direct number to apple support but lesson learnt always take the phone to Apple store or login to to obtain help from real reps. They told me because there was fraud happening on my account they had to verify my identity through a particular way, and that I couldn't identify myself just through security questions as they had to be sure it was 'really me'. The agent then instructed me to buy 2 apple gift cards in the amount of $100 and prompted me to tell him the codes to which he claimed he would refund me later but that this was their security measure of identifying me... after I followed their steps and they cashed my gift cards I got red flags as he said ' we successfully blocked one hacker' now we need to repeat these steps two more times. I was rushing to work and told them id have to call later to which he said in aggressive tones" DO YOU WANT HACKERS TO JUST CONTINUE TO HACK YOUR Apple ID, We NEED TO finish this NOW!"

My gf was in the car and instantly knew that I had been scammed as she contacts Apple a lot and they would never address clients this way. Anyway, lesson learnt. Contacted apple to block those cards as Fraud and also called my bank but this is some scary stuff. if you're in a rush and overlook the website URL you will be in trouble. Make sure its verified official company websites and not imposters. good luck guys!

Victim Location 94133
Type of a scam Tech Support

Fake call from Apple attempting to get me to cal tech Support about a Cloud Breach.

Victim Location 94114
Type of a scam Phishing

I have repeatedly received phone calls on my landline from a caller using the ID "Apple Inc." I understand that this is a caller known for scam phone calls. On two occasions that I recall, I have received several calls in one day from this caller. Today, they have called me at least eight times and have hung up without leaving a message. It's extremely invasive and frustrating to deal with. Whenever they do call me, they always call me several times over the course of a day.

Victim Location 95453
Type of a scam Tech Support

They cal at least six times before they stop calling. They use different phone numbers each time. They say our Apple products are comprised and need to press one for help or two to not call again. We just did not answer any of the calls.

Victim Location 76904
Type of a scam Tech Support

Recording says there is a problem with you I-close acc. If you press 1 for help you wait along time the someone comes on I think he sounds India

Victim Location 76904
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received 3 landline phone calls from "Apple, INC" in the last hour. It came from 281-204-0500.

A woman's voice left a message saying there is suspicious activity on my ICloud account and security has been breached. If I wish to talk to a Support Adviser Press #1 or to hang up Press #2"

I don't know if the scammer was trying to get money, because I never answer these kinds of call. I see on this BBB website that this call from "Apple, Inc" is a scam and the real Apple business verified it is a scam.

Victim Location 78552
Type of a scam Tech Support

Automated phone call stating they were from apple and that my icloud account was hacked, press to continue call or call back to number given for tech support.

Victim Location 94301
Type of a scam Tech Support

My mom's identity almost got stolen!! NEVER accept a call from "Apple Inc." -- it is a scam! Here's what happened: My family and I still share an iCloud account (which we have been meaning to change for some time now), and earlier today we all got notifications asking for two-step authentication for our Apple ID. It just so happened that, about two hours later, we received 6 phone calls from a number whose caller ID was "Apple Inc." On the sixth phone call, we answered, and an automated voice told us that they "strongly urge us to talk to an Apple representative about a security breach". After being redirected to a man with a very thick accent, he told my mom that someone from New Mexico was hacking into our account and using the linked cards to buy various things from PayPal, Amazon, etc. He asked to share her screen so that he could tell her "how to get the scammer of off out account". He then directed her to change the passwords to her e-mail, PayPal, bank account, etc. Eventually, she began to question him, and he got INCREDIBLY aggressive, and began yelling at her, telling her that he was only trying to help and this is how to get the scammers off. When she went upstairs to her desktop (he did not know that I was there at all), I too was suspicious, and watched what he would do on her computer while he thought no one was looking. He then started adding various things to her eBay cart, and started going through her e-mails! Turns out, HE WAS THE SCAMMER! Excuse my language, but what an [censored]! I then yelled up to her and both of us immediately shut down the computers. He promptly called back and screamed at my mom accusingly, asking why we shut the computers off. He clearly was mid-installation of a malware that would detect our passwords, and could possibly have led to identity theft. I can't believe we let it go that far, because it was suspicious from the start. Our lesson has been learned, and we are going to great lengths to remove any and all malware he installed during the few minutes my mom's screen had been shared with him. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE who claims to be from Apple Inc. without absolutely confirming that it is an ACTUAL Apple employee. I hope our story will help someone else -- and, as for money lost, we are unsure if he has access to our accounts. After re-starting our computers, we changed every single password (again!) So... to be determined, with regard to any loss of money.

Victim Location 76903
Type of a scam Phishing

Received two phone calls from numbers coming into my phone as Apple, Inc. The automated message stated that there had been a compromise of iCloud and to contact customer service. The message gave the option to press “1” to be connected to a service rep or “2” to listen to the message again. I hung up and called Apple directly and was told there was no compromise. With the second call, I blocked the numbers.

Victim Location 94533
Type of a scam Tech Support

If you receive a call from Apple Inc stating that your account has been breached and for you to contact their tech. DONT, IT is a scam, I am not kidding when I make this last statement. I received 13 yes 13 calls in 2 days trying to get me to answer them....i have a list and recording of the messages they left. I went on line and checked the area code locations..they were from Connecticut, Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, District of Columbia, Idaho, Utah, Wisconsin.. some of them 2 to 3 times same area.

The thing that made me go WHAAAAAT is I don't have a APPLE ACCOUNT I DONT OWN AN APPLE.... OOOPPPS ON THEIR PART. BE WARE !!!!!

Victim Location 13850
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received 6 phone calls in one day using the phone number of a real Apple store - 585-421-6070 - telling me there has been a “breach of my iCloud account”. It then directs me to call an 800 number or hold on the line to verify my information. I always hung up at that point and it doesn’t sound very authentic but the fact they are using the number of an actual Apple store could lead a lot of people to giving away their information.

Victim Location 91351
Type of a scam Tech Support

They had a recorded voice say that my APPLE account had been compromised. I waited for 5 minutes and when a foreign person answered and said: What can I help you with? I said you called me. They said my icloud account had been compromised and they wanted me to go to my computer and type in and put in info to gain access to my computer and icloud account to fix the problem. I told them I was not going to do that. They said I'd get an email from them and hung up on me.

Victim Location 93906
Type of a scam Identity Theft

On voice message claims that my ICloud account has been breached. It is a robo call telling us to click 1 for technical support.

Victim Location 95124
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They have been calling my parents land line phone every hour on the hour. Using that there has been a breach of the Cloud app. They are asking for credit card to fix the problem when you call the number 866-987-1891. There is a live person speaking..When you question the validity of company. They hang up

Victim Location 94509
Type of a scam Tech Support

Your I-cloud account has been compromised. Immediate action required call Apple Support 1-844-822-2856.

Missed call number on the phone was 1-408-974-2042.

Victim Location 95148
Type of a scam Identity Theft

They use the 844 number to claim your iCloud account is compromised

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