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Apple- IMPOSTOR Reports & Reviews (40)

- Cupertino, CA, USA

Receive call on my apple I-phone stating that my Icloud had been hacked and dumb me believe it. The name of the first person was Jimmy Chan said that apple security card 16-20 and encryption code to my internet provider which was spectrum had been hacked showed I had Windows 7 1920X1080 resolution. And Jimmy was sending me over to Network Tech with apple Nick Foster APL524531 Apple Security 16-20 encryption code showed I had 275 foreign hackers from unknown sources. And that they do not charge but would need me to get best buy gift cards and stupid me did 2 $500 cards. They got that out of me but will get nothing else. I went up to Best Buy and showed Gina the one that sold me my Iphone and she told me it was fraud.Gina told me to turn this into the Better Business Bureau. Here are the Gift Card from Best Buy #6167361101476747 pin 1307 for $500 & #6167361101469277 pin 9926 and yes they have already been cash. Wow how dumb can I be. Just cost me $1000. on my credit card with USAA. Thought the your Bureau should know. And do not forget the receipt # so we can refund you the money I came home because I was beginning to wonder about all of this and Nick Foster send me this e-mail Apple Refund Receipt, which I thought was for real. Had the apple and my apple ID [email protected] billed to Name Judy M. Kennedy visa....2992 Order ID MMNW2253268 Document No. 1722675310032401

Apple Security Card $1000.00 Apple Security Card Refund $1000.00 Below is the image of the e-mail that Nick Foster sent me. I told Nick I had to go up to Best Buy to get the rest of the gift cards. I went there to speak to Gina the lady who sold me the phone and she told me it was a scam. I want to know about this. So I am out the $1000 thru USAA but it will be the last time this happens to me. Guess I am getting too old. In away I wish I had gone up to Best Buy in the first place then I would not be out the $1000. These people are good, he mention publix, target, michaels & best buy. They had downloaded control to my computer. Now I have to go and change a lot of my Passwords I just hope they did not leave something on my computer going to call the geek squad out and see.Thanks for listening to me.

- Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA

I received multiple calls from Apple and was informed that my network had been hacked leaving all of my banking accounts vulnerable. I was told I needed to get target gift cards to use the encryption key to manually protect my data. This continued and then I was told that I needed more gift cards to get rid of child pornography that hackers were accessing on my network. At the beginning of this process they “registered” me for the Apple Reimbursement Program.

- Compton, CA, USA

The representative named "Peter" claims he was calling from Apple. Rep says my Apple account has been hacked. I will need to provide him with these gift cards for me to have my access secured at 100%. Peter claimed it had something to do with my VPN on my phone is the reason why my account was hacked. Peter accessed my laptop using this app which accessed everything, my bank accounts, etc. I really feel stupid I was scammed for this but he swore I would receive my money back. I contacted Apple and was informed Apple would never contact any consumers. I spent $1,400 to have my firewall re-installed back onto my laptop. All of this happened back in October, 2019. The hacker had the nerve to text me on November 3, 2019 after all I have gone through with closing bank account, closing my credit union account, freezing my credit reports, file police report - charged $25.00 to get a copy of it. I filed my home and cell numbers on the Do Not Call Registry. I received 7 telephone messages from Apple, Inc. in which I know they are fraudulent robo calls.

- Waukon, IA, USA

During the last 24 hours I have received telephone calls from Apple (so they say) telling me something is wrong with my Apple device. I have no Apple devices! I finally talked to one guy to tell them to stop sending calls, and he hung up on me! I've received more since then. Our daugher in CA and a friend in Iowa are also getting Apple calls. Can we do anything to stop them! We are on the no-call list. Our daughter in CA is also receving these calls from Apple as well as a friend here in Iowa. Daughter has also received calls from Amazon Prime membership.

- Charlottesville, VA, USA

The person sent a email claiming my apple id was locked pretending to be Apple Inc. However when I clicked the unlock apple thing it led the google search engine . I immediately compared it to the original apple email and format and it did not match.

- Quincy, IL, USA

The keep calling me to tell me my iCloud has been breached. I've never owned any kind of Apple product.

- Charlottesville, VA, USA

I was told my Apple account has been compromised, and to "Press 1" to talk to a representative. I talked to a representative, and was asked whether or not I use my phone at home or at work. I said "At home and at work." They asked me, "No, are you at home?" I said, "No." Then, they asked, "Are you at work." When I answered "Yes," the caller on the other end hung up. I am concerned this is a voice recording scam, where my "Yes" answer will be used to make unauthorized purchases.

- Hacienda Heights, CA, USA

Robocall from number stating there have been suspicious activities with login attempts to your Apple account. Press 1 to speak to a representative. Press 1, a live person picks up (with an Indian accent) stating there have been 2 login attempts from Russia and Nigeria and that your account may have been hacked. He provides a website for me to access on my Safari browser to go to and provide my name then he will provide a login code for me.

The scammer is trying to use LogMeIn technology to gain full control of my computer or device.

I asked for clarification on how do I know he's calling from Apple, he says don't worry, I am totally legit and will provide his ID info, etc. Nothing about this conversation or info he's able to provide assures me he's actually calling from Apple.

- San Mateo, CA, USA


- Houston, TX, USA

Received fake email from someone posing as apple saying my account had been used and wanted verification of drivers license, SSN and bank details

- Reseda, CA, USA

Said that my Apple account was used by someone at an unknown area and it was temporarily locked. It asked for me to sign in and if I didn’t my account would be locked permanently

- Rome, GA, USA

It's asking for my social security number to verify my apple account

Apple called me supposedly saying that foreign people were getting into my stuff. They were going to call me back in 5 minutes. They wanted me to go get a googleplay card.

I had just opened my laptop around 7am, after it concluded it's usually routine, which includes the MacKeeper Program, a warning message flashed on my screen that stated something to the likes of: "your computer has been infected with a virus. do not turn off your computer or log-off of the website currently on. call 1-800-859-7186 for immediate assistance." which I did. I blame this on not having my morning coffee of the scammers answered. he gave his name, Tony Gill, and read off his apple id "5006", after getting to give up control of my computer using a "remote log-me in" websites (similar to "Rescue123"), one which I had used many times with my last employer to do numerous fixes at IT request. After doing some digging around in my laptop, they then came back with a bogus diagnosis and gave me a couple of options on how to fix it. One lower priced option and one higher price option. I chose the lower priced option, they did not try to up-sale. Then gave me very specific instructions on purchasing iTune gift cards (which i read could only be used to by apple for the exact work that these scammers were doing) from the nearest walgreens, kroger, or wherever they are sold. I left to get the cards, all the while leaving them with full access to my laptop. As I was buying the gift cards, I had been replaying the whole series of events in my head, and began to get that feeling that something wasn't right, but I went ahead with the gift card purchase. I called the number on the back of the card, and it went straight to the scammers. That made me fall right back in line and I continued to follow their instructions. They had me read them the code off the back of each card, hold them up to my laptop's built in camera, and then as a final step, almost just to get a kick out of seeing the look on people's faces when they realized they had been scammed,I was told to take pictures of the cards and to send them to a "gmail" account instead of an "apple" account. That's when knew, I had been had. I checked within minutes to see if the cards were good, but they were not valid, stating that they "had already been redeemed". I even told them that I was currently unemployed and didn't have the spare cash to do this; but knowing that I needed that laptop to continue my job search, and to manage my life, I gave the money up anyway. Almost out of panic.

Answered phone and heard recorded message about security issues with my iCloud account, as well as warning not to use my apple products until I talked with a technician. Hung up.

These numbers have been calling my landline since 6:30 AM!! It’s a scam!

Apple never calls its consumers!!!

They stated that there was unauthorized attempt to access an apple device

Fake email from apple claiming purchases were made. Redirects you to fake apple website in an attempt to collect personal information and credit card information

Recent Purchase

Dear Customer,

Your Apple ID, has just been used to purchase PUBG

MOBILE Coin Ultimate Pack (1.000.000) ***$ on a

computer or device that has not previously been used to

make purchases. You may also be receiving this email if

you have reset your password since your last purchase.

If you did not make this purchase, or believe someone

may have accessed your account, please go to

( and change your password as

soon as possible.



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All rights reserved

- Newhall, CA, USA

First they say your i-cloud acct has been hacked and then when you state you don't have i-cloud acct they say your internet and computers have been compromised by hackers

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