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Apple Care

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Apple Care Reports & Reviews (9)

- Palm City, FL, USA

I needed AppleCare to help migrate my old Mac to the new Mac. It also involved Intuit Tech help to migrate QuickBooks 2016 to QuickBooks for Mac 2020. I didn't find out until receiving a call maybe a month ago from AT&T saying they wanted to return the $999 that I paid for Apple Care+999 For Senior Citizens Lifetime. They claimed the Apple Care Support company closed. They must get on computer to return my money (from checking account, they made sure)back to my checking to remove an IP address or something. I called my AppleCare# and spoke with them. They said it was a scam and scheduled me a call for an hour that never happened and I never pursued. I still have not solved this today as I'm bipolar and can't take the stress.

- Peoria, IL, USA

I went online and searched "Apple technical support" and the first hit shown was a scam company. I was asked to go purchase a card at the local grocery store and that I was to be reimbursed. I called a different technical support number off of the website and was informed that the number that I called was a scam to buy these cards.

A caller identified himself as Apple Care. Called my 89 year old mother 4 times in 30 minutes. Told her there was a problem on her credit card.

She in turn called me, her daughter. She ha no Apple devices. I called the number and told them to leave her alone. I told her not to answer any more calls from them

Scammer is pretending to be Apple Care. Instructed individual to go to nearest store to purchase Apple & Google Play cards. I still have the cards if needed for investigation.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I have been receiving phone calls on my cell phone. Caller states it is Apple Care. My son had talked to them also. My sons phone had been getting hot & cut off. I called Apple Care 877-774-8944. My son located the phone number. This number has been calling me. They were calling about my sons phone. The I Phone 7. Told us if I paid $350 they would exchange the phone yesterday. Told me to get iTune cards from Family Dollar. I put $100 on each one and $50 on a Google Play card. They would FedEx the phone. We have to give the old phone to FedEx. I read the numbers off. I could hear a lot of people talking in the background. I went to the Apple Store yesterday. The man at the Apple Store Store called them at 877-774-8944. He told me it was a scam. The store exchanged my sons phone. My sons phone is fine now,

- Vacaville, CA, USA

I called the number for Apple Care to reset my old phone password. I was informed that I needed to buy and iTunes card to reset the password. I purchased a $15 iTunes card. Upon giving the iTunes number to them I was informed that I needed to have one for the amount of $100. I declined to purchase one for that amount. I because frustrated and ultimately hung up. As I was on the phone with an Apple Store, I received 10 phone calls from the number I originally called (number listed). I finally answered and told him that I was going to report him and he proceeded to tell me to “Go *** myself” and hung up.

I learned from Apple that they would never ask for money or call me unless I requested it. Luckily I was smart enough not to give any personal information. I hope this infor helps.

- Latrobe, PA, USA

I was contacted by this company claiming to be apple informing me my account had been accessed from over seas. And I had recently had a problem with this very issue in my apple account so I believed them. After convincing me to give them access to my device they than showed me what I can only guess we're fake reports stating all my information had been compromised and if I didn't act quickly hackers would have access to everything. So I agreed to the service of them installing protections on my device. The only payment method they would accept was google play cards, that should have been my first clue this was a scam. After sending the payment they claimed the codes on the cards wasn't working and that they were initiating a refund for my money and to go and buy new cards. They emailed me a photo of the "check" they were giving me as a refund as proof. Their agents were very convincing in the matter and I feel like a fool for believing them so long. But I did I sent another payment this time they claimed there was a problem with my router at my home so they werent able to install the securities again. Their solution this time was they'd send a technician from the nearest local apple store with a new router that already had the securities installed. They also told me the technician would have the check for now my two payments to be refunded. Well the technician never showed up as I was getting the feeling they wouldnt so I called the company again. They gave me the bogus accuse that he was having his dinner and then gave me a phone number, it didn't work. I called again and asked for my refund and they told me OK I just had to send another payment to cover the bank wiring fee. I refused and asked them to send a check via certified mail and they said the bank wire was the only way. After going back and forth many many times they finally said "I don't care about your money goodbye" and hung up on me.

- Wallingford, KY, USA

I do not know if this is a scam. I received the following message on my iPad:

Your apple device has a virus.

Apple iOS Alert

Pegasus (Spyware) activated

System might be infected due to unexpected error.

Please contact Apple Care +1-855-666-1768 immediately!

For assistance regarding how to remove it.

Suspicious activity detected. Your browser might be compromised

Possible network damages if virus is not removed immediately


I called and spoke with Steve Baul (he gave me his Apple ID as APL11023)He said I have been hacked, instructed me to purchase 2Apple iTunes cards at $50 each. He said this would be be reimbursed on my credit card after he removed the virus and installed security. I said I was not comfortable giving the required last 4digits of my credit card, asked him to mail a check. He said he would do so. He asked me to give home the numbers off the iTunes cards, which I did. Then he said needed to transfer me to the billing officer, which he did. This person gave his name as Andrew Osgoodand phone number 760-284-3414 ext 104. He explained that I would need to purchase a google gift card to purchase security for my iPad, $500 for 5 years or $1000 for lifetime. He told me that if I did not my device may crash, I could loose my data, or my bank information could be stolen.

- Euless, TX, USA

The pop up phone number 866-217-1731 is answered as Apple Care. When that number is entered in white pages when looking up reverse phone number it comes up as low risk for fraud. Person advises he will stay on line, immediate purchase of iTunes gift cards is required for a fix and to stop the hacker from getting access to everything. They ask caller to read them model #, serial #, WiFi address, IMEI, ICCID, MEID. After getting iTunes gift cards, you must scratch off back and read codes to thief, all the while being assured all money will be reimbursed. None of it is true and they wanted more and more gift cards saying device had to be reregistered, and blocked from future unsecured websites. It never ends until you hang up and lose hundreds of dollars. Call the real Apple support 800 (not 866) # and local police and credit card companies!

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