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- San Diego, CA, USA • Feb 22, 2024

“Dr Rodney Krepline” collected $3400 from me for Deposit plus 1st month rent on the listed property. He then refused to meet with me and had a fake check sent to me as a refund. He kept asking for more money.

- Palmdale, CA, USA • Nov 22, 2023

I applied for this person's rental house listing on With my co-signer he put me through several phone calls and screening process. After applying, then he let us come tour the property. We wanted to move forward with it and then he made us fill out new applications via pdf because he claimed he wanted the personal info that was redacted in the online application (which is to protect us). I thought it was weird but did the applications all over again. After this he wanted color copies of our social security cards. As this is unorthodox and a risk, we said we were uncomfortable with this. I offered to show my passport along with my driver's license but he claimed "these show who you are, but not where you are." This mildly threatening line concerned me, but I agreed to meet up and show our SS cards in person but not give him any copies. However I found out I didn't have mine with me as it was left with my father, so the landlord told me to go get a new copy the next morning at the SS office. I waited in line for hours and finally got it sorted but they told me it would be mailed in 2 weeks. I asked him if showing him in person a photo of the SS card from my father would be enough, but he declined this. So I had my father overnight the card to me.

When we finally met up to show him the cards, he wrote the numbers down on the back of a receipt which seems extremely unprofessional, risky, and invasive!! If he lost the receipt, anyone could find the number on there. He told us verbally in person we were approved and asked when we wanted to sign the lease. He did not approve the digital applications online. We said we wanted to move in as soon as possible. He said he would write up the agreements that night. Then he texted me later demanding that I needed a guarantor (which I had offered if needed at the beginning but he never responded about it and moved forward without it). I had to then get my father to sign a guarantor agreement which didn't even state my name as the tenant or the amount of rent (when asking him about this he told us to just write it in ourselves- sketchy?!). He required my father to get the agreement notarized which all took another 2 days.

Once he had everything, he texted me the next day and asked if we could meet in an hour at Burger King to sign the lease. BK was only right down the street from the property and I also live in the same neighborhood so it didn't make any sense to meet elsewhere. We said for our security, we wanted to do a walkthrough before signing to ensure everything was in working condition and we weren't unwittingly agreeing to some sort of damage, as this is standard procedure. We also wanted to do everything at that same time and get the keys so we were able to move in on the same day we were being charged for rent. He said "your secuirty is in the employees at Burker King." I clarified that I meant my security in the house being in good condition, not my personal safety. He refused three times to do a walkthrough first, before finally agreeing after I said we couldn't sign otherwise.

Then with 30 mins before the meeting, I wasn't even told what I needed to bring, or if rent would be for a full month or pro-rated. I asked about this, and he told me to bring 2 checks- 1 for rent and 1 for a deposit. He then told me the deposit was over 2x what it said on the listing. I went to check the listing, but the deposit info was suddenly missing. I didn't have any screenshots of the listing with the previous deposit amount, but I took a screenshot and video scrolling the entire listing showing no deposit info now. By the time I got on my computer to check if my digital application had the info, I saw he then added the new deposit amount to the listing. So I called him out and told him I saw him change it. He claimed he didn't and had nothing to hide- told me to call to ask them. Meanwhile, I had already emailed them to ask and heard back that they can't disclose this info. So this seemed to me that he knew this specifically and had probably done this before. I sent him the original video I had scrolling the listing and asked him to tell me where on the listing it showed the deposit amount he was claiming.

I then recalled all the scare stories he told me throughout the screening process of previous tenants he had to evict because they "had a dog" or "caused damage," and I said after all his unorthodox behavior and trying to get more money out of me in a deposit that didn't state what it covered, I was concerned he would just find some reason to evict me and claim damage to keep the whole huge deposit of $5700. He didn't reply. Then in the middle of the night he went on and declined our applications online, then in the morning he texted me that I was declined for not providing my vehicle info (Which he had asked for before and I told him I don't have my own car yet, we only had 1 car and we put my co-signer's vehicle info). And he said I was declined for "unsubstantiated claims I feared for my safety." These 2 false claims were not a valid reason to decline me, but after all the red flags I was already going to tell him this wasn't a good fit for us.

Also, I looked up who even owns the house to see if he was the real owner (though I never saw any form of ID from him), and it's owned by 2 names under a Trust- "Malcolm E. M. and E. Kennedy Kennedy". He communicated to me under the names Malcom Kennedy and also Kennedy Malcom. At one point he told me to refer to him as Kennedy as appeared as his first name on his phone contact info, but then his email showed the first name Malcolm and I had to switch to referring to him by that name.

All things considered, I'm sure this is not professional and is some sort of scam or fraud. Every professional advised me he was not doing things correctly and it was all highly suspicious and risky for me to do business with him. Please be warned!

- Sheldon, IA, USA

Yes I was billed $150 and for me and another person and the place was promised by the beginning of June and then by the 19th of June and now renters or previous tenants are finally moved out yet the money was taken out of the debit account and I have been scammed along with the other person unless the other person is involved which I highly doubt that

- Mission Hills, CA, USA

I expressed interest in a property (14542 Kittridge Street, Van Nuys, CA 91405) listed on and was immediately sent a link to fill out an "application" at I found this to be HIGHLY suspicious, so I did not complete the application. I was then contacted via SMS from the phone number (239) 385-0181, which led me to search for the number and find this scam report. Based on the currently available evidence, it appears that the scammer was able to find people to create the profile on and create these fake listings. The application asks for copies of PII, including driver's licenses and W-2s. This scammer needs to be stopped, and I'd be happy to assist.

The person identified was Curtis Edward, the property manager for 3701 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008. This person sent a fake contract, their routing, and account number for a wire transfer. The amount transferred was #3750 which covered the security deposit and the first month of rent. Upon arrival to the rental property, the contract was deemed false, and the property was not available. The person called Curtis Edward provided a false contract, contact information, and false advertisement on a reliable apartment search website. My bank, Navy Federal, has sent a form for reimbursement of funds due to false advertisement July 2020 and JP Chase Morgan Bank has neglected to respond or provide any form of update to my bank.

On 8/19/21 I applied for a house that was for rent in Stockton, CA. On On 8/20/21, I spoke to a guy named David Schroeder (626)800-6232)or claimed to be him. Stating he decided to take his home off the market in order to rent it. He sent me an email from [email protected] with information and asking for my information which of course I provide a few details about my self like the the last 4 of my Social Security, address where I worked, my phone number, a picture of my California ID, My work ID and a picture of myself to verify my identity. The conversation led to him saying he would rent the house and I can ZeLle money through an account for Rosa 7602192219. He kept asking about an Innago account and was persistent with a code. He would send me the text and asked for me to tell him the code. At first I did but then he said he didn’t receive it so he resent the code and I started giving him a false one. I told David to call me so I can speak in regards to the transaction. We did speak for about 3 minutes and then after our conversation he never text me again. Just to verify I only sent $1.00 but of course they couldn’t tell me the amount. I found the home on Zillow and saw that it was still up for Sale so I contacted the realtor and told them what happened. On 8/21/21 I received a call from Florida stating my phone number was listed on the same website for a house that is for sale. So now they are using my identity to scam others.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Helps alot.

Scam Location: Bellmore, NY. I found a listing on for the rental of a 4-bedroom house in Bellmore, NY for only $1,200.00 per month with a $1,000.00 deposit. I found this to be very low for the location and size of the property, so I decided to see how far this will go. I got a reply by email 3 days after, which included a story of how he (Kevin) and his wife (Erin) and their whole family moved to Virginia, and at first, they wanted to sell the house but then they decided to rent it out. This was an explanation of why there are listings of the house for sale rather than for rent. The listing was taken down from 2 days after it initially showed up and there are open houses scheduled for 01/31/21.
They made it a point to say that the prospective tenant should take care of the property as it is a reflection of their hard work and they love their house (the house is beautiful). I filled out the application, not giving them my SSN (I'm always wary of things like that), and after 3 days I got a response. "Kevin" said that he didn't sleep all night as he was making a decision with his wife and they settled on renting their house to me. The emails were written very well and were very warm and inviting. They asked me to confirm the address to where they should send the documents and keys to the house and provided a phone number to call/text them at. In the meantime, I checked for the ownership details on the house and everything matched with the names in the email. Then, after responding to their last email, I checked the phone number that was given to me and it showed up on this scam reporting page. The number is registered to somebody in Nevada, TX. I also got the phone number of the real owner of the house and it didn't match the one that was given to me in the email. Next, I froze all my credit report accounts, requested monitoring of my accounts for any suspicious activity, and reported my driver's license stolen, just as a precaution. Then I sent an email to "Kevin and Erin" basically telling them that I am onto them. Who knows how many people they've scammed. I feel bad for the people who didn't do their due diligence and actually sent them their money because they will never see them back.

I manage a rental and was receiving calls from potential renters who saw my property on and then drove by my property and found my # on a sign outside the property. I did not post my property on this site and have no property management account with When checking the website I see my property with misinformation including a per month rent price that is less than half than the actual rental fee I posted this property.

I have not received any notification as to the applicants or interest in my property through this site. It is unclear what happens to the applications or application fees that are collected for my rental on this site.

The potential renters let me know that they supplied their information and applied for my property on Once inquiring they were sent an email to pay 24.99 to apply for my property. They were upset with me that my property was misrepresented and accused me of fraud as they provided their information and fee based on a "phishing" offer for my property that was posted on the site.

I have contacted to remove my property immediately to which I received a very loose answer of .. oh that must be a fraudulent posting. This needs to be removed immediately and needs to take responsibility for the properties posted on their site prior to taking money from customers.

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