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• Aug 05, 2022

Driver Booster 9 SCAM

I recently used Driver Booster 9(which had previously worked up until today) and it disabled my PCs ability to see my home internet network. I googled Driver Booster 9 customer support, and it lead me to AnyTech65. After a few minutes of holding, they gave me the option of holding or getting a call back. I chose call back, and they did a few minutes later. I was speaking with someone Indian who spoke decent English and that she sent me an email wanting to remote into my pc to help solve the problem. I allowed it and within 30 seconds they had emailed me something else which they opened and installed. Once it was finished, my computer starting giving warnings of malware detected but she said don't worry about it. She then proceeded to delete my antivirus software. I tried to end the connection but had to unplug my PC to stop her. My computer was bricked. I called back and they said they could sell me a $499 fix. DONT BE DUMB LIKE ME.

• Aug 31, 2022

Hello, we are very sorry about your experience. We put great importance on the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore we would like to contact you personally and help you with the issue. Please send us an email at [email protected] We will make sure that someone from our team gets in contact with you as soon as possible.
Best regards,
Team AnyTech365

• Aug 03, 2022


I received an email invoice for 419.99 from Anytech.365. I looked up the corporate nu7mebr online and called that number. When I tried to tell that person they were being victimized by scammers the seemed to be completely unconcerned. It seemed to be obvious that they are involved in the scan, pretending not to be involved. In other words, the tech support people at the * real number * seem to be aware of and are participating in the scam to rip off people based on fake invoices.
Whenever I call the *company* anytech365 who is SUPPOSED to be in the business of securing your data are actively involved in an effort to STEAL your data.

• Jul 23, 2022

These people have been trying to scam me for 4 or 5 years.Do not trust these people. I not sure if I believe someone is actually acting as an imposter.

• May 11, 2022


I read several complaints here so as a defense attorney I am coming to the defense of Anytech365, which I do without being asked by them.
Folks who have been subjected to a scam were NOT contacted by Anytech365 and were contacted by an imposter. I was also scammed the exact same way but was able to discover the scam in time not to send money. It seems that when I posted a five star review on Trustpilot with my name a scammer used my info to call me. Claiming he needed to correct some issues he convinced me to let him take over my computer.
I caught on before sending any money I shut him down but my computer was locked. He had managed to change my password and I could not longer get into my computer. I had to turn to Anytech365 to have them repair my computer which they did.
If you want the truth about them you are welcome to call me. I won't put my name and phone number here but you can reach me by looking me up on my web site.
I am a California attorney and a former L.A. County Deputy District Attorney.
My web site is

• Aug 04, 2022

Hello Bob,
Hearing that you had a great experience is the best thing we could hope for! Your recommendation means a lot to us. Thank you for choosing AnyTech365, we look forward to serving you for many years to come!

Same sort of experience. Last day to cancel or I will be charged $399. I have to let them take control of my computer so they can cancel. That's not going to happen.

First of all we apologize for your experience which certainly did not meet your expectations. Please be assured that customer satisfaction is a priority for us. Therefore we would like to get in touch with you in order to solve the problem and eliminate the incomprehension. Please send us your contact information to [email protected], our team will contact you as soon as possible.
Once again, we are sorry for the delay.

Team Anytech365.

Around November 2020 I was contacted out of the blue by AnyTech365, who offered me a technical support service for my laptop, as the discussion progressed, it materialised that the offer for 1 seat (laptop) was for 5 years at somewhere in the region of £1,500 sterling!
Having had major problems with my laptop over the preceding 6 months, I was interested but still suspicious, so I checked the company out on the web, to discover a mixed bag of opinion, the majority of which only highlighted a pressure sales method but few mentioned a scam or fraudulent intent.
After a lengthy phone discussion, I opted for a 6 months trial only at a much-reduced but still significant cost.
As soon as I had paid, their technician started working on my machine through remote access, firstly removing my security package then loading their custom apps which included cleaners, space savers, internet and device protection packages. So far so good, as everything worked, however, there was not much of an improvement in speed or stability, so about 3 months later, I called their technician up again and he did some further work. All seemed to be fine except that given all of the work and the custom apps, I still saw no significant improvement on my device.
This being the case, I determined that I would allow the single cover trial period to lapse and did not even consider increasing either the time period or the number of devices.
I intended to get in touch with the company, to ensure that a) there was no auto-renewal and b) my bank to alert them not to pay any debit transactions for this company should they come through.
Coincidentally, earlier this week, before I'd had a chance to do either of the above tasks, I received a call purportedly from AnyTech365, with an accent and voice I recognised; that of the salesperson I'd discussed the original coverage with. For information, it was a male voice, articulate, but English was not his first language and I recognised it as being a Dutch accent, with a slight American overtone, which I had been familiar with in my International employement.
He said that the purpose of the call was to refund my payments as due to lack of sales, the company was no longer able to fulfil the coverage we had agreed.
This surprised me for the following reasons:
1. The agreed coverage period we had agreed on had past and no further contact, agreement, or payment had ensued.
2. As a result of the above point, I had not expected any sort of refund.
3. My suspicions were further aroused, however, when he asked me to log in to my device so that he could remotely access the machine to a) remove their custom software, and b) then process the refund to me.
Given that I decided that the refund part of his action would not require access to my machine, I said I was not able to access my machine to authorise the remote connection and for him to call back later that day.
This gave me the time to further investigate his claims, the majority opinion of those on the web, determined that, as suspected, it was a scam.
Needless to say, the salesman did not call back as agreed so I am raising this issue as a potential scam and recording my experiences to alert others of this issue.
Do not get caught out - stay safe!

First of all we apologize for your experience which certainly did not meet your expectations. Please be assured that customer satisfaction is a priority for us. Therefore we would like to get in touch with you in order to solve the problem and eliminate the incomprehension. Please send us your contact information to [email protected], our team will contact you as soon as possible.
Once again, we are sorry for the delay.

Team Anytech365.

When my Dad received a notice that he needed to pay more and "call this number", he called and declined. Next thing I know, these people are calling him, harassing him, have accessed his bank account and actually moved funds under the guise of Chase Bank, claimed that they "mistakenly deposited $10,000 into his account" and sent instructions for him to get $10,000 cash and how to mail it to them to make it right. Despicable.


Hello Mr. Allen,

Thank you for your comment, following the transmission of your contact details via the Trustpilot platform, our customer relations team has contacted you directly to assist you in this matter. Please check your email box, and come back to us when possible.
We remain at your entire disposal.
Team Anytech365

Victim Location 15311
Type of a scam Tech Support

Internet service company called and owes me a refund of $248. We do not have internet service and want access to my phone to log into online banking while they were on the phone. The money that is deposited will come from JP Morgan Chase. Hung up, called my bank and was told it was a scam.



We are sorry that you have been victim of a scam attempted , please be assured that anytech365 does not condone such dubious practices and we take such problems seriously.
Our customer service is at your disposal for more information, below our email address for any need:
[email protected]
Anytech365 Team

Tech Support
November 7, 2020 I purchased a product 2x first one went through
2nd one did not I waited till next day before I called Tech Support " Anytech365"
to find out why I had not received said product. I had the misfortune to talk to a Travis Roberts . Before I knew it he asked me if he could remote access my CPU. Since I had used Iobit for years I thought nothing of it thinking that since Anytech365
was in partnership with them I said they could. I admit it now I made a mistake in doing so.
But here's what happened it took me several hours thinking I was being helped all that happened was. He went through my CPU made inappropiate remarks regarding what I used my CPU for and was shocked over my having 2 e-mail accounts. Then he requested to run a check of my CPU another mistake on my part. Then came the
hard sell regarding Anytech365 product.Travis Roberts tried and tried I kept telling him it was too expensive and I needed the money slotted for my truck to fix my truck.
At that point he went on about my CPU being of more importance. I finally told him what use was the #&$% product and I got into my truck the next day and died due to the lack of funds to repair her. He went on about my need to protect my CPU. I finally had to tell him I couldn't afford it and when I had the cash I'd call and let him know
hoping to shut him up and let me off the phone. I was finally able to hang up.
Then came the totality of what Anytech365 did. I had a funny feeling so I changed passwords and what iI thought needed to be done. I shut down my CPU. Then turned it back on. I used my new password on login screen . So far so good then what they had done happened. Blank screen so I shut it down again. An restarted my CPU. All
I got was a Blue screen a windows message of stop code . then further down it
stated stop code Critical process died. And then it was I could only do minor repairs to my truck and having to buy a new CPU. I have been back n forth with Iobit demanding the money spent on their product returned and to made whol4e on the money I had to spend to replace my CPU. I have had to hold them responsible for what happened. If it wasn't for them I'd of never come in to contact with Anytech365
whom is their tech support. And I'd be able to drive my truck safely the work needed be done would of been done. I have asked nothing of them but refund of moneys spent and price of new CPU.


I received two calls from anytech365 they said my computer needs upgrade and they would charge me $299 if I didn't renew my subscription
they wanted to refund my money months ago and wanting access to my banking account so they could deposit the amount

are you kidding me was a scam so they could get to my account and take my money
well I said no and I filed a fraud claim with my bank
they also use team viewer so it can look like they deposited the money into your account, this is what the fraud dept at the bank related to me
Do not, I Repeat do not give this company access to your bank account

I hope this can help someone


Just like Stephen, this is exactly what happened to me. They still call me from time to time to try and refund the money in my account and they want access to it. NO WAY.

Victim Location 33176
Type of a scam Tech Support

January 2020. My computer was freezing, I run the virus software but it seemed that I had a virus that was not trace by my current software. I found a blog that stated that Anytech365 was a good online company to use for support. I called them and I made the mistake of giving them remote access. This was a big mistake, it took them several hours to clean my computer of spyware, virus, etc. This is according to them. Late in the afternoon, they stated that all was clean and that they had a tech support for a year $ 550.00 but they could reduce it to $450.00, Like a foolish, I accepted and give them my credit card number.

In the evening, I was feeling uneasy about the whole thing, so I got into my computer and realized that the system was not working, it was freezing and it didn’t let me opened any of my files. So, here is what I did!

Disconnected the computer from Internet to cut access to Anytech365.

Back up my files and buy and change the hard drive for a new one, one of my friends helped me to do this. It is worth the additional expense, since, you really don’t know if they installed any spy app.

I documented the issues with emails to Anytech365 and BBC copy me.

I called my credit card company and explain what happened and told them that I have documentation of them not responding to my request for help on the crashing of my desktop, they had damaged it and in addition, I had given them remote access. The credit card company credited my account and so far, we’re in dispute. Anytech365 has not answer to any of my emails or the calls to my credit card company.

Close my credit card, the company gave me a new credit card.

Change passwords and I’m keeping a closer look to any suspicious charges on my accounts.

Upgrade my software virus.

To my experience, Anytech365 is as scam and should be documented since they are not in the USA. They are based in Spain and London.

This is happened at the beginning of 2020. One more thing, I have a very good understanding in computers. However, I let them tricked me. Don’t feel bad, just fight them back.


Victim Location 43068
Type of a scam Tech Support

The first contact I had with Anytech 365 was Memorial Day Weekend. I was on my computer, and I found a company online. I called them, I was given instructions to give them remote access to my computer. They charged $114 by debit card. When they tried to do the transaction, it wouldn't go through. I went to my local branch of Fifth Third. They said they would not approve it as the company appeared to be in Spain. I went home and called the bank's corporate hq which had closed for the day. I called Anytech365 to say it couldn't be approved. They were very frustrated. The next day I went to my bank, and put a stop on the transaction. I got a new debit card. I took my computer to Geek Squad, but they weren't able to help me, as the Anytech365 emblem popped up. I took it back the following week, and they removed the Anytech shield from my computer.

I heard nothing until 2 months ago, when I started getting phone calls every day. They said they learned their software system had been compromised. They wanted to get back on to my computer to remove the corrupted software from my hard drive. Once they had done that, they would be able to refund my money. I said you don't owe me any money. They insisted they wanted to get on the computer to take care of the corrupted software. After 3 conversations, I hung up on them.

On Saturday, I got another phone call. I answered, it was Ben Watson w10786) reference marklima7866.ww from Anytech365. He had an accent that didn't match the name Ben Watson, like a Spanish accent. He said he needs to work with me to get access to the corrupted software. He said Geek Squad wouldn't know how to remove our encrypted codes. He said they wouldn't even recognize there was something wrong or the computer was corrupted. He had me go to Wind drive through windows. I had to find the cls ID. Then he had me go into a free program online for teleconferencing which connected me to a website. When we got on Wind drive. He said do you see the corrupted programs, and I watched him remove the programs it took 4-5 seconds. Then he had me go to another website, iexplore/ Then he said everything would be removed. Then he said if I wanted my refund, I needed to go through the same process we did on Memorial Day Weekend. So, I allowed him to walk me through the process. He was explaining the process to me. He wanted my bank information. I said send me a check, He said they could only refund me electronically doe to international banking laws. So, I tried to get online with my bank. I couldn't remember my online password. He could see my screen. He said I can only see what you see. He asked if I could see numbers, and I said no, He said then he couldn't use the information because it was all bullets. Then he told me to call the bank and get my online password. he said to call him back at 206-208-4870.I called my bank two times to get my username and password. I called back and asked if he had a record of the original card. I drove into my local bank, and they said Anytech could refund, but could not withdraw. I tried calling twice, and no answer, and on Sunday, no answer. But today, on Monday, I got on my computer, then i got a call. I didn't answer, then I got a text: "This is Eric. I believe you remember. Today is the last day for the refund. Tomorrow is our renewal day and you will automatically be charged $699. You tell me what you want. If you don't cancel it will automatically be charged to your account." The original renewal price was $399 for 6 months, now, according to the text it's $699." I responded to the text, saying the account no longer exists, you can't charge it. I'm not due a refund, this is a scam". Facebook:

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