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American services Reports & Reviews (12)

• Mar 15, 2024

I keep getting phone calls from people from another country who refuse to stop calling. There is a federal law against but I can’t stop them and they are rude. They just have their little speech and that’s their world. I never asked them to call me! They use phone numbers from ordinary people who don’t realize this is happening.

• Sep 13, 2023

Calling several times a week with fake numbers or blocked number. Will not stop calling, denies calling before. Ignores requests to stop calling or put on do not call list.

• Sep 07, 2023

I have had several restricted phone calls from this supposed company. Every time I tell them to stop calling me they continue to do so. The calls did stop for about 2 weeks, and now I get called at least twice a day but they are showing a phone number now. The numbers they are calling from are:

• Jun 23, 2023

This company American Services calls several times a day, they are calling from a restricted number where I think they used to come up under random numbers. Always states that according to them I owe $$$ in credit card debt and they'd like to offer information. I hate being rude so I politely tell them I'm not interested, they do not take no for an answer and ramble on to the point I just hang up on them. No idea why my number has shown up on their list because I am listed in the do not call list.

Two calls today. I let Call #1 identify his company and I asked who he is calling, he could not say so I hung up.
Call #2 He identified himself from American Services and stated I was in $7K in debt. I replied I am not in debt and hung up. Blocked both cell #s he called from. 1(805)890-3362 and 1 (805) 416-9998

• Jun 30, 2023

I’m starting to get calls almost every day with the same scam. I cannot trace the number because it shows up new number or unknown. WTF?

Today I received THREE calls from “American Services.” I knew what the call was, and okayed a little trying to find out any info on this phone scam.

1) the call comes from “number unknown.”

2) I asked for return number and all three refused.

3) first call said I owe >20k, second 10k, third 7k.

4) I owe zero credit card debt. When I use credit cards, I pay the entire balance monthly.

5) the first thing ask for was my SSN. I made up a ten-digit number and DOB.

6) next, I was asked for the numbers, expiry date, 3-digit security code if my credit card accounts. Again, I made up numbers.

7) claimed these accounts were “investigated” and I am in danger of default (yep, she said default) and that she can help me TODAY! How lucky/ s

8) also wanted to know my monthly mortgage (my house is paid in full,) cat payments (same. I paid cash for my car.)

9) again, I have false numbers.

10) she said her “team” would analyse what they can offer me to cut my debt in half.

11) again, I asked for a return phone number and was told after my case is analysed, I’d be provided with all the information.

12) I time her to go ahead and do all that (all fake numbers) and she said she’d call me back tomorrow with terms of the debt consolidation.

Claimed that main office is in Florida and that their office is in my state, although the last one, a woman, mis-pronounced Connecticut.

I have zero contact info to report these to anyone, googled and found this site, and here I am.

This just happened 10 min ago.

If they call back, which they will not, I’ll post follow up.


So few days ago I was filling the ds160 nonimmigrant online American visa,I knew I wasn't supposed to be asked to pay for any money online,but at the end of filling the online form,I was presented with something they had called,"billing out" and asked me to pay 85$ to American eservices,,and then after submitting my form, i Immediately received a screenshot of a ds160 confirmation form,,,why was I sent a screenshot and not a real confirmation file?
And where did the 85$ go? Was I supposed to pay for that money?
I only knew about the $160 MRV being paid at a centenary Bank,,well,I'm left confused,,,has this ever happened to anyone?

- Middletown, CT, USA

caller id said keith fusaro. said his name was calvin from american services. said i owed 10,000 in credit cards.

- Leesburg, VA, USA

Had a call from Stacy Clark from American Services telling me I owed over 10,000 dollars. I told her I owed nothing and was going to report them as a scam call. She hung up.

• Jun 30, 2023

WTF how can these people get away with it and masking their phone number? This is outrageous.

- Tucson, AZ, USA

Asked many questions about my electric bill, marital status, income, credit score, home size, # of a/c units, etc. Already knew my husbands name and indicated they were going to send the company owner, mike Kelley, to our home to review ways to reduce electric bill with solar and other federal programs with energy credits . Would not give their phone number for return call. Lady claimed to be “Gina”.

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