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American Hope Resources

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American Hope Resources Reports & Reviews (94)

• Nov 27, 2022

Scammer's phone N/A
Scammer's website [email protected]
Scammer's address The Green Suite 5317, Ste 208, Dover, Delaware 19901
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Government Grant
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

(1) New Hardship Assistance

I have frequently been receiving emails for housing assistance, food purchase’s assistance, hardship assistance, etc., etc.. I clicked on a drop-down menu for $1,00.00 loan; and screen remained blank. Then I had the presence of mind to GOOGLE such⁉️
(1) New Hardship Assistance
(1) New Hardship Assistance

• Aug 19, 2022

Victim Location 78638
Type of a scam Government Grant

A Facebook friend (more like acquaintance), messaged me on messenger to inform me about these government grants through American Hope Resources. I’m pretty certain the actual friend had her profile hacked and that hacker is now contacting people on her friends list. They sent me a phone number to text, and I felt uncomfortable with that so I did not text them to see more info on how they were going to scam me.

• Apr 11, 2022

Victim Location 02126
Type of a scam Government Grant

The business is called American Hope Resources Program. They have someone impersonate a person you know and contact through messenger on facebook. The person says they have received money from a government program that can help you. Everything is done by text. I felt something was off when I asked the person the imposter a question that they could not answer! This is a scam and they use people to impersonate people you know!

• Feb 10, 2022

Being scammed

First off I was on a veteran site and this girl named Keisha Anderson told me she could hook me up with a grant I would never have to pay back so she gave me a number to text this person I did after giving them way to much information they are still as of right now trying to finish the scam I'm going to the police department and all other authorities I can to report them and American hope resources also

• Feb 09, 2022


They get your personal information and don’t help you at all. Looks like a scam


And I have one of their agent link with me
That we are chatting together .
I think you should message the person and report your case .and I think he would find something to do about it<... />
That is the link . and I think you should try and see


Why don't you go ahead and report back to their office


Victim Location 80123
Type of a scam Government Grant

Scammers hacked a friends Messenger on Facebook. Trying to get me to get link for American Hope Resources. Checked Better Business Bureau and it is a hoax.


Scammer's website
Country United States
Type of a scam Government Grant
Initial means of contact Not applicable

I was on Facebook when a friend of mine of 30 years asked me if I received my grant. Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about. He asked me if I ever heard of AHR and I never have, and set me up with a Steven Edwards. He contacted and asked me to fill out some questions and then which grant I would need. I picked $100,000, which the fee would have been $2000, and my friend was going to help me, however what I did not know was my friend put in another $1000, which between the two of us we paid $3000 for a $200,000 grant. I paid the money was approved for the grant was supposed to receive it the next day (Saturday). Fedex was supposed to bring (oh yeah he asked me if wanted cash or check, Fedex was supposed to bring the cash. I waited all day and about 3:00 in the afternoon with a Oh no there was a traffic stop and OCS looked in the van and found the grant (this is what he told me). OCS says that I have pay $5500 in order for them to deliver it. I never heard of such a thing. I told him I had no more money to give. His excuse was to go borrow or stand on my street corner to beg. I told him no. Then it was 3500, 3000-, then it became a 1000. The next day I managed to get 200, and go get the apple card. Sent him the 200 apple card then accused me of sending a used one, when it was him that used that card. I still do not believe there was $5500 fee. Well the next day this was a Monday, he tells me that UPS needs $1500 for them to deliver my money. I talking about me having $32.93 in my account and he wants me to come with the money. I told him no. Mr. Edwards and I argued for five days about money, and at one point I thought he got the idea that I had no more money. Wednesday was the game changer he wanted bank accounts, and whatever else. He wanted username and my password to bank, but I kept changing my password, but he figured that out because I had watched my bank account all day, and then all of sudden my account was locked,and while I was on the phone with the bank he hacked into to and got $200, which thank God I was on the phone with the bank to stop it.When I went to confront him he disappeared imagine that. That man owes me, and I want what I am owed. I am livid over this, and I feel that man does not deserve a job with the government. My friend which is male received his with no problem , but he ripped me off, and I feel it is because I am a woman.


Ur friend isn't ur friend he was hacked if you have away to personally contact ur friend like a phone number or know where they live I can gaurentee it was not your friend they had their account hacked always research the scam online what ever they tell you type it in search box it will tell you if it's real or fake

A friend I knew for 30 years set me with a representative, my friend invested $2000 and I gave $1000 for the certification and taxes. Then when it was time for them to send the grant all of sudden there was a traffic stop, and OCS wanted $5500 of course I did not have that kind of money. By the time he quit bartering it wound being $200. Then the grant was supposed to be here on Monday, but now I need another $1500, which I did not have. The day he pops up and says give me your bank accounts I guess to thevput the money in it but instead he hacks my account which closes the account. Of course now I had to change my debit card, and bank card because I do not trust this man. I kept telling him that this was a scam, he kept saying it was not. Now I want $3700 plus my grant. I am so angry that I cannot believe how stupid I was to even fall for it. The man I am talking about his name is Steven Edwards, and that man owes me a grant. I have certificate for a $200,000 grant, and I want it.


Total money lost $2,281
Type of a scam Government Grant

Dear ,

I'd like to request you to help me to ask a Refund from AHR GRANT Organization ,due to it was a Fraud

there is no Grant that the Organization or Foundation demanded a fine $300 , a stamp fee $180 and Bitcoin processing fee $800

they asked for Clearence Fee it included Fedex fee already ,here they asked for one after the other finally they didn't send anything

at AHR GRANT they have been impersonating of Attorney General Loretta E Lynch to defraud people who told me that website is a scam and fishing site I didn't believe

My account Bank of Montreal was deactivated and frozen because they deposted in it 5 counterfeit checks and they sent me another check fraud $10,790.00 to use check refill to print out and deposited it in my BMO Account

they told me a lie after the other , not honest and prestigous the promises of them were boken easily

that Organization is a real scam they are still living outside of the Law and continue to deceive one after the other

so please tell the scam artists to stop doing that way anymore and pay me back my fee that is just I want

Their website :

phone contact : 678-829-6732 or 601) 647-5881

imposter : Loretta Lynch

they says if I deposited $800 in their wallet they will send me $270,800.00 it is a scam Grant I won't beleive anymore

tell them don't forget to compensate me for 6 counterfeit checks that ruined my BMO Account

Yours Truthfully,


I mentioned about the report i made against them that I sent it to Attorney General letitia James NY ,they requested me to withdraw the complaint and they would pay me the Grant $270,800.00 properly ,i just sent them $200USD in Bitcoin

but they promised to see me after 3 hours but they told me a lie again it is not true and honest

So I request you ask them to pay me ,because it is too long , no Grant asks for fees like AHR GRANT Organization


Victim Location 33068
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted randomly by a friend on Instagram. I was informed about a grant called American hope resources program. I was informed to contact Attorney Beverly Smith whom is supposedly in charge of the program. Ms. Beverly asked for my name, address, marital status, email address, monthly income, if I’m disabled or retired, and a copy of driver license. I sent her my information and she told me I was approved for the grant. I was told that I have to give money to receive the grant money.


Victim Location 74864
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Government Grant

A friend encouraged me to apply for a grant through the American Hope Resources. She received money from them or so she said. She gave me a link to talk to a person through messaging to help with the process. I had trust in my friend. So I went through with it. I gave personal information and even a so called certificate fee to receive the grant money. I understand that it was a program to help people. When they asked for another fee I contacted my friend with concerns. She said it was all legitimate and not to worry. Now I am worried and upset with myself for falling for such a scam. I thought I could trust my friend. And now I have had my money and personal information stolen.


Your friend was hacked not them hackers hack people to make it seem like it's who you know but it's not if you have phone number of your friend call them to let them know their account has been compromised

Total money lost $2,004
Type of a scam Government Grant


I'm a hardship victim so The US FBI Police recommended me to apply for AHR Grant and I won an award plus Raffle Draw $270,000.00 the AHR Agent asked me to pay a fine ,administrative cost due to my facebook account was blocked $300USD

they took my BMO account then deposited five counterfeit checks so the bank made me in trouble my account was frozen i had to pay $33 CAN , they promised one after the other days to deliver to me a Box of cash , then they asked me to pay tax for IRS then they said they will send me a check but i had to pay for stamp fee $180.00

as I leant a Grant from Federal Government has not paid any fee to reveive it

so here they asked me until i can't afford so please investigate if they are legitimate to do so

thank you,

chinh pham


CASHIER Lady 'S phone number : (601) 647-5881

at WhatsAPP She texed me she said now she reduced the stamp fee to $100 Canadian Dollars she handed me a wallet :

1DY6Mk4tsB9Q9vKPrXSt94efXsMWGdM6MJ ; I sent Aug 14, 2021 9:27 AM -04:00 WITHDRAWAL -0.00160783 = $93 USD =$116 CAN , but when it came to her wallet is 0.00135783 = $64.77 USD = $81 CAN so I have to transact more $20 CAN

here is transaction Blockchair there is receipt as evidence />
everytime I did transaction to them it lost $10, $20,$30 USD

that made me in trouble so worked not good on my case I didn't blaim them but the more i didn't say the more i get lost

No stamp fee with Federal Government to receive a Grant

this Message I recalculate exactly

so help to explain and resolve this matter because AHR Grant 's cashier Lady hasn't wanted to deliver out my reward

Yours Sincerely ,



Victim Location 06010
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Other

I was given the information from a family member to text that number with AHR and they could help me with resources. I did pay a fee for the amount I was going to get but then changed my mind and said I wanted my money back. They have been giving me the run around and asking for codes and passwords. They still have not given me my money back


Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Government Grant
Initial means of contact Email

Getting scam emails from [email protected] pretending to be a representative for companies but he gathers people's credit card information and commits identity theft. He sends thousands of Emails a day.
My friend tracked his email to Nigeria.


Victim Location 34207
Type of a scam Government Grant

Verification process completed then asked for money for delivery


Victim Location 92307
Type of a scam Other

Hi was contacted by my aunt on Facebook asking how I was doing. Then she asked if I had seen what Fox News did? I kept saying no, and finally, it went to this particular website that has all kinds of reported scams about it.

The most important part of this scam is their ability to use one of my families (direct messages) to contact me personally and make me think as though I was being contacted by my aunt. I even asked her how she was doing and "she" said she had been suffering from a sore throat. I asked her about her sore throat and "she" said that it was just a thing she was dealing with and that she wondered if I had seen what was said on FOX News. I hate FOX News so I kept telling her, "NO". Finally a message was sent to go look at American Home Resources. I went to a new search page and looked over their website. Then I went to the because everyone was reporting this scam.

I am extremely angry at whoever hacked my account his way. I worry that they may have been able to hack other things on my account. What should I do to protect myself?


Sign up for credit monitoring as well as if you can get text feature with your financial institution do that because as soon as money comes out of your account you'll receive a text saying so that way if it's not you you will be able to notify whom ever immediately

Victim Location 02026
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

This is the message from the text: AHR Has paid you. Your payout has been accepted by American Hope Resources! Check hour much you will be paid here:

I did not click on it since I have never had any affiliation with America Hope Resources.


They used my friends identity on Facebook Message to recommend I get a grant from them and that they were li I lost $14,000. The cash apps they used were $ninjabob51293, Mark Gunanage and $lilypadlady05 I eventually called my friend to confirm it was her on Facebook Message and she said it wasn't her. I am still getting other people on Message for other organizations that give grants. You don't want to know what I tell them now. This MUST be stopped!

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