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american chamber of commerce

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american chamber of commerce Reports & Reviews (27)

- Ocala, FL, USA

Just adding the latest phone number spoofed by the American Chamber of Commerce Scam. Such scams are well known to the BBB.

- Birmingham, AL, USA

Someone called from "The American Chamber of Commerce" to verify information about my business. I did not verify the information as this is a known scam.

- Pasco, WA, USA

Caller on business line. Requested my current business address and chief executive officer, claimed to be from American Chamber of commerce, which does not exist.

- Fort Atkinson, WI, USA

I received a call from the noted number claiming to be with the "American Chamber of Commerce." I asked where they were located, she said Wisconsin. They hung up on me when I asked for their address.

A woman called posing as being from American Chamber of Commerce. After answering the phone with my name and our business she then told me she was updating information from the Chamber and needed a name for the office manager and I knew it was a scam not only from the sound of her voice but the background. I asked what Chamber and she said the American. I told her we are not part of an American Chamber of Commerce. I also knew because I know both representatives from the Chamber of Commerce we are apart of. I just said thanks and hung up.

they asked how many people were currently employed at the business.

Young lady calling from the above phone number identified herself as working for the "American Chamber of Commerce" and was updating their records. She was asking about number of employees, if the current president was still active, etc. Once I questioned the true reason for this information, she terminated the call.

Wanting to update our listing. Started with asking to verify address. When asked who was this for, replied Amber from the Chamber of Commerce. When told that the chamber did not have an Amber that worked for them, replied this is the American Chamber of Commerce. When I said I am instructed not give that info over the phone, they hung up

- Decatur, AL, USA

Our business has started (once again) receiving numerous calls about every 5 minutes from someone from the "American Chamber of Commerce" asking if this is the office of [employee or former employee]. I have previously dealt with and reported them after researching to find the there is no American Chamber of Commerce and the calls stopped for a year or so. Apparently, they are at it again, requesting business information in their phishing scam.

Scammer called and I answered the phone and confirmed the business name. She then asked if [Owner] was still the owner. I said yes. She asked me to confirm that we are at [Street Address] and I told her that I am not authorized to confirm address information for anyone except customers or vendors and asked what company she was calling from and she said the American Chamber of Commerce. I said that I was not familiar with the American Chamber of Commerce and asked if she had a website so that I could verify the company. She said that she did not and that she just needed to verify the address. I offered to place her on hold so I could check with [Owner] if he would like me to release the address to her. She said that she was unable to be put on hold and asked again for the address.

A woman called who could not even say the name of our business. She did not identify herself, but asked if our address was still at "such and such" street--this is not unusual as we get a lot of tourists calling for directions--and I gave her the correct one. When she asked if "John Doe" was still the manager, who has been dead for five years, and demanded the new manager's name and phone number. When I became suspicious and asked her why she needed it, she told me she was with the Chamber of Commerce. I work closely with the local chamber, so I knew that she was not telling the truth. She informed me she was just collecting updated information for the American Chamber of Commerce. When I refused to give out any more information she promptly hung up.

- Birmingham, AL, USA

Caller asked if this was my business and I immediately asked who this was since there seems to be someone calling nearly everyday with some type of scam. He said he was with the chamber of commerce and very quickly asked if my business address was located in the city my cell phone is linked to. So again I asked who he was with and why he needed this information and he quickly said I am with the American Chamber of Commerce and even more quickly changed the subject to what my business phone numbers were. By this time, from his tone and how he was so quick to change the subject and ask another question regarding business details, I was sure this was a scam so I started to play along and give fake answers and in between answers ask him about the chamber of commerce. He must have got the hint that I was on to him so he abruptly said thank you, have a nice day and hung up. I know there are many more important issues in the world that deserve more attention but this should be dealt with in some way. I receive way too many calls that are scams, usually on a daily basis, and it is time consuming and annoying not to mention I suppose could possibly be dangerous.

- Bellevue, WA, USA

Received a call from the American Chamber of Commerce asking for information regarding names, address, number of employees, etc. Turns out there is no American Chamber of Commerce and it is a SCAM.

I received a call from the noted number claiming to be with the American Chamber of Commerce. The woman asked a few simple questions and I made the mistake of answering "yes" to the first few questions before realizing this was most likely a phishing scam. I am not sure what may come of this error, but wanted to go on record, should anything transpire as a result.

- Sarasota, FL, USA

Received a phone call from North Port, Fl 941-200-1067 wanting to update our business name and address

A female called our business asking to verify our address, number of employees, and name of manager. I thought it was fishy, so I asked what was the purpose of the call, to which the female said it was for the American Chamber of Commerce.

Then she asked again what was the name of the manager, I was uncomfortable, as the call came from a number in Marathon, FL. I said I'd call her back. I thought it was strange the American Chamber of Commerce would be calling from Marathon instead of Washington, DC).

Upon hearing this and my hesitation, instead of providing back the information to reach her, she just hung up the call.

I searched online and saw other businesses have been the target of this scam, as these reports say the American Chamber of Commerce does not exist, but the U.S. Chamber of Commerce does. />

Called twice to verify contact information including the address and my first and last name. Before answering the Last name I asked them to repeat who they were calling on behalf of. They responded "American Chamber of Commerce." I said I had never heard of the Amer... and they thanked me for my time and hung up promptly.

Woman calls Phishing for info stating she is calling from "American Chamber of Commerce" asked president still same (had his name). All she got as then I asked for a number to confirm where she was calling from said no and hung up. I called back and it has a voice mail saying busy. I left message advised I was reporting them to and hung up (did not advise where I was calling from).

Someone claiming to be from the American Chamber of Commerce called to request information, claiming they are updating their directory. They called from a local Florida area code but claimed to be from Omaha, Nebraska when asked about their location.

Phishing Scam Targeting Businesses

Same call "American Chamber of Commerce" asking who the manager was of the business and the number of employees. Would not answer any of my questions and hung up on me.

I have caller ID and called the number back - I got a recording, "Thank you for calling management recruiters Coeur d'Alene MRI contract staffing..."

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