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American Board of Cardiology

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American Board of Cardiology Reports & Reviews (18)

- San Rafael, CA, USA

The American Board of Cardiology is a bogus medical board! They have no association to any legitimate medical society or board. They sent me a letter marked "urgent" stating my medical certification with them had lapsed. They went on to state that if I sent them $500, "...Certification suspension will be immediately reinstated..."

- Grass Valley, CA, USA

This scammer pretends to represent a lapsing renewal for a professional society. As a distraction, it also pretends to be a humanitarian organization

- Valley Village, CA, USA

Received a "Notice of Suspension" and request for a $500 "reinstatement and lifetime registration fee". This was a letter of three pages, very wordy, poorly written. The second page is a form to fill out entitled "Reinstatement and registration for American Board of Cardiology". The third page is a "Special Notice" rambling about a humanitarian mission to Europe for resettling refugees.

The letter lists no phone number, and no web address. A web search provides as the address for an equally poorly worded and terribly designed web page.


Multiple letters marked "Urgent and Prompt Response Needed" have been sent from the American Board of Cardiology to individual physicians in a cardiology practice. The organization is mailing letters to each physician telling them they will have their "certification" suspended if they don't pay $150.00 immediately. The letters are poorly written, poorly formatted, and are very unprofessional looking. There is also no associated webpage or phone number to call. All letters have ended up in the garbage, and no one in the group has fallen for the scam but we continue to get letters from them and would them to stop sending them.

- Houston, TX, USA

This entity sent a paper mail invoice for certification by a body that does not exist. The name is similar to certifying bodies whose information is used to establish physician credentials. The note suggests but does not claim that a failure to act on the requested payment may influence practice privileges.

- Killeen, TX, USA

This is a non-existent board with no ties to the actual American College of Cardiology or the ABIM. They offer no acceditation or certification.

Our medical practice has received several mailings from "Amerian Board of Cardiology" Certification Committee 304 Newbury St Suite 309 Boston, Massachusetts 02115 - the interesting part is that only our physicians that are foreign have received these official-looking letters stating "NOTICE OF CERTIFICATION SUSPENSION" and stating that this registration is seriously urgent regard to patient safety, and then proceeding to tell them that they need to pay $500 as soon as possible. Total Phishing. There is no American Board of Cardiology - this is not needed for anything. We believe they are preying on any foreign physicians that have come to the US to practice. Trying to confuse them into thinking that they have to supply their information and pay money.

I have received this letter twice asking for $500 to be reinstated and receive an official lifetime registration! This is a SCAM!! There is no such thing as the American Board of Cardiology! BEWARE! There is no phone number or website listed anywhere on the letter.

- Chicago, IL, USA

Letter submitted regarding maintaining certification or cancellation if fee not submitted. The organization has a name that is misleading. The American board of internal medicine is required for cardiology certification. The American college of cardiology is our organization maintaining guidelines. As far as I am aware the American board of cardiology is a farce.

- Walnut Creek, CA, USA

The American Board of Cardiology sends threatening type letters with the title, "notice of cancellation" regarding "reinstatement in strict compliance with homeland security cooperation immediate attention requested regarding certification". If not read closely, this could be mistaken for a legitimate request for dues payment from the American Board of Internal Medicine (for upkeep of certification in cardiovascular diseases, for those who are board certified by ABIM in cardiovascular disease). They are offering "official lifetime registration" for $500. In the letter, this group also claims to be giving the collected money to refugees in Europe, but there is no evidence/proof of this in their letter, or on their web site. Their web site is one single page without any contact info (email or phone numbers) where any of their officials can be contacted. There is no evidence they are a registered charity. They claim to be working with "the Mosque of the Golden Rule" on refugee resettlement in Europe. I googled the mosque, and it islisted in Las Vegas, Nevada, also has a web site that is suspicious looking and contains no phone # or email information either. Do NOT give them any of your money.

Our group has not heard of this association. The letter is asking for an "official $500-lifetime registration fee", but the document header indicates this is to "reinstate". Reinstate means the certification expired, so "lifetime" is not the correct term. I looked up the address and found the address was a prior address for a UPS mailbox location, they have since moved from 304 Newbury St, Boston MA 02115 TO: 292 Newbury St. It looks like this address is being used by several "associations" when you Google the address. Since the UPS store has moved, it's possible they have a mail being forwarded. There is no phone or email address for this entity either.

- La Jolla, CA, USA

Was delivered to office address. My secretary panicked and thought my board certification was in jeopardy, so paged me 'stat'. There IS no American Board of Cardiology. Board certification is through the American Board of Internal Medicine! I did take a Cardiology board recertification exam last September, perhaps their servers were breached?

Pretty sure these guys may have gotten some replies from worried office managers and gullible persons! Along with $500 each!

- Livingston, NJ, USA


- Vallejo, CA, USA

Scammers trying to solicit re certification with the American Board of Cardiology with a reinstatement of required registration with this organization for $500

- New York, NY, USA

I have been contacted twice by an organization that calls itself the "American Board of Cardiology" (ABC). This sounds very close to the American College of Cardiology or the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), which are both reputable organizations. The ABC asks for very detailed information about my employment- which hospitals I work out, what states I am licensed in, any malpractice case judgements against me, date of last certification, whether I still practice cardiology and asks for a $500 registration fee. This is very close to the $600 Maintenance of Certification fee required by the ABIM. When you look up the ABC online, you see that it is actually some sort of charity, but this is not specified in their letter and it looks very official. This is an attempt to scam physicians and defraud them of money. There have been other scams perpetrated by this organization in the past and a letter to the editor of the American Journal of Cardiology describes this in detail. "Board Certification Scams" AJC 114:494-5.

March 2016, we received an offer from "American Board of Cardiology" for total of $590 for the Honorary Lifetime Diplomate plaque in Geriatric Cardiology. We mailed check 1466 on 3/22/2016 and it was cashed on 3/26/16 but receive nothing. We mailed certified letters request status on 8/11/16 and 8/18/16 then 9/21/16 and NO respond. Until today, 11/16/16, we have not yet received anything from them. Their website has NO phone or contact email. We have no way to contact them.

On the other hand, we still are receiving letter from them offering other kind of plaques,,,etc.

Their name is very easy mistaken with the real ABIM. We believe this business is NOT legitimate and only in business to cheat people.

We filed couple compliant with (11787115, 11825725, 11828071), but all complaints were closed as Unpursuable. was not able to process complaint because does not have a valid mailing address, the business is out of business or the business has filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy."

WE KNOW THEY ARE STILL IN BUSINESS BECAUSE WE JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER OFFER LETTER FROM THEM AGAIN DATED 11/9/16. need to do something to this company to stop them from cheating others.

We are a Cardiology practice. We received a bright pink letter stating that we needed to send in a form asking about current practice locations and hospitals. It stated that we needed to fill it out and send in $500 for a "REINSTATEMENT AND LIFETIME REGISTRATION FEE." Looks pretty official. states "Immediate Attention Requested."

Claiming to be an associated medical board known as the American Board of Cardiology which has no Cardiology association whatsoever! They simply want your money. There is an article in JACC, a true cardiology journal with printed an article as far back as 8/2014 warning Cardiologists about this organization which can be found at:

Do not continue to give these people any money as they apparently are a religious group but are lying about who they are and what they're purposes are.

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