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America Geeks

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America Geeks Reports & Reviews (11)

Victim Location 29036
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Thank You for being a valuable customer.

we would like to inform u that your computer service warranty is expired and will be renewed within two working days

as you know that u are already subscribed for auto-renewal of payment for $399.which will be charging your card within 48 hrs. and your service warranty will be extended for lifetime on this program.

for cancellation or for REFUND call us our HELPLINE-270-781-7231.

Victim Location 97477
Total money lost $4,000
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I had Tech support with these geeks,until they said they were closing,and wanted to give me money back,oops they put and withdrew the money while I went to get 4,000 dollars in gift cards from Best Buy,Target. Why can't these [censored] be stopped?

Victim Location 60616
Total money lost $17,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

On September 6, 2018. I contact America geeks about a refund. I talked to Gary Watson who works in the counseling department. He said that I am entitled a refund for overcharging services that they charged me twice. He wanted to wire me the refund money online via my bank account. I access my bank account and Gary asked me to type in the amount of $***. I typed $*** dollars. Gary claimed that I type $*** dollars as a result the $*** was added to my account from America Geeks account. I asked Gary can I transfer the $*** back to them he said no. I ask can I send a check of $*** he said no. Gary said that I have to repaid the money in gift cards of $*** of Google Play and Walmart. I purchased the gift cards from my debit card and gave the codes to Gary online via notepad. Later on I discovered that Gary transferred $*** from my savings account on to my checking without authorization. I believe that Gary Watson and the manager are scamming me for my money. My bank account was affected by the scam. It was fraud. I have to get new accounts because of it. I also used credit cards to purchase gift cards. Gary said that he is going to repay the $*** on my credit card also repay the $*** from the savings account and the $*** from my checking account.

Victim Location 36375
Total money lost $900
Type of a scam Tech Support

On or about the first of April, my computer locked up, and a message and phone number appeared on the screen to call to correct. I called the number and the said they were with windows and for $600.00 they could remove all of the so called Trojans, and all of the other infections from the computer. I put it on one of my credit cards and let them "clean" it up. They called me a couple days later and asked if it was working. I said yes, and that ended that call. Then about the first of June, it started acting up again, so I called the number they left on the computer. They said that it had gotten infected again, and would cost $600.00 more. I said I couldn't afford that again. They said $300.00, and they could clean it up again and I could pay the other $300.00 next month. I have three phone numbers to call, and three weeks ago I tried to call, and two were disconnected, and the other said to leave a message.The phone numbers are: 1-877-658-9988, 1-888-588-2055, disconnected. the there one 1-888-295-4668 says leave a message. I sure was suckered into this one. I guess that is what I get for not being more computer knowledeable.

Victim Location 61114
Total money lost $599
Type of a scam Tech Support

They said, that they would provide a life time support for my computer, in a convincing way. At first they seem, to do a good job, but then I notices, I was still having computer problems, clicking on icons, the internet couldn't display the webpage, speed up browsing by disabling add-ons and etc. I tried calling, the phone numbers, two were always busy, the next one no answer, and the other one disconnected, I think after they recieved, my payment, it was you been scam. I looked on line and found a few articles, that said, they were phonies and good luck trying to get a refund, so I am out $599.00. I hope no one else will fall for this type of scam.

Victim Location 33055
Total money lost $399.99
Type of a scam Tech Support

Supposedly America Geeks was to protect my laptop from viruses. I paid $399.99 for a Lifetime Complete Security for all devices back in October 2017. Then received a phone call from an international number claiming their server was lost and USA laws required them to refund support fees paid. The catch here is that they wanted me to give them my personal bank account or credit card information so they could pretend I was refunded &4,000 instead of $400 so I would have to return them $3,600 for the amount appearing on a screen they were manipulating. In addition, they asked me to login to my email. By now I realize it was a scam and shortly they terminated the phone call. Thus, all the time kept on this call was useless as they never issued the refund in question.

Victim Location 60107
Total money lost $399
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received message and recording on my laptop I had been "infilitrated" and needed to contact this number immediately. Would not let me log off or shut down. Told me my previous security team was no longer in business. Charged me *** for three years of security and protection. Then was contacted by my previous "scammers" "Zebra Geeks" telling me they were still in business, but would cost me *** more to undo and fix what America Geeks had done. I had just paid them *** in September for 4 years of "protection". I'm currently disputing the Discover charge.

Victim Location 55344
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I was using my computer, a beeping horn started, warning, warning, your computer is being compromised, do not shut off call 1-877-658-9988 immediately and we will help you and unlock your computer and remove all viruses.! I in the past have always gone to the lower left corner and shut off my computer, then everything returned to normal, this time it would not let me click it off because it was locked, those are scammers, you can go to your power button,hold for 10 seconds and shut down that way, never call those #'s.They took several hours to convince me that for $*** I could sign up for a 2 year security, they have not yet charged me, they said they want me completely satisfied first, they give you a security code for your asuurance, but I have learned by a good, ITT- friend, that that is how they keep you going and am watching the computer, they eventually go on to compromise your bank accts etc, I wanted to check them at BBB but they would not provide me with their zip, which is 90071, my friend was aware of them, I am going to proceed to having my computer completely shut down and erased, there will be no more contact with them, which shuts them down, they are very convincing, they got my computer unlocked, but they are also gaining more info, I now will shut power off if that screens comes up again, I didn't know you could use your power button. Everyone be aware!! do not call any of those so called support teams that come up

Victim Location 39114
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Tech Support

On January 22, 2018 when I tried to use my laptop a page came up for me to sign into my Microsoft account but when I tried to it kept coming up that it was the wrong user or password. I could not get this page to go away or sign in to any websites. There was a phone number to call and not to try signing into my account again. I was told I had a virus and it would cost me $*** to stop "these bad people" from getting anymore of my information and to clean my computer and get everything back so I could use my computer. My computer has become very slow. When I call the numbers to see why this was happening but I either get a busy signal or put on hold and no one ever answered. I am a senior citizen. I could not afford this, but I had to get my info back to run an online business. When I click on the document to attach to this complaint it has been removed.

Victim Location 75554
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam Tech Support

10/22/17 I was working on my computer when all of a sudden everything that I was working on disappeared - a white page appeared stating that my computer was about to be invaded. They offered a phone # to contact right away so (they) could work quickly to stop the invasion and loss of important information. I am a 78 year old - limited technical abilities - living on a very limited budget. The amount of money it cost me for them to act quickly was about $700.00 -which I paid via a credit card. I'm so upset and has made very jittery. I really don't know what to do. I only learned that this group that hacked and scammed me is an illegal group.

Victim Location 87123
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was reading a news link. My screen went blank, flickered and came back on. Then a pop up taking up half the screen with Micro soft in Huge letter across the top and then stated that that my windows licensing was gone and my computer was corrupted. there was also an audio to go along with it. And the number to call for help. So I called and gave them permission to take control of my computer so they could fix it. They were on my computer for an hour. At the end when they put up the screen for me to put in my credit card info i lost the call. I called back and asked for the name of the company. When I started to doubt them someone told me to check with the BBB. I asked them for Microsofts corporate number. they told me it would cost me lots of money to call them. I checked the site and found several "Geek" sites with different scams. I called microsoft and got their real tech support. They removed all the viruses that America Geek had installed on the computer.

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