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Amazon security

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Amazon security Reports & Reviews (12)

- Stanhope, NJ, USA • Jun 12, 2023

While isntalling a new firestick and attempting to add my amazon account information an pasword a message came up about a security breach and inability to connect to or use my account. A phone number appeared and I was advised to call to resolve this issue. Once called it was advised that I use their "asisst client" and it be downloaded so they can help me. If it helps they all had Indian accents. I was battered for 5 hourse to try and upload my driver's license to insure my identity which after 12 times was no longer effective. He then asked that I try and purchase an amazon card on one of my accounts that he already knew about. He then took over and of course each time was unable to process. He then told me he would call me back the next day and we would get this taken care of and not to worry. The next day I was phoned back by "Amazon Security" and was advised that they only method left to prove my location and identity was to ebay gift cards. I should have known better. All card were used by the scammers and he kept asking me to buy more and I told him I was overdrawn and had no more money. He suggested I contact a friend and I told him I was done. I should not have left this happen and feel so violated that I trusted him.

Received a call Monday, February 14th, 2022. A woman (foreign accent) identified herself as from Amazon Security. She asked if I purchased a $120 gift card at 4am that morning. I had not. Then she transferred me to her "supervisor". He (foreign accent) claimed that fraudsters had hijacked my Amazon account and that they could access my banking information and clean out my account.

He said they needed to connect my tablet to the Secure Amazon Server. He proceeded to tell me to download an app (can't recall the name) that would provide technical support...but really it was going to give them remote access to my tablet...which would give them access to all my personal information. I refused to download any such app...why would I give a total stranger access to my device?

I kept resisting his suggestions and questioning his story for at least 20 minutes until finally he hung up on me.

The very next day i received another almost identical call from Patrick (again a foreign accent) from Amazon customer service. I lost it and told "Patrick" to get an honest job and quit scamming the public.

The scary thing is this call sounded authentic and he almost had me convinced that my account had been hacked.

So beware folks!!! Never download any app that will give a scammer remote access to your device.

Also try calling the scammer one case the number was not in the second case I woke up a woman (oops!). I told her that I had just received a scam call from her number...and of course she said she knew nothing about it.

Received a phone call from a Frankfort, KY phone number, answered the call and was asked if I had recently placed an order on Amazon for over $400 and if not I was to push a number to be directed to a security agent who would get the charge taken off for me. Once I had the supposed agent on the line he said the charge came from Dayton OH and when I told him it was not mind he assured me we would get it removed safely. He then asked me to load an application on my iphone that would give him access to my account so he could go in and secure my account. I refused to do so against his protest and insistance that if I did not do this the charge would go thru and hackers would have access to my account going forward. I declined and hung up on him and immediately contacted Amazon and they assured me that this was a scam and that everything on my account was fine. The asked for the phone number the call came from and I gave it to them. I then tried to call the number back and the number belongs to the KY Higher Education Dept which is certainly not where the call actually came from.

- Springfield, MO, USA

I our TVs service went out and I was trying to restart my Amazon prime video account! A message speared with name on “Amazon video” and a note that my account was “red flagged -and I needed to go to my/tv website toget it reset up! There was a number to call on website - I called and was told that they would need to connect me with the Amazon set it to team! The person sounded foreign (indian) and told me my account had been used by someone in California in amount of $155.99 in 6 separate transactions! When I explained that I didn’t have a debit card for him to refund the money- he asked me to but 4 Google pay cards that they would convert and then send to my credit card!! I did this and was told a $1200 refund would be added to my account!! Nothing appeared and they called again next day- saying Google cards were bad and I need to get other type card- that’s when I called Amazon and was told it was not them I was communicating with! I am out $400- that was charged to my account through “moonpay”!

Entered by Staff CF

Consumer received call from someone claiming to be with Amazon Security. That there was an attempted purchase of a $1,500 phone that would be blocked, but that they needed the consumer to go to the store and pick up several gift cards totaling to that amount to track the hackers. When consumer told them that didn't make sense and they wouldn't do that, the caller hung up but then called eight more times later in the day, and called again this morning to leave a voicemail regarding the same supposed transaction. Consumer did verify with bank that no such transaction exists on their card.

- Chandler, AZ, USA

Initial phone call was a NO CALLER ID. Then a recording asking if I ordered an iphone 11 and if I did I will be charged $799. If not, press 1 to be connected to Amazon Security. A foreign speaking woman told me to go to my computer to my browser and they would give me the information to type in for a cancellation form. I told them no and asked where this iphone was to be sent. They would not answer. I went back and forth with the first person. She then said wait for her supervisor, which he also was a foreign speaking person. When I refused to do what he asked, he started arguing with me. I asked him why he was doing that. He said the Nigerian hackers will get all of my personal banking information. I said Amazon does not have my personal bank info. It is a credit card and if there is fraudulent activity, it will be covered, so I am not worried. He got very angry and would not let me talk. I finally said, I will contact Amazon myself and hung up the phone.

- La Mirada, CA, USA

Telephone call to protect bank account from hackers. Use on line banking. Your funds are put aside. You believe that their funds are

being used. But your accounts are being used. Money is withdrawn and deposited in another bank. You are given information to use an international wire transfer to a Thailand bank. You are told a hacker has been located but there are more. The process is repeated several

more times with large sums of money each time. The CEO of your bank verifies in a call that your funds are safely held. Eventually when it comes time to get your funds credited to your account none of your calls are answered. Caller claims to be from Amazon Security. You have been scammed from your own bank account a significant portion. A police report is filed.-- no action. The wire transfer bank can

not recover any funds.

My mother Lori Ward was a victim in a Amazon scam. She received a text message claiming that a someone hacked her account for a $2000.00 Amazon gift card and followed the instructions in the text to use the link provided to contact Amazon Security, but while on the phone with Amazon Security they kept trying to access my mother's bank information and finally after talking with her daughter on a separate phone the Amazon Security guy just hung up the phone when told the bank completely froze my mother's bank account and debit card. Amazon Security is scamming people who call in to report fraud to their company.

- Findlay, OH, USA

Amazon security calling to advise of a charge of 727.57 to an Amazon account for an iPhone. Must verify if this is you who made the charge. Constant, non stop calling.

foreign accent caller "Amazon security" calling to alert to a laptop bought in San Diego on my amazon account. Do not check my amazon account. How many devices do I have on my home network. Do I connect to public wifi? How many times am I using my Amazon account? possible "can you hear me" recording.

- New Orleans, LA, USA

You recieve a call from someone saying that they are from Amazon and that someone has hacked your account. They proceed to give u a number to call so u can fix it. The number u call is so called Amazon Security. They tell u that someone has used your account from Canada and some other states, and they tell u they can put the money back into your account. THESE PEOPLE ARE GOOD AT MAKING YOU THINK THEY ARE TRYING TO HELP YOU BUT IT'S A SCAM

They then tell you to go to a website or play store to download .

THIS APP WILL TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOUR DEVICE. The reason they do this, they say, is to help put the money back into your account. Keep in mind that once you install and agree to the terms, these people can operate your device. They then proceed to get u to put in your card info. Then they will install Western Union.These people give u tracking numbers and confirmation numbers . If u question them, they act like they are trying to help. You will see everything they are doing. I happened to get a text from Best Buy, saying someone tried to take 2100 out of my account. Then they'll tell u to go to a store, mine was Best Buy, to get 4 gift cards for $500 each. At that time I hung up.







Called my mom and said that she had fraud on her amazon account and wanted her to put in a number on her account and when she asked them to delete the account cus she dont use it they hung up on her

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