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Amazon Customer Service

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Amazon Customer Service Reports & Reviews (8)

I can't believe we fell for this!

My husband went online to find a way to cancel his Amazon Prime account. He accessed a website that advertised assistance with Prime accounts and called the phone number from the site (207-517-9421). A man answered stating he was from Amazon Customer Service and began asking him information about his account. My husband was working from his iPhone and was having a problem trying to keep up with the steps the person was asking him to do, so he handed me the phone and I took over the call. I could hear other calls going on in the background, with other callers being asked/told the same information I was being given, so it sounded like a call center. Every voice I heard had what sounded like an Indian accent and there were some non-English discussions going on in the background as well. I asked and the rep confirmed several times throughout the call that he was part of Amazon Customer Service. At one point the rep said he was having problems hearing the call and asked if he could switch the call to another line. He called me back from what he said was his personal work line (850-389-9560). The support person requested a lot of information very quickly, including email and bank account information tied to the Prime account. The Amazon Prime account is my husbands but tied to my email and our joint debit card. He does not have the bank app on his cell phone, so I was now trying to quickly work between my phone and his to cover the info requested - NOT thinking about why any of this was needed to simply cancel the Prime membership. When I did finally ask why it was required, the "Amazon customer service rep" said it was for security - to verify account ownership. As I was having problems keeping up with the quick requests and getting more confused, he asked me to download/install AnyDesk on both my husband’s phone and mine so he could assist. Although I questioned why, I stupidly did it. He had me run through the creation of Zelle accounts to transfer a "token" amount of money (multiple tries, various amounts) from my checking account to these Zelle accounts (not successful, bank eventually locked my account). The first Zelle account was directed to a gmail address ([email protected]), the second to a number they provided (401-318-0728) He also had me create multiple Goggle/Goggle Pay accounts (able to transfer $1 between my and husbands account). He requested a photo of my debit card, which I refused to do. I was now freaking out due to the transfers we tried and was still being asked to do. I was told the money transfers were going to come through so had to continue working with them to now cancel them. A little late on my part, but now thoroughly alarmed, I said they had better ensure the transfers did not occur and that I was going to call the police. I was then turned over to a "supervisor" to help cancel the transfers. He pointed out the rejected transfers but said some were still pending. He then asked me to go to the closest Walmart to get cards to cover the pending transfer amounts, which I refused to do. He also demanded a photo of my debit card again, which I said I was not going to do and that they had better ensure my money was not touched. He became extremely agitated making obscene and threatening comments to both me and my husband when he stepped in. We ended the call.

This guy calls from a call center with slight accent. Says that they have apple iPad and EarPods that they’re delivering and want to verify delivery address. I give them a fake name and zip. They transfer me to a “supervisor” that says someone else is using my name and number to buy from a new Amazon account. I tell him that I’m looking at my cards and actual Amazon account online and nothing has been preapproved or purchased recently. He says he needs to “get a drink of water” then hangs up. I called the number back. They used someone else’s number somehow. The guy that picked up the phone next was a white guy that had no clue what I was talking about. Very weird.

I called the number listed on "Amazon phone number customer service" page. There was 3 different numbers listed. They first asked me for my debit card number (but I didn't have it any longer -it got skimmed somewhere). Then they wanted me to download first 'zoho desk' and when that didn't work they wanted me to try 'any desk' which a warning then popped up I said no, I am not doing it this way. This is a scam. Then he hung up. Pretty telling that he hung up!!

I was calling Amazon customer service to find out why the shipping fee was not deducted from my order when my order qualified for free shipping. I ended cup calling these scammers posing as Amazon customer service. They told me it was because my address was set to default to an address in new Jersey and there was a shipping fee to ship to new jersey. I told them that I have never lived in new Jersey that it was incorrect and it needed to be corrected. The scammers pretended to further investigate, telling me someone had hacked into my Amazon account and ordered an apple electric tonic device and that they needed to do a refund. long story short, they told me they need to verify that the refund would go through to my account and needed to do a dummy transaction (obviously I was the dummy) to verify which was just a test. Well they took $499.00 out of my account through a Zelle app, they also he'd me download another app so that they could have control over my phone but told me it was for security. They attempted to take every last penny but my bank denied the last transactions

Received a call from this number this morning. Upon answering, it was a voicemail that said they were Amazon Customer Service and wanted to verify that I had purchased a Mac Pro computer with Apple Air Pods, and for me to respond with yes or no. I did not make a purchase, so I hung up. I waited a minute and called the number back. A male answered and I asked him if he called my number and he said “ I dont think so. Sorry if I did.” So I hung up and made this report. I checked my bank account, no unauthorized charges. Also checked my Amazon account, nothing purchased.

Automated call, said there was purchases in the amount of a thousand to just over a thousand dollars that was deemed suspicious activity on my account. I hung up the phone half way through the recording. I then checked my Amazon account nothing unusual.

I have had other similar calls, had a few claiming to be customs agents of suspected packages to have illegal drugs packaged with my package.

Have had a magnitude of loan offers, medical insurance offers, car insurance offers, extended car warranty offers, the list goes on.

Scammer left a message informing me that there has been some fraudulent actvity on my account and it has been frozen.

To verify, they wanted me to go to an Amazon store or Walmart to personally verify. I was to go to the store, call them from the parking lot and they would give me further instructions.

They verified info that was in my Amazon account and credit card account attatched to it.

I already spoke with the credit card company and alerted them.

They now have my email.......

- Austin, TX, USA

Represented they worked for Facebook Security team-hacked into my computer and stole my credit card numbers. When looking up this number it is listed as Amazon Cust Service. The first 2 charges they made were to Amazon

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