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Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Reports & Reviews (14)

Received a voicemail today from a private number claiming to be a process server. The supposed server threatened to serve me at my place of employment unless I call 844-956-4249. I called the number and apparently I’m being sued for a overdrawn Wells Fargo bank account from 2010. Except I did not have or have ever had such account. Never received anything in the mail about this and it’s definitely not on my credit report. First they asked for $900, then $200 to drop the lawsuit but I declined to pay due to not owning that debt. Apparently their BS process server will be paying me a visit. Sure! I reported to FTC, BBB and contacted Wells Fargo as well to ensure that no one had stolen my information.

Left messages saying they were a process server who would be coming at a certain time and if we weren't home, they would take it as a refusal and proceed to court. We could call the phone number provided to pay what we owe or reschedule being served . We didnt respond

- Omaha, NE, USA

They called me with a block number and left me a voice mail with the number to call back and also a case number. They told me I had a pay loans and that if I didn’t take care of it that I’m getting sue for the amount of $2,000 unless I start making payments monthly, weekly or biweekly and they will notify the processor of the payment. They even email some document to sign but I didn’t sign it. They were very aggressive and threatening it scared menand when I told them something don’t feel right about your company they caught an attitude. After giving them my debit card number, my gut told me to cancel the card and I did. Come to find out they try to charge my card but it was just a test to see it if works.

They said they are suing me for a debt that he couldn't tell me about.

My parents, my husband, and I were all contacted by phone by the scammers. They left a voicemail on my phone stating my husband had been flagged for possible fraud or identity theft. They also stated that there was a case pending against him regarding repayment of a payday loan. They even stated his date of birth and said they had his drivers license number and social security number. They gave a case number and asked for a return call as soon as possible.

I returned the call to the number I was called from and it was busy. I called the number given in the voicemail and pressed option 1 for "a lawsuit pending....". I spoke with "Bonnie." I asked for the name of the company which she replied is "the department of Alternative Dispute Resolution." I asked if this was the Dallas County office, she said my call had been rerouted to New York. I asked for a website. After placing me on hold, she said the website is "***.org." She forwarded me to a representative, Mr. Hall. When I asked what his first name was, she said there were several representatives and she only knows them by their last names. When I finally spoke with Mr. Hall, he said he couldn't give me any information regarding my husband's case without his permission. I explained to him that someone had already left me a message with detailed information, but he refused to disclose anything further. I asked him for the company website as well and he said it was www.***.org. When I asked him to repeat it, he yelled the information at me. I asked him not to raise his voice to me and I asked for his full name and name of his supervisor. Then he quickly hung up.

- Valley Center, CA, USA

First Someone named Logan Brown called from an Unknown number saying he was going to serve me papers the next day & when I asked from who, he told me to call the number above & they could tell what is was about. It was about a past debt from a bank & that I could pay off a lesser amount if I paid right then.

- Auburn, WA, USA

Called my wifes phone looking for me said i owed money on a closed bank account that i never opened back in 2005. Said they were taking us to court. Every time we asked for their address and information to give to our lawyer they either gave us a different address 9805 Katy Fwy Houston, TX 77024 (building up for lease ) or 4505 Katy Fwy Houston. TX 77024 (non existatant) or they hung up on us. They said we owed $2600 when we called US bank they said they didn't know this company at all.

- Nampa, ID, USA

The company called with an unknown number, they left a message stating that I would be served court documents the following day from 3-5 pm. I called the number back and they reported that I owed a debt to US Bank from 2007. The Company was called Alternative Dispute Resolution, and stated I owed the Bank 900 dollars, but they would settle for 590. 95. The scammer's had my address, last four of my ssn, and first and last name. The dates that they provided as to when I had the bank account were incorrect and that is how I knew it was a scam. The stated if I paid then they would retract the court summons and the amount would be paid in full, and US Bank would see the account as settled.

I received a voice message from a woman stating to be a independent processor out of Jackson County that was coming to deliver papers attached to my name and social security number between 3 and 5 she also left the 1-800 number and a case number for me to call. When I called the number they will try to get money out of me to avoid Court. Upon asking them for proof of who they were they told me they could send me an email and they couldn't send anything via mail because I requested it in writing when I said I then was not comfortable making any payment to them they said okay will that you will be served in this will go to court good luck and then hung up on me. I called back the day that I was supposed to be served to get the company's name and address they gave me the company name of alternative dispute resolutions and the address of 3730 Kirby Drive Eastern Houston Texas zip code 77098 when I Googled the company name nothing came up when I Googled the address other company names came up and that was it. The account they are saying I owe debt on is over 10 years old and past the statues of limitation do not give these people any of your money it is a scam. I called my local courthouse and they said that there is no case number with my name there.

This is the 3rd call I received by a company telling me I'm being sued for fraud over a Wachovia bank account I never had. First, a private number contacts me by phone informing me of a legal dispute & gives me a case number & another phone number to call. When you call the number, you're told you're going to be served with papers unless you make a payment immediately.

- Des Moines, IA, USA

First someone named William ram calls restricted saying I'll be served legal documents tomorrow and he gives me this number 18779059859 for further questions. I call that number and they tell me they are trying to collect a debt on behalf of us bank for an account that was closed in 2010 . so I called a us bank they told me that the account was closed in 2008 and that they don't send it out for collections and that the place that handled that for them closed down 3 years ago. Not to mention that the ppl that I called at the number gave me an address that I lived at in 2007 and 2008 then they turned around and asked me If I still lived at an address on happy valley rd which is located in Kentucky and that was over 3 years ago that I lived there so I'm saying it is fraud so beware of the number.

- Kingston, MA, USA

Called family and said that I was going to be served court papers the next day Which will be today). Demanded payment same day. From some bank account 10 years ago. They had lots of information, unsure if it is legit or not. I don't remember anything about it. Asked for payment before they would send verification. I said I don't feel comfortable with it.

I got a robo call today from Alternative Dispute Resolution 855-878-6476. The message was to call them back, they were going to serve me papers at my place of employment, and gave me a case number and the direct number to call Angelos Stevens is 281-661-8449. I called back and spoke to a man calling himself Angelos Stevens. He said that Huntington Bank is suing me for an overdrawn bank account. He had my full name and social. He said he had to go across the hall to get the case file. He came back and said I was being sued for $1200, and if they had to go to court, they would ask for 3x that amount, and I should settle today. I set up a payment plan using my debit card. He said he would send me a confirmation email but he hasn't. My father called them back and talked to Angelo who confirmed that he would email me information.

- Columbia, SC, USA

Received a call from them Friday, Saturday and today (Monday) stating that I owed a debt from an overdrawn banking account (US Bank) back in 2010 which I have never had an account with. Caller stated that if I did not pay $835 Friday then I would be served papers today, Monday. I was so confused so the caller, Michael Brandt, stated he knew it was short notice so he would accept 40% less if I paid in full today. Once I told him that I contacted my attorney and my attorney said that theres a such thing as statute of limitations he became very rude and said that now I'll have to pay $2300 for court costs, interest, etc. I offered my attorneys information in which he declined. I also made him aware that its illegal to threaten someone with a civil suit if you do not plan on carrying out your threat. Also I will be contacting FTC to report these scammers as well. Then he hung up. I really feel sorry for the ones that actually believe these people.

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