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Allwaytech Wan Chai Ho

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Allwaytech Wan Chai Ho Reports & Reviews (174)

• Sep 14, 2020

Ordered tactical shorts size large. I was sent small and the basic answer from Wan Chai was tough. If the item is not damaged its yours.I told them they sent the wrong size still the same negative response..I then disputed the charge on my card.If enough disputes are sent in their credit card privileges might be suspended. However Chase bank card customer service was less than useless in helping so far,

• Sep 10, 2020

I ordered a chainsaw sharpener back in April, it was paid by visa, but we never received it as of today, September 10th, 2020. With the US exchange, we paid 52.92. I wish that somebody could put that company out of business, so nobody else would be robbed!

I ordered the golf chipping and pitching target game on 5/28/20 for $28.00. On Sept. 3 I received 6 rubber golf balls. I sent and email to [email protected] that responded that I only ordered the golf balls. Found another email address [email protected] that also states I had only ordered the golf balls and to check my order confirmation. I cannot find any confirmation email and due to the long time between the order and receipt of rubber golf balls, I cannot find the confirmation. These people need to be stopped from scamming people. My USPS tracking number was LY290952997CN.

• Sep 04, 2020

As already reported by others, We ordered the same golf and chipping targets on June 5th and received 1 foam golf ball on September 3 - charge was $29.00; Exactly the same experience as others that have reported the same experience! This is a scam!

• Sep 03, 2020

Ordered a pair of pants, Waterproof on June 6, 2020. As of Sept 3, 2020 paints never received. Cost $35.98. Don't purchase any products from our enemy CHINA.
Florida USA.

• Sep 03, 2020

i bought 2 golf pitching and chipping targets on 6/3/2020. they were advertised for fathersday. my order number is 4663. the tracking # was ly283303909cn. i never received the product. on 8/31 i received 2 foam golf balls. i inquired when i would receive the games. i got a response that was what i ordered which of course is not true. please help many complaints the same

• Sep 02, 2020

Ordered bras online from them in May in Canada. It is September now and they never arrived. They have accepted payment immediately. No one should order from them. I thought I was ordering from Inspire Uplift, not sure how they reroute the site. Be aware.

• Sep 02, 2020

This is a double entry because I'm so disgusted with how this company scams people. Ordered a golf pitching & chipping game for $29. I even have an email from Allway saying product name and order #. Shipping was extremely delayed (77 days) then when the order came, it was a single tiny sponge golf ball, maybe worth $0.25 USD. Allway claiming I only ordered the golf ball despite me forwarding them their OWN email saying it's a golf chipping and pitching target game. So I waited 77 days for the WRONG item and they aren't refunding me. Morally wrong, horrible customer service. How to shut this place down?

• Aug 29, 2020

Scammer's address China
Country Canada
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Email

I ordered a bra from Allway Apr. 17. The charge was immediate and the bra never arrived. It is now Aug. 29. I have sent many emails and they just keep saying it is shipped and giving me a tracking number which says it arrived, BUT IT DID NOT ARRIVE. I am so fed up. This is a scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I should have done more research.

• Aug 27, 2020

Compré 2 pares de zapatos el 06/05/20 y los recibí, después de pleitear muco con ellos, el 28 de julio. Son pequeños, no me caben. Estoy desolada, no encuentro la página web en facebook, ha desaparecido, solo tengo una dirección de mail [email protected], de la que no recibo más que excusas.

• Aug 27, 2020

Ordered retractable table tennis net and set 11th April 2020. No mention on the ad on FB that the item was shipping from China. Here we are end of August, still has not arrived. I’m in an email argument with numerous people that just keep telling me to wait a few days, it’s been shipped so cannot give me a refund. They offered me 4 or 5 different tracking numbers. Some delivered in Canada and others Australia. They eventually gave me one delivered in the same area in Melbourne I’m in. Australia post did a lengthy investigation to advise me the tracking number was indeed delivered in June but was not addressed with my details and was labelled as hand sanitiser. So clearly also not my tracking number. This company are scammers and have no business integrity whatsoever. Don’t buy from them. We are $58 down. I’ll be going to my bank for unauthorised payment as per Aus Post advice.

• Aug 22, 2020

I stupidly ordered bras from this company. I ordered them in early May this year (2020), at the cost of $87.28. They certainly saw me coming. I checked the tracking many times, I saw when it came into Sydney, then the next time I checked it was sitting in South Australia and, saying it was delivered, why was it sent from Sydney to South Australia when I live in Melbourne which was the address I had on the order. I emailed the support many times and got replies mainly apologising. The last email I received they said it was delivered and I could not get my money back. I contacted Australia Post and they said they spoke to the driver and that they had delivered it and suggested I contact the sender which, as I said above, I had numerous times. EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS.

• Aug 20, 2020

I ordered a periodic table with real elements in it. There was an option to purchase a periodic table with just the pictures of the elements, but I chose to pay more for the upgraded version with real elements in it. The item took 4 months to arrive. The product that came just had pictures of the elements. When I complained to the customer service email that they included in the packaging, they told me that they sent me exactly what I ordered, and that, and I quote: "This kind of samples of elements is showed on the periodic table." When I continued to complain, they offered to refund me $3. The item cost $65. This company is just trying to rip you off.

• Aug 20, 2020

Ordered shoes from this company on 7/30 and have not received them. The charge was for $26.98 including shipping. Why am I not surprised after reading all these complaints? NEVER again! Is there anyway our monies could be refunded through a big fraud charge on everyone's behalf? Doesn't hurt to ask, huh?

• Aug 11, 2020

I would like to be refunded for the purchase of the nebulizer I purchased I didn’t sign for anything when I check the tracking number it comes up unknown because I want to get to the bottom of this the nebulizer I ordered on Facebook never received it

• Aug 11, 2020

I purchased a nebulizer through Facebook and $41.98 was taken from my account because I thought I would receive the nebulizer but due to the pandemic I know I had to wait got tired of waiting so I went to the bank and fill out a claim form because I order the nebulizer 4/18/20 and to me that was a long enough time to be angry I still didn’t receive the nebulizer and I’m out of $41.98 I need help to why I didn’t receive the nebulizer I ordered

• Aug 11, 2020

Ordered a pair of men's shorts June 1, 2020 from a Facebook ad. Finally received August 1, 2020. Mailing came from an address at Cincinnati airport. Labeled size is at least 3 sizes smaller than standard sizing. Customer service is awful. After asking how to return for refund and multiple emails, we were told that since we got the labeled size we ordered, we could not return or exchange. No refund would be possible. Clearly a language barrier in the email exchanges.

• Aug 10, 2020

Order under wear in May 2020
It is now August 2020 , never received the product at all , Took the money out fast.
JUST [censored]!

• Aug 08, 2020

On 7/10/20 I ordered over $100 in face masks via a pop up ad on Ebay. They have yet to arrive. I can not find any contact info on them. I took a screenshot of the receipt and it lists no identifying information that could possibly lead me to contact them. I have been ripped off. I am not rich by any means. Laid off due to Corona Virus... these thieves and just kicking people while they are down, left and right taking full advantage this already horribly tragic pandemic. Please share you experiences. Every one helps! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

• Aug 08, 2020

On 6/6 I ordered thru a Facebook ad a Cornhole golf game (total with shipping $29). Starting a month after I received an email stating it was shipped I started emailing to find out when the order would arrive. I received numerous responses to be patient shipping takes time etc. I finally received an update last week to advise I would get a phone call for the delivery as it may not be able to be delivered to mailbox. Tuesday I received confirmation from USPS that my delivery had been made to my mailbox. There was no key to open the large container box so I assumed when I got home it would be on my front porch...nope. In sorting the mail there was a small gray plastic bag inside was a foam dimpled golf ball! This is my game that I paid $29 for! I have written 7 emails since then all with the response is that what I ordered. When searching all the FB ads I've looked at since that time that particular ad is conveniently missing from their retailers. I have requested them to send me a postage paid envelope to return or come pick it up but I only get a response that the ball is what I ordered. I have disputed the charge with the credit card company so we will see what happens.

• Aug 08, 2020

I would love to request any of the others that have purchased this game, I did see at least two more to please email me the copy of the ad if you have it so I can add to my file. [email protected]

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