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• May 15, 2021

I am here to report the scam artist Allure, Alluring Views and her so called manager Chris Michael’s. I was scheduled to work with her back in October. She had me order a $60 fitness jumpsuit and I was suppose to do a photoshoot with it. I didn’t receive a call, text or email about it. She then comes back and says “you were suppose to get people to buy it with your discount code” even though she NEVER sent that information.

Yesterday, was the final straw. I was asked to join a zoom call with other models. I hope I don’t sound condescending but looking at the “models” I could they were beyond inexperienced and probably never modeled in their life. Why would somebody want someone inexperienced to represent their brand? So, the zoom call was about a fashion show that would be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Her manager, Chris Michaels, mentioned they would pay us thousands of dollars and pay for our flight. Hmm, fashion show at the MGM Grand, paid flight and paid thousands of dollars? Uh...even if Victoria Secret or Nike books you for a show, they’re not paying all of that. Then they said we would have to pay a “registration fee.” NO reputable casting will ever make a model pay to work! After awhile I knew this was a total scam! They both were yelling and talking over each other and gave false information. I am now with a reputable agency. They send me castings and they allow me to look for work with their guidance if the job is in neighboring states. Chris Michaels is KNOWN as a con artist but I have them
The benefit of the doubt. I do wear the outfit to the gym so I learn my lesson and took it as a lost. Stay far away from these losers! There’s a big business that preys on girls with low self esteem and they’re one of them

• Jan 15, 2022


I have fallen for the same scam. Could you advise credible agencies that you know?


• May 05, 2021

Do not fall for this scam. Alluring view reached out to me on IG. She asked me to be a model for her summer collection in June. After I interviewed through video chat. ( she didn’t show her face) she tells me I have to buy a Alluring View outfit abs post it since I am going to be one of her selected models. So I bought the $65 workout outfit signed and under contract it says she’d fly me out to Atlanta because I was one of three models selected. Once I bought the outfit she has not responded to me But in IG she’s still looking for models. And she posts All the time. When I DM her she never reads it. And when I comment on her post she deletes it.

• Apr 12, 2021

She just tried doing the same thing to me. The call was fast, very unprofessional and I hope she doesn’t scam anyone else!

• Apr 09, 2021

You’re probably not going to see this since you’re “priv” , but I am so sorry that you’ve gone through that! Thank you for your comment because I was about to spend my $ on them. At 1st, It was very skeptical for me as a “model” to spend money on THEIR products. I didn’t do it because me, I’m naturally frugal. I could have $10k in my account but it will hurt my soul to spend $70 “just like that”

• Jan 22, 2021

Victim Location 15022
Total money lost $70
Type of a scam Employment

Hi, I recently came in contact with a woman who owns a clothing brand named Allure Lee (@officialallurelee on Instagram) who sent me an email claiming she felt I was the perfect fit for her brand and asked if I was interested in modeling. We proceed to have a Google Teams meeting, with myself and several other women, as she explained the process of elimination. She explained we would be receive a contract via email the next day for which ever event you were chosen for. I didn’t receive my contract for at least two weeks and that was only after I emailed her and her manager at least 5 times! At this point I called Allure and asked what I was supposed to do and she responded with “DocuSign the contract and send it back to my team”. The contract was for a commercial in Atlanta on March 5, 2021. The contract contained a section stating you had to purchase one of the outfits and send proof of purchase to receive your ambassadors code and what not. The purchase of the outfit was needed to go on the trip for the commercial which was supposed to be paid for by them and also I was supposed to be compensated $500 for the commercial itself. So I signed the contract, purchased the outfit, and did everything else that was asked of me. It has now been two weeks and I have yet to hear back from her nor her affiliates. I’ve emailed and called her multiple times from different phone numbers and left messages on the voicemail and still no response. A couple of days ago I received yet ANOTHER email saying the same thing the first email I received about her wanting to collaborate with me, which I found odd due to the fact we were supposed to be working together already. Please be careful! I feel strongly that this was a scam and I’m very upset because modeling has long been a dream of mine.

• May 15, 2021

Same here! Where are located? Look up reputable talent agencies in your area. I now have an agent so I now see she is scam artist. Don’t give up. If she scams this way, I’m pretty sure she scams another way.

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