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Agave Girl Boutique

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I wish I could like this store. On the surface, it appears they want to help artisans in Mexico and promote Mexican items and culture. In reality, they just want to make money using the culture. Maybe at some point, their mission was that. Currently, their mission is laughable. The weekly sales consist of criticizing customers, other small businesses, family members, previous boyfriends and anything in between. The sales person is unprofessional and discusses relationship status, sex status, menstrual issues on their live. Nothing is off limits, inappropriate topics also include pedophiles and preferred vaginal waxing designs, to how much customers get on their nerves and complaints about other small business by name. They have a huge following and beautiful items, but it is sad to see their potential wasted on so much drama. Customers deserve appropriate attention and respect for their time but they are treated like second class citizens. You can expect better customer service at a movie theater than at this "Boutique".


I ordered shoes six months ago. I emailed for status at months 2, 4, and 6. After month 4, they stopped responding. They are either fraudulent or incompetent. Agave Girl Boutique has bad business practices because it fails to warn customers when its products are delayed, it doesn't respond to requests, and when they respond, it is full of lies. The phone number to reach them - if one exists - is nearly impossible to find. They will send you email ads, and post all over social media, while customers wait for products that are not sent or (reading other people's complaints) are the wrong items.

I found Agave Girl Boutique as I scrolled through IG one evening. I checked out their website and really liked their inventory, although I did notice their items were quite overpriced. I gave them a chance because one, I like to support small businesses and two, I like to shop. I ordered from them several times. First order, I ordered a small purse and my box arrived open. The item was there, but it was obvious they failed terribly at packaging. One strip of tape w[censored]ding the box together. Ok, no big deal, why complain about that. Second order, two purses and two pairs of sandals. Again, large box held together with a thinly wrapped strip of tape. The box fell apart as I picked it up from my porch and brought it inside. Again, just a box, I got over it. However, one of the pairs of sandals I ordered was in a complete different color than what I ordered. The other pair was cute and comfortable. Again, having done much customer service in my life, I did not complain. I kept the second pair and lived with it.
During one of their live sales I ordered two of their more expensive leather purses. I was excited to receive the beautiful bags. Again, these were not cheap. When they arrived about a week later, I noticed the magnet closure in one of the bags did not lock. I reached out to them immediately.
I emailed them via their website twice, no answer. I responded to an IG message they sent me and got no response. I responded to their public post with a comment on their IG page and they referred me to their customer service email. Again, I emailed them and no answer for a week, then they responded with a generic email stating all sales are final. But they’d see what they could do. I emailed them again to follow up and again, no answer.
I’ve been joining their live sales for a while and making purchases almost every time. Because I was Interested in their products and again, giving them the benefit of the doubt as a small business. They spend their time gossiping and being catty about not just clients, but friends/ family. No one cares about your love life, your sex life and your personal cannabis habits. They also call out clients and are pretty rude when they don’t want to answer a question or get interrupted from their gossip. Brenda gets a prissy attitude and is very short with clients. Those that agree with her are obviously her favorites and she shows it.
During one of their live sales they were telling customers that even if they hold/ reserve items during the live sale, items are technically still posted on their website and can be sold before the client who reserved on the live pays for their item. Having heard this, I purchased an item I did not get during the live sale. Immediately during the live, I got a message via IG asking if I had purchased and item via their website. Before I even had a chance to respond, they sent another message in a very threatening tone letting me know they would cancel all orders I placed, including those in the live, if i did not respond immediately. I don’t need to be threatened. The tone and attitude used to communicate with clients is rude and unprofessional. Apparently they can leave you on “read” but when it’s done to them it becomes a problem. I was really looking to not only support Mexican artisans and their beautiful work but also a young Latina entrepreneur, however, this whole experience has left me with a bad taste. I understand what I did, but as business owners relying on the public’s support for their livelihood their responses can and should be better. I gave them several chances with no complaints. At this point, I don’t expect to hear back about the purse that doesn’t lock and is not functional but is apparently a final sale. I’m out a couple of hundred dollars on that item alone. I wish I would’ve read all of these reviews prior to purchasing from this company. I am not a person that has drama in my life, I mind my business and try to do good but I’m also fair. I also just realized they blocked me from their site, as mentioned before they are catty and petty people and have zero business etiquette. I’m sure I will be the topic of one of their future live sales, because as I mentioned, nothing is off limits. They are only focused on making money even at the expense of losing customers. In the short months that I followed them I had spent well over $500 and would have probably continued to do so if not for their terrible business practice. Their business will only ever be that, a small business, if it survives.


I contacted this company multiple times to report an authorized transaction and needed to cancel the order right away. Instead of responding to my 4 emails they decided to ship the item right away in order prevent me from receiving my money back. Which is why they to refunds on store credit only. Do not order from this horrible business. I was reading all their products are defective amd they do not refund you your cash !


I purchased two pairs of huaraches from this company in August of last year. I am fully aware of covid, and how hard it was to ship things. But there has been no communication from the company, at times, I get responses (Moesha) with with no resolution, then its radio silent for weeks/ months. I waited in hopes That I would eventually receive my item as it was stated at one point, and now its too late to file a claim with my bank. At one point I was told in an email that the issue would is sent to their internal team, its been a month since then, and I've sent 3 emails waiting wor an update. I doubt this issue will be resolved, I doubt they care about making it right. From my experience, do not buy from this company, if you have, and there is still time, please file a claim with your back as fraud. If you payed with PayPal file a claim and get your money back.


I “pre-ordered” a product from their site. Over a month later I contacted them and they said they would ship the product within the next three weeks. It has not been 2.5 months since they said that, a total of over 3 months since I placed the order. Attempts get answers have failed. I went to their Facebook page to try to contact them since I wasn’t getting any responses via email or their contact form and saw another customer had commented outlining the same issue I had. I replied saying I was dealing with the same issue and within moments, our comments were deleted. No attempt by the merchant to contact and rectify or give an explanation. My card was charged on June 3, 2020, and it’s now September 19, 2020, and I feel like this business took my money and is now ignoring me when I asked them for an update.


They have horrible customer service. I ordered two pairs of stores and only received one. I was charged for both. I’ve been trying to contact the company for the other pair I didn’t receive. It’s a shame because their stuff is really beautiful and I didn’t want to believe the reviews about their customer service and how they ignore people who just want to find out about their stuff. I feel a little scammed. Their stuff isn’t cheap either so yeah when you pay good money for something you expect your items and the company to care.

I keep seeing nothing but 1 stars from this company and I..didn’t have anything like the other experiences that I’ve read? I ordered my shoes like a week ago and revived them in the mail today. I live in KY and they shipped from Cali. To add onto that I received them a day earlier than the delivery date. My shoes were the correct ones I ordered same print, size & everything. I think someone had a bad experience and is now trying to completely deface the company which is such a shame because this is a small business, people who are working around the clock to make and ship out order which can be stressful. Do you feel better trying to smear a very small business that’s probably struggling because of Covid like many others? Dude just be patient.

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