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Advanced Mediation Group

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Advanced Mediation Group Reports & Reviews (13)

• Jul 05, 2023

These people have been calling me for weeks.. finally I call back and they are claiming I have 4 charges pending against me for theft by non payment of a payday loan I supposedly took out.. they had my SSN, DOB but wrong email, work Information and couldn’t give me detail on this said “pending charges”. When I asked them for their address to give my attorney they said they can’t give me the company address for safety reasons.. That’s when I knew it was a SCAM!

I received a call from Terry Bradley from Advanced Mediation threatening me with legal consequences and the whole nine. Pro tip, if they ever threaten you on the phone with legal action or that your balance is going to increase if you dont pay by a certain date it is a scam 99.99999% of the time as legit debt collectors are not legally allowed to threaten you. My notification letter had no dates present, and this account is not on my credit report. Definitely a scam. The direct call-back number that Terry Bradley gave me was 614-762-9504 ext. 103.

Last month these people contacted me so many times back to back generating the false case #. After trying to get info from some by the name of Bradley. He mention a payday loan, address, job that I never worked at, name of an old bank, my ssi. Request for information he couldn’t give much details on how it was taken out if signature only that it happen in 2015. Then proceeded to say you can resolve now or in court. I said I guess I’ll see you in court with attorney. I called Texas Collin County Courthouse to see if anything on file for me. They said no. I called them people back advising of the information and about Texas Laws. The guy hung up in my face, I kept calling back and whoever kept hanging up.

Well, this week I’ve been receiving unknown calls with no voicemail left. I finally answered the call press 1 and got a lady talking about it’s automated system so I ask what do they want and she couldn’t say then I ask to have my number removed. As soon as I hung up the phone they reached out to my 70 year old father harassing me. My dad immediately called me. The called from 5183099234 ext 103 Terri Bradley. I called that number and it wasn’t a lady it was a man I said if y’all contact any of my family again I’m going to sue this company for harassment and that I’m recording this conversation so he proceeded to say oh well we got your employment Obgyn. I busted out laughing because I never worked there and he hung up. Made several attempts to callback and they transfer the call to different reps the I request for manager Sarah Kelly gets on phone I request for address so tried given a P.O. Box I said physical she hung up.

Called Advanced Mediation over 12x it goes to a busy signal smh.

I reported to all 3 credit.


They have been auto dial calling me leaving threatening robovoice messages meant to intimidate. They also called my father and his wife and told them both I “gave their names as a reference in a financial matter” Which is a LIE as I have never used either of them for any kind of reference. I have called the company back several times in an attempt to get the name of the call center manager in order to give it to my consumer rights attorney who has offered to contact them in an effort to cease the harassment, but they refuse to give me any name and just pass my call around to people who refuse to provide a managers name. These people are a scam Do not believe or pay them.


I just got the same exact call… giving
my present address along my decreased ex husband name… talking about a payday loan that I had and didn’t pay, saying they had my full social security number, which they never disclosed.. I told her I’ll take my chance and go to court.. stated that I’ve been sent paperwork to settle out, but funny.. I’ve never taken that loan nor have I received any paperwork..


They keep contacting me stating I had a personal payday loan that was included in a dismissed Ch 13 Bankruptcy. I haven’t had neither. They told me they sent mail to “my address” and she blurted out the address and it was wrong. She then went on to ask me my correct address, I advised her that since she “knew” so much & if they were in fact legit, then she would have means to obtain that information. I requested detailed information on this “mediation” and she became very flustered and angry when I asked. I’m just saying, if you’re legit and not a fraud why are you frustrated behind my questions?! They can kiss me ahh! I took a break from training to answer the phone for these phony mofos!


Got a call saying I owed a payday loan never took one out before I told them I will wait for court date


I got this exact same call today. I told them I would wait for the court date. Did you ever receive anything about one?

My phone notified me of scam likely call about 15 times in a row. I thought maybe it was something important so I called the number. A lady asked if it was (my name and DOB). I asked who was calling. She said Advanced Mediation but wouldn't tell me what they were until I verified it was me. Or I could wait for my paper work. I chose to wait for my paperwork. I googled advanced mediation. After seeing a website that correlated to something I understood I called them back. I spoke to another person. He started out the conversation asking if I was returning a phone call or a text message. He was very personable and spoke like he knew what he was talking about. He had A LOT of information about me. It's actually scary how much he knew. Apparently I had taken out a personal cash advance a long time ago but didn't give me a date. He knew my ex husband's name, my mom's name, old addresses. It was really scary. He gave me all different payment options. 1 being $250 for 4 months. As I'm listening I'm reading reviews on this site that sound identical. Same payment option amounts, same vagueness on certain details, yet very detailed on others. I told him I'll take my chances and wait for the court date.


Same thing just happened to me TODAY! Unluckily from them, I caught on right away. By the time I got finished grilling them, they blocked me.
They have facts, but in the wrong sequence (i.e. banking info, address was outdated & didn't coordinate without the job that I was working at the time of the supposed "pay day loan" taken out. I've never had a pay day loan. They claimed to be a "mediation company" representing a company that had more than 30,000 could give any indepth details. They just wanted me to know that the company could take me to court...back up 1 year ago...
I was getting calls from a debt collection company for a payday loan. They could verify anything legitimately & tried to threaten & scare me I to sending money over the phone. They are all preying on hard-working people.

I spoke to a young lady named "Charlie."
Her "contact number" is 737-295-4073 (of course no one will pick up when you call.)
She called from 833-930-1993 & 855-461-9301
Supposed personal loan amount...$500, but I could settle for $498.18, or $298(different company w/ same lie quoted this one.), or $250...

They call and I don't answer so they text me and say I have an outstanding balance with a client of theirs. So I call back and they only know my name but can't tell who their client is. So come on. Please how can I have an outstanding balance with your client and you not know who the client is

- Oak Brook, IL, USA

This group would only claim to be "Mediation" and demanded I pay 4,600 or the sheriff would be after me for an unpaid debt to Nordstrom's. They had my social security number. STOP THESE SCAMS!

- Medford, MA, USA

My husband and I received a few phone call from phone number 678-701-5040 from a lady name "Mrs. Blackwell" stating she is with Advanced mediation group (Collection Agency) stating we owe on a payday loan and if we did not return her call we would be summon to court in the state we reside. When we called her back on 12/9/16 she was only able to provide to us my husband DOB and SS number she was not able to even provide us with the phone number she had call us on and was not able to provide to us our current address. "Mrs. Blackwell" from (Advanced Mediation group) was not able to provided any other information as to what the nature of the loan is and was not able to provide us with the original information to the loan company as she stated, and was not able to provide us with the company direct contact information or documents from original company. She also mention that my husband had presented a saving acct form "First Federal Saving Bank" to the business (Advanced America) which is false, we never did any business with this bank and never even heard of them. we requested original documents from "Mrs. Blackwell" of (Advanced Mediation Group) she stated that she was not able to provide it to us. We also ask that if this was a collection matter why didn't we receive any mail corresponding to this matter and the nature of this loan.

We feel that this was a scam when "Mrs. Blackwell" kept on telling us they had no other documents beside mentioning my husband DOB and SS number a few times.

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