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Advance America Imposter

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Advance America Imposter Reports & Reviews (39)

• Aug 09, 2023

I was contacted via email on August 8 stating "your application has been approved up to $3000". I sent email to David Lewis stating I did want the loan. David contacted me in return and started going over the details with me. They had all of my information except for the my password for my bank account. The email indicated Advance America as their logo sent to me. My loan has been approved for $3000 and was given loan #CA-10580. I called and asked how long before the money is deposited and was told in a couple of hours which didn't happen. I called back and he stated we tried to deposit the money and that my on-line banking password is incorrect and to call the bank. I called the bank and got a new password and called back and gave the information to David. The money is not in my account as of today.

• Jul 25, 2023

Multiple phone calls from a 610 area code with regard to collection for loan from Advance America . I spoke to Advance America and they confirm no loans of file for me .

- Cleveland, OH, USA • Jun 06, 2023

Advance America scammers are contacting people through text about loans up to 10,000 . They send you loan documents but no money. They are not even the real company. Please do not proceed with the application. I've called multiple times to stop the application and everytime I'm hung up by a foreigner who claims they are transferring you but they actually hang up. They even give a number with an extension that you will never use. Shame on them

- Streetsboro, OH, USA • May 16, 2023

I was on the internet looking and applying for small loan to cover an unexpected expense. Through my email I got an email saying that I got approved for a loan but it didn’t look right. So I ignored it. Then I get a text message asking me three options on three different amounts and he brought up all of my information name, ss number, bank account number, phone number and where I worked and asked me if the information was correct. Then he proceeded to tell me they can not deal with my bank so they wanted a security deposit of 200. That’s when I blocked the number.

- Grand Junction, CO, USA • Apr 21, 2023

Needed a personal loan so searched online for a lender and put in all my personal identification and uned my friends banking info for them to deposite my loan which was suppose to be ten thousand dollars but at the last minute they said my credit score was to low to get the loan finalized so they said they needed to send me 1280 dollars to my friends bank account and needed to remain there for twenty four hours and would be basically a security deposite that would lift my score to where it needed to be. So the next day they had us send three barcodes which had different cash amounts on them totalling the amount they sent back to them and we did. Then they said my credit still wasn't up to par and they then needed to send me 2000 and same deal. By the second day customer service wouldn't do it at any of the stores they had us drive to so then wanted us to buy gift cards to send to them instead. So something seemed off so we looked deeper into it and it turned out to be a scam so we didn't send the two thousand back we just didn't do anything with it but we didn't know they had already reversed payment leaving my friends bank to close her account as well as oweing 1600 dollars of bounced checks and closing her account.

• Apr 19, 2023

me and my husband applied for loans online. we applied because we just recently got married and wanted to work together on our credit to boost it. it was April 17th when we were first contacted by a Eric brown with advanced America. +1(217)705-4173. he then sent us an email and we looked over it and it seemed legit. it had a federal bureau stamp and the stamp of advanced America and everything and of course it being online now realize it was fake. but us both being young we didn't realize what we were getting into. and you always say oh this won't happen to me but never say never. the first time we talked to them they said they were going to send us a thousand dollar deposit to make sure the bank would clear it and me not thinking I gave them my bank information but luckily the bank account I gave I haven't used in months and I just haven't had time to go close the account. but they sent the money and the next morning called us and said that we had to go to either Walmart or target and that's when my husband got on the phone and said why do we have to go there and they guy said "oh no sir you don't only have to go there we have other ways for you to send the money back via cash app, Zelle, and pay pal." like I said we're both still very young and trying to figure our way through life. that should have been our first red flag but us wanting to see the best in the situation and have trust in people we still believed because they told us they were not scammers. so we sent it back and waited about 6 hours later because he told us that they were depositing $5000 into our account. finally get the call and they say they needed to send another small amount and us send it back because our credit score wasn't high enough and if we sent this money back our credit score would jump to 750 and that's what they needed it to be at that's when we become very very suspicious because I told my husband I said sending money back does not make your credit score go up at all. and so me and my husband said we were going to send the money back and be done with it we didn't want the loan anymore well cash app wouldn't work it kept declining it and so the person asked if we had Zelle well we tried to send it back using Zelle. a couple minutes later went by and the guy told us that my bank put a hold on it he then said to call the bank and ask to have it taken off hold or be refunded and that if they asked to tell them we know the person we're sending it to. I knew right then it was a scam. I had my husband stall this person on the phone went to google and immediately looked up advanced America scam and this page popped up and I read every single persons review and realized what I thought would never happen to me just happen. so I called my bank I was on the phone with them for almost a good two hours the first time I just kept getting transferred from department to department then the last department never answered I asked my husband I said should I hangup and call again and that's what I did. the last time I called I got the sweetest lady on the phone I told her exactly what had happen and not even a second later she said "oh yeah honey that's a scam" she then proceed to tell me because like I said not really thinking we were being scammed I gave my bank info out they tried to deposit one check through mobile banking for $400 dollars and she told me that check was fraudulent I asked her cause id never gone through something like this I asked her I said what do I do she said well first lets cancel this payment through Zelle so we did that. we then changed all my passwords and usernames to my account as well. we got everything good on my end changed all that canceled the payments and everything and she probably stayed on the phone an extra 10 minutes with me when she didn't have to because I was so scared I was going to get into like legal trouble or something because like I said im young ive never done this before I didn't know what to do. and she reassured me a dozens Times nothing would happen and that id be surprised at how much this happens daily. so we got off the phone with the bank and this Eric brown has texted and called several times asking if it was done. my husband at this point isn't happy at all and both of us were frustrated so we answered the phone and my husband asked why is the bank telling us yall deposited a fraudulent check into her account the persons like "no no no no no sir that's not possible" and as soon as we say the bank has a picture proof it went silent and the guy was like let me talk to my accounting team. this went on for probably another 2 hours of going back and fourth with this guy. he then finally calls us and says all you have to do is go to your bank and get the cash out. we then proceed to tell him there is no money in the account that my bank closed my account for me due to fraudulent and suspicious activity and he then proceeds to say no no no not possible at this point we're both very frustrated because I didn't use the account anyways but it was annoying because we had to close it that way due to trusting People. my husband then proceeds to tell this person you know you are a really good scam artist and he then says yes sir and then it goes quiet for a good like minute to 2 minutes. me and my husband just kinda keep looking at each other cause we are just in disbelief that this just happen and my husband then says to the person well are you just going to keep sitting there or are you going to Hang up like the coward you are for scamming people and next thing you know all you hear are the beeps from his hang up. me and my husband are very lucky we did not lose actual money from our pockets and are very blessed that it wasn't worse then what it was. but I can say this never say never because it can happen to anybody and me and my husband fell victim to it. I will say this though in about 10 years we are probably going to look back on this and laugh because we never thought it would happen but we are just very blessed we didn't lose anything.

• Jan 24, 2023

Received message from Peter, 213-223-8066, with Advance America approved for $5000.00. They asked for my banking information and codes which I provided. They sent deposits to my account and then said I need to get a gift card as verification and then to give them the codes. I got a gift card and gave them the numbers over the phone. They then took the money back out of my accounts. I have talked to my bank to report the fraud and they have said there is not anything they can do for me.

Applied online for various loans. Received a text message from a Daniel Wilson representing himself as a loan officer for Advance America.

Sent me a link to fill out forms that included my name date of birth, social security number and banking info. Stupidly supplied my information. I talked to "daniel" and he asked the normal questions a loan agent would ask- such as my monthly income, if I rent or own and my sources of income. Once he had this and was satisfied told me that because my credit score was so low they would deposit 700.00 to my bank account. I was then to use that money to purchase Apple gift cards in that amount-send him pictures of the cards and the receipt and once he received this they would deposit the $1000.00 into my account.

Being Suspicious I called Advance America and was told this is a scam. Advance America never sends texts to solicit loans. I immediately called my bank to alert them than changed my log in and password.

In the mean while I received a threatening text from Daniel To call him immediately in order to avoid going to jail. I blocked his number.

- Edmond, OK, USA

They called first guy said name was Eric Brown and that they were with Advance America and I've been approved for a loan but the Better Business Bureau was going to deposit anywhere from 0 to $500 to my account to boost the credit score. and then James Parker got on the line and explained that once the Better Business Bureaus deposited the money I had to refund it and then they would deposit the loan but I needed to go to the Dollar General to get a certificate to refund the Better Business Bureau's money

- Plano, TX, USA

They call representing themselves as a debt collector for Advance America. They have my CORRECT name, address, and cell number.

The first time they called they left a voice message. The second time they sent me this exact text message from this number (1-833-739-1351):

" 'my full name', Failed attempt at 'my correct address'. We have rescheduled a 2nd attempt for Thursday March 11th (9am-4pm). (Signature Required) for updates contact Account Services Inc. 888-205-1492 Reply ERT654 to stop messages."

When I called the number (888-205-1492), they stated that I had a past due debt with Advance America in the amount of $687.00 but I now owe $1,100.00. He (name of Jacob Peterson, which was also probably a lie) gave me an incorrect social security and drivers license (but for each the numbers were off by 1 and 2 digits). When I told him that he had the wrong person, he stated my correct address, but my social security number was off by 1 number, and my drivers license number was off by 2 numbers.

I did not give him any information other than telling them that the information he had was not correct (which I now realize I should not have done that). When he (Jacob Peterson) realized I was not having it, he then stated "Oh, I guess I put in the wrong numbers". After realizing that this was a scam, I called them back repeatedly to get more information regarding the name of their company but they refused to give me a name. I then told them that I know this was a scam, they argued with me, and then hung up!


I was looking for a loan to get a downpayment for home, back in june 2020. I was homeless at the time and I was pretty desperate to get a loan. I fell into the scam and my bank account was already in the negative. And they ended up get me for 2000 more so I was -$2500 and homeless. My bank pinned me with the charges even though I tried fighting it with proof and documentation. Now I dont know what to do...

I was looking for a loan & kept getting denied. I received a text message saying that I was approved & for me to either call back or text the word "LOAN." I texted back & received a call back immediately. The guy on the other end already had all my info & I, unfortunately, confirmed all my info (big mistake!). He then said because of my bad credit that he would need to transfer a smaller amount in my acct first then I would need to send it back. He was having trouble sending the amount & (big mistake #2) I gave him my online banking info. In no time, I received $985 in my acct. He then said I needed to go to Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc...& he'll walk me thru on how to send the money back. I finally snapped (all late!) & made up excuses like I was in a parent/teacher conference, so I can "confirm" that this was indeed a hoax/scam. The actual Advance America advised me to call my bank & shut down my acct. During this time, the scammer kept calling & texting me over & over again! Just harassing me! I blocked his phone number, changed my online banking info, and I'm in the process of shutting down the acct.

try to offer me a loan seems to good to be true because they asked for my personal information

- Columbia, SC, USA

The scammer is offering $3000 loans and asking to reply YES followed by the last four of your social security number.

- Baytown, TX, USA

His name is Jon Morris and he said I had bad credit so he was going to wire me money to my account BETWEEN 500 nd 700 to make my credit look better then I needed to wire it back to him thru a Gov store Wal-Mart Walgreens or target and then 15 mins later he will send my loan of 5000 dollars to me but he asked for my username and password to my online banking app

I have been outline for a loan. When I received a email stating that I was a approved. I also started receiving phone calls. I called a company to verify the loan, they don't even do business in North Carolina. Complete scam

i had been applying for loans and i received an email that stated i had been pre approved for a loan (i'll attach the email) so i called when i called they told me that in order for me to receive the funds i would first get a deposit in my bank account and i would have to return them the deposit and once i did that i would have my loan released into my account ... i followed the instructions given and once i sent over the picture of the ebay gift cards they returned the deposit made and caused my account to go into a negative balance once i found out i called them back and told them it was all a scam and they were like no being that it wasn't done before 8am the system automatically returned the deposit when i said it's not fair because i sent the money back they were like don't worry all funds will be reimbursed by tomorrow morning (9-12-2019) we will deposit about $2,436.00 which will bring your account current and all you have to do is reimburse us $1500 from that and your funds will be releases by 11am that's when i realized it was a super scam i checked my account now my account was negative over 3k i notified by bank of the scam and they blocked my account ...this company still texted me and told me since my account was blocked they can send me $3k via money gram but i told them to stop texting and calling or i would call the police and report them ... they told me if this is all a lie you can report us to whoever you like please let us help you but i stopped texting back

so i am left in debt for purchasing and withdrawing the money from my bank ..Very unsatisfying feeling especially in the financial situation i am in

Please note i have every all texts and emails if needed

- Summerville, SC, USA

I applied for a loan with Advance America. I was contacted by a man named Leo Snyder who referred me to Mark William who claims he was the CFO of Advance America, I was offered a loan in the amount of $5,000 with low payments of 187 dollars per month. I paid an application fee and an insurance fee in the amount of $1,000. I was advised I would be reimbursed for the application and insurance fee. Received a bogus Walmart Check and University of Mississippi check.

- Reno, NV, USA

I believe scammers are operating as Advance America and using their website to trick loaners into making 3rd party repayments deposited from fraudulent accounts. Received an sms after applying for a loan through an online matching program. Was told via SMS to contact the above # to verify and complete the loan process. I have done loans for emergencies I. The past and this was not weird. However I was asked to supply my bank log in information. Along with my full Debit card details. I was told this was required through FDC to ensure I was not part of identity fraud or terrorist funding? I asked for proof that the company was legit and asked why I would need to supply log in information over the phone if they used ACH verification. I was told it would be input via a 3rd party call to verify pay deposits. Again not a strange step, just a weird way of asking for too much info. I was then told that I would be transferred to a supervisor to help me verify my info and the bank account since I had refused to give log in information. When the supervisor got on the phone he stated that he had researched and since my credit score was below 700 I would need to agree to a micro deposit to test my banks activeness and prove I am not a 3rd party identity thief. He then asked me what my score was? I asked why they would require my bank log in information and why they would approve me for an amount they weren’t willing to loan with out verifying my credit status first. He said that they would give me the original $ but I would have to receive a deposit and then prove I could return it within 48hrs. I asked him to explain the process... he stated that I would receive between $500-600 and would need to repay it back via a transfer to their business account with Western Union, Money gram or Walmart cash. This sounded way to weird and I asked him to explain why a reputable company would require a third party deposit to prove validity of a customer. I told him that sound like money laundering and fraud and I would not agree. He then said that they were taking all the risk and all I had to do was agree to use western union or Walmart cash to wire transfer and if I didn’t pay it back they had all of my info so they could “lock my social security # and bank accounts!!” I was further researching the company during the entire call and found they were not on the BBB, the website info could not be verified by him and he could not answer what the companies general customer service was. He put me on hold and only gave me the # that shows on the advance America website homepage when it’s googled. He also stated they were indeed part of but could not give me the exact name to search under. He then changed his story and said I could actually pay with a business voucher through a grocery store wire transfer if I didn’t want to use western union. I explained he was still asking me to return funds to them via a third party wire transfer and read him the FDC warning about fraud. He asked how he could prove he is legitimate and said I shouldn’t be mad since it is their money not line yet?? And when I asked him to verify a fake phone number he put me on hold said he had checked and it was a back up call in line for their customer service. I then asked him to double check that that was actually his companies number and he said yes he was sure. When I told him that wasn’t his number he got very upset and dated me to report his company. I recorded a large portion of the conversation.

The guy that I spoke with about the loan said the process was for them to put 500 in my account and once I received it be sure to send it back then they would send 5000 to the account. He wanted my online username and password to the account

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