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Account Services

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Account Services Reports & Reviews (22)

Caller states thye are with Account Services collecting a Payday loan in the amount of $501.85 from January 2016 and December 2019.

Caller knew my address, ss#, drivers license #, date of birth, last 4 digits of my bank routing number but the last 4 digits of a bank account was not mine.

They also used my maiden Name. This is the 2nd type of call I have received this month. The last one had a different dollar amount.

Say "yes" attempt phone scam .

Then hung up on me after I said "yes" .

This just happened.

I have not fell victim yet.

They were also clever enough to create a phone contact already on my I-phone as if I had them as a personal contact already. I DO NOT!

Please note they do not have an email, I just needed to type something in the field in order to have this report go through.

I want to make an offical report incase I have fallen victim to a scam of signing me up for something or they now have access to my personal accounts.

I keep receiving calls on my cell phone from Account Services. My caller ID shows Account Services. Todays phone number 888-899-6650. I never answer. They do not leave a message. They called several times last week. I don't know who they are.

Received a call from Account Services regarding a payday loan I defaulted on. Never received a payday loan, the caller had no information other than my phone number. Was told they would put my account for dispute, and ended the call all fake to get me to pay.

claimed to be a debt collector and we owe $600 from a cash advance in 2013 if we want to dispute it will be 2100$ it will go on credit report if we dont pay it

They keep calling my husbands phone saying he owes for a payday cash loan over 11 yrs ago in which we have never gotten a payday cash loan in our lives. They have the name of the company he worked for 11 yrs ago also. When my husband says he’s never gotten one of those loans in his life they say we’re going to proceed with action and hang up. We call back ask for a supervisor they hang up in your face but at least 3 to 4 times a month they call again. And constant text messages to his phone

- Midvale, UT, USA

A woman by the name of Michelle came on the line after a recording stating that this was an attempt to collect a debt. After I spoke with Michelle she explain to me my rights and that this call would be recorded. She asked if I was by my full name which was correct. She then verified the last four digits of my Social Security number along with the last six digits of my drivers license number. This lady informed me that I had a payday loan that was delinquent for six years in the amount of $750. She informed me if I did not pay this there would be an additional $2000 fee to dispute it. I told her I was unaware of these claims and that this was a mistake and to please let the company know I would dispute it. She then informed me I had 24 to 48 hours until a $2000 fee would be applied to my bank. It is also notable that this woman knew my banking information from my previous bank. Including account and routing number. She also knew my previous address and current address. She said that several attempts have been made by mail to address this delinquent account but I have never received anything. The woman told me she would forward this information to my email address which she never verified and immediately hung up the phone. Right away I got on free and ran my credit report. It showed I had zero delinquent accounts. I also just purchased a home three years ago and a delinquent account would have shown on my credit report. I am very terrified of the amount of information his company has about me. If you call the phone number back it says this is account services and the recording continues to repeat itself and does not transfer you to a representative. This is the most Fooled I have ever been by a scammer because they did have so much information of mine. This company needs to be investigated immediately!

Called me this morning, identified them self's as Account Services, told me I owed $2060.00 the were willing to settle for $500.00 on a $500.00 credit card I had taken out. but they wouldn't tell me the name of the creditor. The last Ten years I have been paying off past debts and I can't think of a $500.00 credit card that has a balance. The individual said I could Pay $500.00 to resolve or I could dispute it I chose to dispute. can't think of who else I owe? and they wouldn't tell me how or when the debt occurred. If he would have given me more info, and I recognize the debt was mine I would have chosen to pay the $500. to resolve it rather then to wait for the dispute package that's being sent to me.

thank You

- Gates Mills, OH, USA

I have been receiving many phone calls on my landline from Account Services. The phone number in my caller ID is 800-285-8585. It is always the same man. I don't know his name. He said if I made three monthly payments on each of my credit cards, my credit card debt would be gone. He already had the names of my credit cards. He knew how much debt I had. He asked for my credit card numbers. I gave out the numbers. I have already closed those credit cards. He asked for my Social Security number. I gave out the last four digits of my Social Security number. I told him I was thinking about calling the Better Business Bureau to check on you. He hung up immediately.

I was contacted on 9/28/2020 about a loan that they say I took out on 9/13/2013 but I hadn’t. They knew my personal information and address previous and present. They even gave me a so called case# it doesn’t even come up in the civil case #’s???????

- Shannon, NC, USA

I'm trying to find out if this is a legit company or not.

- San Bernardino, CA, USA


- Laramie, WY, USA

Called with regards to lowering my credit card interest. When I spoke to a person to tell them to take me off of their calling list because I do not have a credit card, they immediately hung up.

- Forney, TX, USA

They say they’ve tried to contact me several times. It is a credit services scam. They hung up when I asked name of business.

- Madison, WI, USA

Recorded intro, sounded very official. Pressed 1 to talk to someone to "lower my credit card interest rate." Guy with an accent talking fast, I asked several times to clarify WHAT COMPANY DO you Represent? He said Account Services, working with Citibank, American express and Visa. I asked to have my number removed from their call list. His reponse: Hahahaha, then he hung up.

- Pensacola, FL, USA

The company calls on behalf of another company. I finally go some info out of them that they shared whether it's truth I am not sure.

I receive or someone I know receives a call from an automated voice stating to call a number (the number is different every time) this last time the number to call was 855-410-1075. They state it's in reference to a legal matter that is unresolved to be served If i do not contact them immediately. When I call the number don't give them any information other than my last name. Yet they can look up my info on who I am. They have the city and state, of where I live OR the county. and they are working on behalf of another company who is looking to collect a debt called OPB Solutions LLC for Advance Loan (which I have NEVER done). They can never provide a document number or anything and state I am going to be "served" I just say I will wait until I'm served and thank them, then I hand up. This has been going on for some time now...It started back in 2014 then it died off I think i registered for the Do Not Call registry thing. And now the same verbiage different company. I am still waiting to be served.....3 years later. The first time they asked me to "settle" by paying a percentage. This time they were too frustrated to ask because I kept asking questions they couldn't come up with a lie quick enough to tell me lol.

- Memphis, TN, USA

I recieved a robocall from Heather at account services, saying my vehicle warranty was about to expire.

I do not currently have a warranty on my vehicle nor have i ever had a warranty.

the callers carrier is "Allegiance Telecom, Inc" I could not find means to report the spam callers phone number to their service provider. I would like "Allegiance Telecom, Inc" to put a system in place so that people affected by their customers illicit activities can report scam callers and have their accounts with the company teminated.

- Lowell, MI, USA

Called and wanted information to drop my interest rate on all my credit cards to 6%

- Chesapeake, VA, USA

The call went "Hello this is account services, we're calling about your credit card..." I dont have a credit card with anyone. "... This is your final notice... You are eligible to lower your interest rate to as little as 6.9%"

An automated call from "Heather at Account Services" called about my credit card, saying there are no issues with my account, but that a lower interest rate is possible, and I should act urgently.

No actual company was identified. I am on the Do-Not Call List. I have received this call twice in two days.

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