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ACA Mediation

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ACA Mediation Reports & Reviews (12)

Victim Location 73034
Total money lost $597.92
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Oct 2019

Received unknown call from “process server” saying he will be serving my brother papers this week once I confirm a “good” address unless I call 956-395-1070 with a case number. Company claims to be ACA Mediation.

I handle all my brothers affairs as he’s currently out of commission. Paul at ACA Mediation 956-395-1070 *302

informed me that my brother is in breach of a legally bonded contract with Wells Fargo Bank. They gave me an a checking account number as well as a file #. They stated that in 2009 he closed a checking account at Wells Fargo and didn’t pay back $597.82 Which had been overdrawn on his acct. They stated that this amount has been increased to $749.92 due to interest and delinquency fees. They said they can pursue him for $2249.76 not including court, filing and attorney fees. They stated that they had repeatedly sent letters to an old address (14 years ago) and received no correspondence from him. Due to his lack of correspondence to Wells Fargo, this debt went to collections and is now in mediation phase. Paul gave me 3 options otherwise this would proceed to court. The 3 options were:

1- payment plan to pay full amount in 10 payments.

2- they would decrease amount to be paid to original amount of debt ( $597.82)

3- Dispute

Paul stated that this could be voluntary restitution and if not it will be forceful recovery through the courts.

They verified his date of birth with me and charged my debit card. I asked for proof of this dispute in writing that included details, but Paul stated that all I needed was the closed Wells Fargo acct number that he provided me and the receipt from ACA Mediation that this debt was paid in full. He then proceeded to tell me that I can use the “paid in full” letter as proof for the 3 credit bureaus.

Victim Location 97224
Total money lost $268.98
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a phone call today from an individual who claimed to be with ACA Mediation. They claimed that I was being sued by Wells Fargo bank for a past-due overdraft on my account (from 2009). They were able to verify my previous address, as well as the last 4 of my social. They said that if I did not pay now, Wells Fargo would sue for the total of $268 plus any court, legal, and lawyer fees.

They then emailed me a credit card authorization via HelloSign - from a company called Portview Billing Services, LLC - and took my credit card information over the phone.

Don't trust these phone scammers!

Victim Location 78550
Total money lost $99
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called my brother threatening I was going to be summons to court for an unpaid debt.

Victim Location 40272
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Call came from restricted number when answered they said they were trying to serve a civil summons and was told to call the this number 855-223-9605, person that answered did not give name of company,but said hello my name is Mr. Robinson, I gave them the case number and was tasked to verify birth date which they had wrong, they had the last four of my social and previous address, they said they were representing 5/3 bank and that I owed $623.38 for overdraft fees from 2008 and if I didn't settle the case before I received my summons then I would owe 3 times the amount. I had my mother on the call as well and she called them out on it by telling them that I had already settled this under a class action lawsuit and that I had been awarded $64.00 refund from that lawsuit as being wrongfully charged, these people are very cool and collected and very convincing, claiming they are the middle man between 5/3 bank and the courts. I even told them that if I owed something I would pay it today, I said I found the the original paperwork and talked to 5/3 bank and the original amount they tried to get me to pay was $227.00 , he said let me put you on brief hold and talk to my supervisor, he came back after about 2 minutes and said that his supervisor contacted 5/3 bank and verified that was indeed the correct amount and how would I like to pay, I told him that I just made that number up, so there for they were a scam and I was reporting it, he immediately hung up.

Victim Location 30117
Type of a scam Debt Collections

My mother received a call from a processing center that said I would be issued a summons on Thursday, May 2nd if I didn't call the 855 number back before Thursday. I called the number and got a lady named Alissa Pollard, who claimed to work for ACA Mediation. She told me she was contacting me about an old Bank of America account that I already know has been charged off my credit, because it was from 2003. She went on to tell me that I owed $418.45 and that I had two options. 1) Refuse to pay and then have to go to court and if I lost in court I would have to pay $418.45 x 3, along with $1000 and court fees or 2) I could pay the $418.45 to avoid going to court. I took the second option and she began taking my information. I got all the way to the end of the process and realized something was up. I told her that I would give them a call back tomorrow after I spoke with my attorney and she gave me her direct call back number (832)924-6243. After I got off the phone I went to Google and say that other people were claiming it to be a scam, which led me here where I find even more people that have fallen victim. Also, I looked up the company that she claimed to work for and it doesn't even exist. I will be getting my debit card and banking information changed.

Victim Location 37186
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I had received a call from a restricted number that claimed to be Nation Wide Processing. They gave me a number 1-855-724-4412 with a case number. The lady stated that she would be serving papers personally Wednesday. But could not tell me what this was over. I called the number and spoke with Alissa Pollard. She said I had a pending law suite against me. She said it was an overdrawn account at US Bank. Total owed being 706.00 The bank account was in July 2007 and the account closed October 2007. She wanted me to pay over the phone. 529.50 for a one time payment or Biweekly 117.67 for 6 weeks. I have contacted the US Bank collections and they have no file. I contacted US Bank Recovery Dept and they have no file. I ask the Alissa lady for legal paper work and she said that I will get it when I am served to go to court but then I couldn't pay to keep it out of court. So they could not give me legal paper work before they wanted the payment made. I ask her for her state license bar number and she doesn't have one. I told her statue of limitations in TN is 6 years and I spoke with a police officer and it is a violation of my FDCPA rights to purse a debt over the statue of limitation. I am now contacting you and then contacting the State Attorney General.

Victim Location 43110
Type of a scam Debt Collections

My mom got a phone call last night from ACA Mediation asking for me. They told her to have me call them at 855-223-4530. I called them and they said I had a debt from 11 years ago from Huntington Bank for $657. She asked for my debit card number and my address to send me a receipt. She said if I wouldn't pay with my debit card, I would have to go buy a prepaid card. She asked when I could pay this by. The collector had 2 of my old addresses and the last 4 digits of my social security number. I owed $310 to Huntington but Huntington told me they wrote it off.

Victim Location 28119
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have received numerous blocked calls from different individuals claiming to represent ACA Mediation. I was told that I have an old Fifth Third Bank account that was overdrawn in the amount of $500.00 for NSF processing fees. I called the number that was left on my voicemail to inquire about this debt and became very concerned because these individuals have my SSN and mailing address. I have searched online and contacted the AG for Texas because the prefix of 832 is associated with Texas. There is no record of this company whatsoever. When I asked for proof of the debt, I was told that I would need to provide my Credit Card information or go purchase a Bondable prepaid credit card such as green dot from Walmart or a convenience store then they could email the documents. Of course, I will not be providing them any funds. There is no way that I would ever give anyone my card information over the phone. They will not provide a physical mailing address for their company, only a PO Box. I recorded the majority of my conversation with Mary last week and though she sounded very legit and professional, I did not fall for their scam. I received a called today from Mark Fuller, stating that he would come to my home to have me served before 8pm today. After listening to his voicemail again, there is clearly someone in the background laughing at his attempt to scam me. He was rambling with his words which was a complete giveaway. I truly hope that these individuals are investigated and stopped because having someones SSN and trying to scam someone out of money is very concerning.

Victim Location 90650
Type of a scam Debt Collections

An Ellie Smith called stating I was to be served with a court order and gave me a case # CZ1602138 and a 855-843-4674 number to call to get more info. When I did some lady answered and when I miss pronounce her company name she got real agitated. Not so professional, anyway don't believe these people, don't bother calling back. For sure scammers!!!

Victim Location 87031
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Multiple persons called stating that I owed money for a bank account that I never had. They provided the above name and address. There is no internet record of said company. They asked for my checking and debit account information, as well as my full social security number to prevent my being served with a law suit. They gave a generic case number, not affiliated with any state.

Victim Location 57436
Total money lost $102
Type of a scam Debt Collections

i received a message from a mark foster he left a case number cdv 344355 and a number 8552216328 which then led me to a wiliam bailey at ext 210 then I was given a direct number by mr bailey 8325008942 telling me fifth third bank was overdrawn from the year 2009 that I owe 671.75 and I was to get a prepaid visa or mastercard from Walmart and pay 111.11 in six monthly payments. I have been searching data bases and banks because I did in fact have an account years ago, he had my old address but then when I asked for information he did not reveal any other info. he said he was with fifth third corporations I have been calling them ever since in which they hang up on me. so I have a bank personel looking into this for me now.

Victim Location 60071
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was called today from an "unknown number" asking if I would be home on Wednesday. The person stated that they were from "career services" and would be serving me a summons and when I asked for what I was given the number 855-296-2861 to call with a file number 335-298. When I called the number I was told that this was ACA Mediation and that they were recording my call and that they were a mediation company who bought the debt from Fifth Third Bank in which I owed $586.41 in over draft fees. She told me that if I contacted Fifth Third Bank that they wouldn't have my information anymore because it had been sold to them. She then proceeded to tell me that they would settle for a one time payment of $410.48 or (6) monthly payments of $97.73. I told her I didn't have any knowledge of this debt and that I would have to look into it. After further review, I found not only did I not owe this debt but the statutory period had expired. First of all, what process servers call to see if you will be home to serve a summons?? This is a complete FRAUD beware!!!

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