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Absolute Reports & Reviews (20)

- Barberton, OH, USA

We have no debts and they continually call my husband and I on our cell phones after telling them to stop several times. Extremely rude and vulgar. The one lady took a special interest and has called us 10 times in in the last 10 minutes to harass us and berate us. Completely ridiculous. Complete scam. They are also incredibly vague with details as well as not giving out names of themselves or for the companies they are supposedly collecting for. This place needs shut down now. Absolute [censored] of the earth.

- Hanahan, SC, USA

They keep calling saying that I haven’t met the terms of the agreement and this is the last chance to collect before they come to my house or place of employment. I have no agreements

I received a voicemail from a woman calling from 855-204-4025 yesterday saying my name then it goes into a recording with a man's voice saying that I am to be faxed documents. It says if they are unable to fax these documents they will to my place of employment or for me to call them so they can be faxed to an unspecified location. The message said nothing about what company the woman was with or anything about the matter. I then call the # and a woman with the same voice on the message initially answers only saying "customer service" I ask what co. this is and she hesitated then she said "Absolute." I tried to ask more and she wouldn't answer so I said I would contact the police. She repeatedly said "go ahead" a few hours later the same call came from this same#. I answered it and it was the woman's voice with my name then going into the recording about faxing documents. I called the# and a different person answered and when I stated my name and phone#, I was asked for my date of birth. When calling this # after hours, there is a message saying they are Absolute and for someone to retain an attorney for documents then the recording says "good luck" It's obvious this phone# is trying to pass themselves off as a debt collector only to obtain a person's date of birth for identity theft purposes. I have excellent credit and have never received anything in the mail or ever heard of Absolute. Google searching their# does not show anything yet they always answer. The caller id just says toll free call. Even if they were a debt collector or associated with Absolute recovery which comes up in a search with different info, they most likely would not operate this way with such obvious scam communication and withholding of their company name and detail of any matter. It seems they have limited identity theft info and want date of birth etc.

- Colorado Springs, CO, USA

an Absolute called my place of employment stating that I owed a specific amount, had my social security number and asked if I wanted to take care of the amount. When I stated that I had not received a payday loan, they preceded to say that I would be required to appear in court & that someone would present documents in person to my home.

I continue to refuse the calls.

- Summerdale, PA, USA

Have all my information claiming that there is a loan from Cashnet USA claiming we took a loan out in 2013 never did. They are calling my entrie family and my business please shut them down.

They called my husbands work and said that he owed a payday loan and they were going to arrest him if he didn't pay.

- Trenton, NJ, USA

They are calling me and threatening to go my job and wont give me any information until I verify my SS#

- Wildomar, CA, USA

8.23.18 - I received several calls today from two ladies named Emily and Mrs. Wilford (844-345-7987) from a company called Absolute. They left me a voicemail indicating that they had a fax order delivery scheduled for me. They said made several attempts to reach me and this would be their last attempt to contact me regarding an import matter.

I returned the call and spoke with the lady named Mrs. Wilford. Mrs. Wilford verified my last 4 digits of my SSN , email address and my banking institution. She then said a company named "Check Into Cash" is taking me to court because I took out a $300 loan in 2010 and didn't pay them. My account had insufficient funds. She said that they also contacted my bank and my bank confirmed that I had insufficient, so the loan wasn't paid. Mrs. Wilford also said that she records from "Check Into Cash" attempted to contact me via emails and now they are taking me to court for breaching of contract. I now owe $627 with fees.

I contacted Check Into Cash to verify if they had any records of me applying a loan from them and they confirmed that they had no records of my information.

I continue to receive a call from them on my cell phone and work.

- Pemberton, MN, USA

I answered a number that I didn't recognize because I had seen it coming up on my phone many times and no message left. So I answered it and a message came on from what seemed to be an English speaking girl named "Lisa" who said in the message they were trying to contact me because they have court documents to deliver and if can't get a hold of me will go to my place of work. So I called them back - couldn't imagine what it was and never dreamed I would get one of these scam calls--boy was I wrong.

When I called them back, the girl who said her name is Jordan proceeded to tell me that she was from a company called Absolute and said they were giving me a call to tell me that they are going to be delivering my summons to court and that I've been charged with 2 counts of fraud because I didn't pay back a payday loan in 2011. I said I don't owe anyone for something like that. She insisted I had 3 accounts for payday loans and that I did not pay back the 3rd one. She knew my name, address and bank and even said that they called my bank to verify the funds were placed into my account. Well, once I started asking more questions including telling her it sounds like a scam, she told me that it's not a scam--they are in South Carolina, she doesn't have a foreign accent and the number was an 800 number she called from. Plus that with my immediate payment I would receive an email with proof of payment. Anyway, they said my loan was between $400-$700 and that now I owe 1,062 with all the fees. That if I didn't pay today, I would get another $685 in attorney fees. I asked for a statement or some kind of bill. She said they sent several demand letters but since I refused the demand letters they can't resend to me unless I paid them $385. She told me the company I owed money to is called Check Into Cash. I've never had a loan with them. Bottom line, she told me she would cut the amount to $788 if I paid today via my debit or credit card and she would stay on the line while I paid and give me a receipt right away. I said I couldn't. She said how about paying $1 today to hold your court papers and then we'll withdraw $550 tomorrow when you get paid and the other $550 in 2 weeks. I said nope, no money, I'm broke, I paid this debt. She said she would have to send my court papers then. So I asked why I couldn't find their company on the web--she said because they don't sell or promote anything. I asked why am I being blindsided with this now--she had an answer for literally everything. And now I see that number keeps calling my cell, so I suppose because I talked with them they will harass me until they think I will pay. Scary thing is that it makes you wonder how much information they really do have about me. My advice - don't answer any call you don't know...and if you do, something like this DON'T ever call them back. I'm afraid they will never leave me alone now and that my bank account is in jeopardy.

Lady said i borrowed money on line and it was deposited in my bank acct and i never repaid. They refused to tell me who I borrowed from,the amt and the date of the loan so I could go to bank with info. The lady said a person would be here to serve papers to go to court.

- Crystal Lake, IL, USA

Called my parents and myself to say that I and my work would be served legal documents. That they had tried to reach me numerous times by mail and phone, that was a lie. Seemed to have some accurate information but that could have been from any data breach. They wanted me confirm who I was before saying anything more, I refused. I checked the number online and nothing comes up, what legal or company has a number that isn’t going to be found in a Google search? I say this is a scam because I don’t have any issues or problems, I pay my bills, I don’t break laws, and I don’t owe any money.

This is the automated msg I received. I called them back and they told me that I had a debt from Check into Cash and I owed 919 but they were trying to send me papers for court and if I went to court I would owe 1400 dollars but I had a couple of hours before they contacted a locator to drop the papers off or I could pay the 919 now. They knew the last 4 digits of my SSN number, my addresses, my last bank I used. The more questions I asked regarding the debt the more frustrated and angrier she got. I tried searching them on the web while I was on the phone with her and asked why I couldn’t find them on the web and she got very defensive and said not all companies were all over the web. I can’t find any info out on this company. I asked where they were located and all she said was in South Carolina. They have since called me five times since I talked to them and told them to send me the papers and they have called my mother in law three times.

“Hello my name is Emily this important message is intended for 90,468,216 Christina I have a fax order delivery scheduled for _0,468,216 Christina 687172687172 _?_?_?_ made several attempts to reach you _?_ we will be _?_ _?_?_ final attempt at your place of employment and _?_?_ your _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ regarding the proper delivery of these documentation to schedule an alternate location please call 844-339-8973 again that's 844-339-8973 regarding this matter…”

- Temple, TX, USA

Called my husbands phone and asked that I contact them. They said that I had took out a payday loan sometime around 2012 and they are seeking legal action against me for $500. I never took out a payday loan. When I told them that I was not going to meet up with one of their people to get the paperwork they got mad and told me that I would see them in court and hung up on me.

- Odessa, TX, USA

Person called and said they needed to update my contact information (my home address) to serve a subpoena to appear in court regarding an unpaid payday loan that was allegedly obtained online. Caller has called my mother in law and my work.

Caller knew my name, social, family info, old bank account number, old email address, and old employer names. They would not give me the amount or the date of the alleged loan, and would not give me the physical address of their “business”. They also could not tell me the city, state, and jurisdiction that these “court documents” were filed under. I have asked for documents to be mailed to me and I was told they cant, that I am going to court for this. I still have no idea what they are saying I am going to court for or what debt I owe.

I have yet to have someone come serve me papers at my home, but if I do, I will share more at that time.


- Clearwater, FL, USA

Was contacted from these people through my sons phone looking for me..I called back & was told I'm going to have someone come out & serve me court documents..The Scam is a payday loan & that I defrauded a bank..These people knew everything about me even what kind of car i have and my license plate number

- England, AR, USA

Lady called my husband and said that if I didn’t cal they were sending someone to my job to pick me up. I called the number and was horrified when she said that I owed $2500.00 from a checking advance company by the name of check and go. I called a lawyer immediately and she said that she didn’t see where anything was filed against me. I called the local court house and there was nothing there either. Called the company back and hey hung up the phone saying if I believed it was a scam then just wait on the paperwork

I received a call from 8554443546 at 9:45 AM on 3/6/18. Voice message was left asking my husband to return call. The employee left their name, said this was regarding legal documentation, and left the same telephone number as was on my caller ID. Simultaneously, my sister-in-law and husband received similar phone calls, all attempting to reach my husband. When I returned the call, I asked for the company name. I was told by "Ms. Tucker" that her company is called "Absolute" and repeatedly stated this is regarding "litigation" and "legal documents". She stated my husband's name (I did not disclose how I know my husband) needs to contact the office and her extension is 223. I informed her that I'm unable to find any information online about her company. She became agitated and stated "you can think this is a scam if you want, but we have all of [my husband's name]'s information and we can show up at his place of employment if you can't get a message to him to have him call us." I stated I'd pass the message along. I immediately called my husband, who stated the same "company" had called he and his sister. He stated that the person he spoke with told him they "can put a 2-hour hold on his case" but if he "doesn't set up payment, people are going to show up to his place of employment" he's going to "end up going to court, and final cost will be over $1700." The person stated "this is regarding a loan you never repaid to Cashtoyou/Cash2U from 2013." My husband did not have a loan with this company in 2013. When I spoke to my husband,he stated that while on the phone with this person in a panic he did disclose our relationship and said that he didn't know if there was such an account in my name. The person my husband spoke with also revealed they had the last 4 digits of his SSN, previous addresses, etc. I advised him to call local police non-emergency number and give them all of the information. Our local police called my husband back and stated unless an officer hand-delivers a subpoena to him to disregard such calls. I later received another call from the number 223 at 12:27PM. In error, I answered the call. I asked for the company name, street address, and was about to ask for written "validation notice" when the caller (seemed to be same "Ms. Tucker" who had called earlier) became threatening and hostile, speaking over me and stated "you know what, I've already explained that to you twice now, and I talked you your husband and he said it might have been something that you did. But you know what?We're sending out a locator right now to find and serve your husband with papers. You're going to court, good luck in court." The caller then hung up on me. I will be contacting my local police department to inform them of this as well. This is very upsetting, I want to put the info out there to others who may be experiencing similar calls.

- Canfield, OH, USA

Over the past 10 years I randomly get calls from a place claiming that I bounced a check and that they’re subpoenaing me to court if I don’t pay them $500 over the phone immediately. The first time they called (10 years ago) I was able to verify it was a scam. A few years passed and they somehow got ahold of my mother and got her to pay this “debt” over the phone. They are calling again and I’m so sick and tired of it. This time I called back and asked the man to identify his company name and address and all he would tell me was the name is “Absolute” and he refused to give me a physical location. When I pressed further, I was hung up on.

BBB: Received a call from the mom: Her daughter received the call at work, about ***, her sister. So ***, told her mom that she received the call, from Absolute. She asked the business what exactly did they do, and the business hung up on her. They were stating that something was wrong with ***'s social, and with further inquiry about the business the business hung up. They have received other calls, about delivering a package.

They looked at the number in our BBB Scam Tracker, that it had been reported as a scam. This is all the information I was able to obtain. Not sure how you handle those. She wanted to make sure the number was reported. 855-312-3479. I looked it up for them, and it was a toll free number, accroding to Google. I did refer them to call the SS and the FTC and report the number (s) *** 

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