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A law firm A courier service

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Victim Location 77708
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted via phone by a woman claiming to be with a courier service trying to confirm that I would be available to sign for my package. When I said I was not expecting a package, she said "oh, have I reached [name of the company I work for]?" I said she had, and asked her to tell me where the package was to be delivered (as my company often orders supplies or materials for various projects). She stated that the delivery was going to [name of the city/state I used to live in]. I explained that she may have reached the wrong branch, as I work for this company, but my office is several states away, but we do have a branch in that city/state. I provided her with a phone number for the other branch, and she asked me to give my name. I did, and suddenly, she explained that the package was actually addressed to my name, and that "they" said I was expecting it. She said that it was actually a personal matter, and that I could provide my home address so this wouldn't involve my company. I said that I would need to know who was sending the package before I would provide any info. She gave me a phone and case number and said she would hold off on delivery until I could confirm details. I called the number she gave, and provided the case number. A man answered, and said he was with a law firm (I don't remember the name; I was driving). He gave me the last 4 digits of my social and asked me to confirm. I was hesitant, and said I needed to know what this was about. He became hostile and said that he was attempting to protect the person he was trying to reach, and that he could give me no info if I refused to comply. I acknowledged that those were the last 4 of my social. He said that a hospital (that I had indeed been to years prior) had filed a civil suit against me for "attempt to defraud a financial institution and failure to adhere to contract obligation" due to an unpaid medical bill. I did think it was possible that I had an unpaid bill, though it would have been several years old, and I was so flustered by this point that I did not see the red flags yet. He stated that the bill had been just over $1,000, but that they had added interest and penalties and it was now nearly $3k. He stated that my options were to make a one time settlement or provide an address so they could serve me, because they had been sending bills and notices that had gone unanswered. When asked what address he had sent them to, he gave me my old address from my home town/state. I told him I had moved years ago and hadn't been receiving them, and that I had filed a change of address when I moved, so why my old address was on file, I didn't know. I was still in shock at this point and said I didn't understand why this was happening all of the sudden, said that I pay my bills when I am properly notified. He became snarky and listed off two other very old debts that had been on my credit! A legit law firm would never do such a thing, but I was still flustered and not thinking clearly. The words "attempt to defraud a financial institution" really had me in knots. So I explained that the two other bills were not even mine, but an ex's. He said that I should "pick better men" (and this is when I started to feel that he was sketchy). He explained that since I had not been receiving the noticed, he was giving me the courtesy of avoiding the lawsuit if I would immediately make an offer to pay a lump sum. Otherwise, a suit would be filed and if I did not show for the hearing, a judgement would be filed against me and my wages would be garnished (and he made sure to emphasize "we know where you work, so this won't be a problem"). He even provided me with the address in my current state that I now reside (though I just moved again, so the address is not current). I did not provide him with my new address. I felt, at this point, that I had no option but to make a settlement offer, but I had no extra funds, as I am check to check at the moment due to some rough recent circumstances. I told him I would be willing to make an offer, but that I couldn't do so while on the road, so I promised to call him back. However, when I calmed down and started replaying the incident in my mind, I saw all of the red flags I had missed. A simple Google search of both phone numbers (the so called courier service and the law firm) turned up hundreds of scam complaints. I then searched "civil lawsuit scams" and was directed to a link that describes this exact scenario. I described the incident to a coworker who said that this exact same thing happened to another coworker from our branch in my home state last week.

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