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8020 NW 66th St #8778 Miami FL 33166

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8020 NW 66th St #8778 Miami FL 33166 Reports & Reviews (25)

• Nov 16, 2022

New Ebay username jovin_6171

This thief is trying to scam me out of a $1000 watch. Same 8020 NW 66th St Miami, FL 33166 address. Everything I have read here are all federal crimes. Identify theft, Mail fraud, money laundering.. we’re filing complaints with IC3 and reporting it to higher authorities since this person(s) have apparently been getting away with it for a while. Please post any new user names associated with this address so we can help the investigation. The name he used for purchase was JOEL JACKSON INFANTE
8020 NW 66th Street
MIAMI, FL 33166-3900

• Oct 20, 2022

8020 NW 66th St #8778 Miami FL 33166

8020 NW 66th St, bp-014795 Miami, FL 33166
I received a text alert from Paypal that unusual activity was occurring on my account. I learned that someone had purchased perfume from "The Fragrance Shop" on-line using my Paypal account. There was no information about who placed the order. The order had been sent to the "8020 NW 66th St, bp-014795 Miami, FL 33166", with a name that was unfamiliar to me. My account was charged $75.17, but Paypal refunded the amount after I contacted them.
I searched on line for the person listed at the Miami address and found them to live in CA. Complaints filed by other persons regarding the same address, always use different names of persons all over the United States.
One fellow complainant above - Prettylilly - suggested fraud victims call the FL State's Attorney's Office, which I did. After being referred to 4 numbers within the IG's offices, I learned that:
The first thing that must be done is to call the Miami-Dade Police Dept., and file a Cyber Crimes Complaint. They will provide the complainant with a Police Report Number.
Once you have a complaint number, the Cyber Crimes Unit needs to be contacted (within the FL State Attorney's Office.) Their number is 305-547-0837. They will handle the complaint from there.
I want other people who are being scammed to have a way to fight back.

• Oct 13, 2022

Draingin money out of our business

I own a small clothing brand. Fraud detection services on shopify helps us spot which customers are scammers, so we usually cancel the orders so the customer wont receive anything and the persons they scammed can get their money back. Sometimes when different employees are purchasing shipping labels fraudulent orders will get purchased also, if it isn't cancelled on time.
This one customer with this exact address purchased items from us 7 different times and successfully received them 3 different times due to them not being cancelled before purchasing the shipping labels.
Reading these other stories about this scammer means that this person needs to be stopped. He/ she is ruining peoples credit by taking what doesn't belong to them which means that they have no respect at all. I now have to pay the credit cards back that he/ she used so in the end I'm literally just shipping my products to them for free. This is ridiculous. This needs to stop.

• Oct 13, 2022


• Sep 30, 2022

Fraudulent purchases - Grand Rapids MN

Recently there were 3 purchases on my credit card. The purchases were made from (hats) and (sandals) and for an iphone. I cancelled my card within hours of the purchase but they still shipped to a local hotel. I notified the local PD and they have collected all the packages. Then the hotel gets a reservation from me using the stolen card. The hotel notified me and the PD. After making the reservation they called the hotel to get the packages mailed to them. The thieves proceeded to send a ups shipping label to the hotel asking them to send the items to 8020 NW 66th St. #029483, Miami FL 33166. Our local PD called this business which said they ship packages to the Dominican Republic. The shipping company said to not send the packages to them if they are stolen. GRPD wasn't sure if the shipping company was part of this or if they were also just a victim of this scam. I just left a voicemail with Miami Dade inspector general as someone here suggested. I'll see if I get a call back.
Fraudulent purchases - Grand Rapids MN
Fraudulent purchases - Grand Rapids MN

• Aug 07, 2022

Hacked my account

I got an email saying thank you for your order I didn’t order anything matter of fact I was taking a nap. I went to my account on Hot Topic and they changed my address so there’s and said that they had successfully made an order for a T-shirt I reached out to hot topic I’m waiting for them to get back to me
Hacked my account

• Aug 04, 2022

8020 Northwest 66th Street 8 0 2 0 n.w th 66 street

305-579-2593. Call and alert that you are being scammed too so we can place these criminals were they belong.

• Aug 04, 2022

Fraud alert

8020 Northwest 66th Street, BP-028967, Miami FL 33166, United States just did a order and it shows Negative
Characteristics of this order are similar to fraudulent orders observed in the past
Card Verification Value (CVV) isn't available
Billing address or credit card's address wasn't available
Billing address ZIP or postal code isn't available to match with credit card's registered address
Location of IP address used to place the order is Miami, Florida, United States
There was 1 payment attempt
Payment was made with 1 credit card
Shipping address is 17 miles from location of IP address
Billing country matches the country from which the order was placed
The IP address used to place the order isn't a high risk internet connection (web proxy) canceled order

• Apr 29, 2022

Online Order Scam

We received an order on our online store from:

angel fabian
8020 Northwest 66th Street
Miami Florida 33166

The credit card had been stolen. Do not ship to that address. It is a scam.

• Aug 16, 2022

Someone from that address stole my credit card and shipped to the address. Stated shipped to Stephen Melbrook

• Apr 07, 2022

Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Not applicable

Hacked ebay

Hacked eBay 4/2/22 with 6 purchases totaling $1340 that was drained from my checking account. I am still fighting eBay to get my money back. 4 of the 6 items were successfully delivered to 8020 NW 66th st. Miami FL 33166

• Feb 11, 2022

Stealing card information and having it sent here

We are an e-commerce women's clothing boutique and we had 40 orders placed by this person. Card payment varies but they are all Mastercard's. The shipping address used werefor oversea shipping companies such as this address. Our system is able to flag them so we were made aware of them but wanted to share characteristics they use.
Stealing card information and having it sent here

• Feb 07, 2022

Progressive Leasing/Overstock Fraud

I had a progressive leasing agreement sent to me for a 14K necklace in the amount of $2900, from overstock that was being leased for $110 per month from my account. They had my checking and debit card information but the wrong shipping address. The shipping address was 8020 NW 66th street, Miami, Fl 33166, which is a shipping company that hacks into people's accounts and send the merchandise overseas. I contacted progressive leasing who agreed that it was fraud and I also contacted Overstock who canceled the shipment as well. They messed with the wrong person, and one day soon, will pay for these fraudulent charges from everyone that they hacked. Sorry suckers.

• Jan 27, 2022

My sears market place was used to place four orders

The user had ordered one same item that is a camera and used twice same weird address then used one other weird address but when I google about the address I found out many people got robbed by them they ordered from multiple websites I have cameras in stock but I will cancel all these transactions I am not feeling comfortable
My sears market place was used to place four orders
My sears market place was used to place four orders
My sears market place was used to place four orders
My sears market place was used to place four orders
My sears market place was used to place four orders
My sears market place was used to place four orders
My sears market place was used to place four orders

• Jan 22, 2022

At our hotel, a package was delivered here the "intended recipient" called to ask us to forward the package to this address as well. The name on the package was an employees' family member (whose credit card had recently been hacked) so she notified her relative and he notified the relevant authorities, hopefully, there will be some law enforcement action taken this time.
*** Also, this person had booked two future stays in the victim's name with two different people's credit cards given as their guarantee info on file. We expect/assume these reservations will either be cancellations or no-shows.

• Dec 11, 2021

The Scammer from this address went online to, ordered a pair of Adidas shower sandals in size 9, hacked into my PayPal and used it to pay for them, in the amount of $35.99. The PayPal alerted me that there was suspicious activity on my account in Washington DC, and I live in Tennessee. The person in DC had the shoes shipped, in my name, to the 8020 NW 66th St, Miami FL 33166 address. I pray these thieves will be caught and brought to justice. On the Google map, this address is a type of warehouse with stored packages, that have probably been acquired by hacking into people's accounts and having them shipped there, to that address.

• Dec 01, 2021

I got hacked for 66.44 for puma shoes to this address on 11 19 2021..looks like a warehouse from goggle maps

Someone hacked into my EBay account and had items sent to 8020 me 66th st, 11917, Miami, Florida 33166-3900 $59.85

I received notification from PayPal about an order that I did not make. I reached out to the company and they said because it was through PayPal, they couldn't do anything about it.
PayPal ran an "investigation", and determined that there was no fraudulent activity.
Now I have to prove to them that this is fraudulent, and funny how i find this same address is a hot spot for scams! (they used E5793 on my account)
So much BS in this I'm gonna need a shovel to get through it all!

Somebody hacked my fingerhut account and ordered 994.73 worth of stuff to be shipped to this address. Now im going to have to cancel my account because of it

Hacked my account and started an EBay account, opened a checking account, and used my debit card info to have $700 in make up shipped to that address.

They hacked into my account and shipped items to their address from items I purchased!

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