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This is the biggest scam ever in the music industry. Just Google DaBlock365 scam or Big Trill scam. It's a pretty crazy, but it's real and somewhat mind blowing considering how many celebrities are involved.

A music manager named Big Trill has carried out a massive multi-million dollar fraud where he has gained control of around 100 celebrity rappers Instagram accounts (with their permission), which is he using to impersonate the celebrity artists and solicit money from unsuspecting artists believing they are talking to the celebrity artists themself.

This is fraud, even if the major artists allow it or agree to it. Some have even recorded videos saying it's me you're talking to, but there is countless evidence everywhere online from the people he's scammed. This cannot continue any longer!

The majority of the artists he's scammed pay for fake mixtape placements that get promoted nowhere if he doesnt just take the artist $ and block them. The artists paying for these placements believe they are talking to the celebrity artist themself, and not someone pretending to be them on social media.

Big Trill should also be charged with money laundering and possible tax fraud since he is using 100's of various CashApp, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal accounts to collect these payments for fictitious services, such as fake mixtape placements. I have reported him numerous times to the NY attorney general and FBI, who are apparently still investigating him.

Meanwhile, he continues to scam millions of dollars from unsuspecting artists all over the world.

Here is a brief summary of what's occurring below:

Big Trill aka Johnathan M Soroush and his company DaBlock365 are reportedly scamming millions of dollars from unsuspecting artists by impersonating celebrity rappers on Instagram and getting them to send money via cashapp, paypal, venmo, and zelle accounts they run with multiple aliases. They allegedly have access to 100 celebrity hip hop artists' social media accounts such as Fat Joe, Jadakiss, The Game, Dave East, etc. and are working with 520 promotions impersonating major artists on social media.

520 promotions is run by 1 person named Lawrence Leal located in AZ. They are both fully responsible for this massive multi-million dollar fraud.

This has gained global news attention recently after The Game was exposed for allowing Big Trill and DaBlock365 to use his Instagram account to scam upcoming artists with fake mixtapes that get promoted nowhere and receive little to no plays.

The massive multi-million dollar fraud has not gone unnoticed. DJ Booth explained and exposed it recently on a Twitter thread and it has since made headlines all over the news recently. @Rap.ponzischeme also exposed it on their Instagram and accumulated a large following before Big Trill got the account banned by flagging it from all the celebrity rappers IG accounts he controls.

However, all the evidence of his elaborate massive multi-million dollar fraud remains on their linktree. This person is very dangerous and will stop at nothing to keep his scam going. He has not only got multiple accounts removed who tried to expose him, but found the owner's personal info online and made threats to them.

For reference to the magnitude of the fraud

"The mixtapes are just all the songs of people who paid their $500, and there’s like 40+ songs on each mixtape, which all get less than 50 plays… If you go on DaBlock’s SoundCloud page, they have over 6,000 tracks in just the span of 3 months. If you do the math, they made over 3 million dollars from this already.."


Theirs many famous artist who are scamming unsigned artist out of there own hard earned money. It all starts with a instagram post saying "tag a dope artist" and once youre tagged the verified artist reached out to me and 100s of others claiming they liked our music and wanted to work. Every artist that has posted this claims that if you pay an alotted amount(anywhere from 300 to 3000 dollars) that they would feature you on there new mixtape that they are promoting. No contracts, no legal agreement, no paper trail whatsoever. The problem is these artist have figured out a loophole to steal peoples money. All they have done is made a random music playlist on spotify and are just dumping these unsigned artist music onto them. These playlist arent promoted and barely seen by anyone. I beleive its just a way for them to cover there tracks legally to a certain extent. Some of these unsigned artist sent money and never recieved anything that these famous artist are claiming to be doing. I beleive what is happening is a management team has taken over all of there instagram handles and are posing as the artist when its not them at all. Every message that has been sent to these unsigned artist are all generic and most of the time the exact same thing sent to every artist who is trying to do business with them. 520 promotions seems to be behind all these artist and are taking peoples money but not following through with the written agreement they have messaged everyone. I could imagine that 1000s of unsigned artist have been scammed out of there hard earned money for nothing in return. This has been going on for years but im not 100 percent on how long its actually been happening or when it started. These people are scammers, liars, and frauds. Something has to be done with this or atleast investigated. They make it a point to use cashapp or zelle because it isnt backed by the fdic so you cant report them for fraudulent business practices. Alot of us beleive the masteemind behind it all is a rapper named big trill aka dablock365. We have plenty of evidence scattered across the internet.


Redman’s verified account offered me Spotify promotion on his personal channel while being managed on social media under DaBlock365, Big Trill, and 520 Promotions. I paid $500 for a Spotify placement on his own Spotify, with the promise of making streaming money and him assuring me I wasn’t going on DaBlock365’s hundreds of dead playlists with famous artists faces on the covers.

When we figured out it was Big Trill and his wife behind the promotion company account - we were refunded our $500 in exchange for not telling anybody and threatened by anonymous numbers.

After getting my money back from a man who insisted on the phone and claimed over and over he hasn’t worked for DaBlock365 in years, I approached “Redman” to see if our deal was still on and he blocked me.

The company then pretended to be owned by Uncle Murda and moved forward with the scam as if we had not found out who the actual account holders were.

Here’s an in-depth article explaining more:


Gillie da kid had me pay 300 dollars for promotion that he never provided. He was suppose to put me on his Instagram story promoting my song and on a mixtape. The mixtape is suppose to drop in September but I haven't heard anything about it. It's a scam because the promotion has barely any following. They're just robbing people with a dream. Dablock365 is running his Instagram page acting like Gillie da kid.


Dablock365 and Gillie Da Kid
Offered to promote my sound for $500. I was scammed and they lied. They took my money. I am a single mother. My son wear size 11 shoes. I have no money to give to people that claims they already have money. Gillie should have $500. Why would he robbed little ole me? That’s crazy and weird. Gillie must be on crack rocks.


Scammer's phone 520-990-1449
Scammer's address 5027 E 29th St Tucson , Tucson, AZ 85711, USA
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Other

520promotions goes hand in hand with DABLOCK365. Rappers such as Jadakiss, The Game, Dave East, Benny, Fat Joe, Shadmoss, Tony Yayo, Gillie Da King, Cassidy, Fetty Wap, Damillio and more are involved and are letting the 3rd party (DABLOCK365) use the celeb IG accounts in order to prey on their fans. Fees are different, random emails are given for Split payments. All to be on a Mixtape. Jada has Mixtapes from 2012 (11) and now 5 are posted. The average fee is $500 40 to 60 tracks per mixtape. "Shadmoss" used to ask for $700 and now for $1000 for a secret contest. Only Shadmoss and Jada put the linktree in bio for mixtapes. DABLOCK365 is posting Benny's on their bio. There is a lot of evidence on Instagram. Make sure to check. Protect Unsigned Artists from being preyed on. The victims are deceived into thinking that they are speaking to their fave rapper for "bigger opportunities" when in fact DABLOCK365 is messaging the Victims.

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