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I seen a pop up ad on Instagram and I've purchased many stuff through Instagram many times and it usually takes a month as most products come from China so I purchased a swing set for $136.99 and has been two months and nothing. after a month i went to the website and entered my email and a password and it showed not shipped yet. i tried checking today the site is disabled and i tried googling the company and it seems I'm not the only one looking for their product.

- Brattleboro, VT, USA

I purchased a table saw thru this site and For $449 via paypal and the package was sent UPS Sure Post, however I rec'd no notification of delivery and was expected a later delivery date than when I later discovered the product was supposedly delivered. The UPS proof of delivery claimed the package was delivered on 6/7/2018 to front desk package weighing 1.50lbs. I know of no table saw that light in the universe! I thought it a misprint , but now realize I have been scammed! UPS delivered said package to local post office and their tracking report has it delivered to a different address in my town. A business (law firm) with apartments. It also said package delivered to reception desk, however, upon inquiry no such package delivered and I was told they would not have accepted the delivery if it had been sent there. Of course, at the time I was expecting delivery of a table saw, I now believe it may have been an envelope used to verify delivery. I tried pursuing a claim thru Paypal resolution center but they closed the claim after receiving confirmation from the seller and UPS that product had been delivered. I want this person /company prosecuted to full extent of the law! Of course I also want my my money back but that seems less likely.I received no goods or services from this seller and was unable to contact them thru the information provided on my receipt, which begs the question how could the UPS confirm delivery of goods not delivered? And my Post office how were they given a different address for delivery than UPS?

Purchased a Dyson vacuum form site, which only takes PayPal. They provided a UPS tracking #, that turned out to be for an entirely different address than mine. When I tried to contact via the emails provided, they all bounced back as Address Not Found. Since they provided a tracking # to PayPal, PayPal says they satisfied their requirement and denied my claim. I am on my 3rd appeal as it was denied again today. I should be putting PayPal on this scam list for not making any effort to assist and allowing this scam company to do business through them.

This website offers free shipping & no tax on products. Immediately after I placed my order, I received shipping info with tracking. It originated with UPS but was then transferred to USPS for delivery. I was informed through the tracking info that the package was at the post office because delivery was attempted. I called the post office with tracking info & they said it was there but when I went to pick it up the package was not addressed to me, it was addressed to another person in the same city. I believe that this fraudulent website operator somehow has access to ups tracking info & links the fraudulent sale to a package that has already shipped from a different seller to the same city. This way it is almost impossible to fight the charges because it shows the package to be delivered even if it isn't the correct seller or buyer's names on the package. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS ONLINE RETAILER. IT IS A SCAM!!!

- Germantown, MD, USA

I ordered a Ftibitn Versa from them for $159. Got an email confirmation, and a couple of days later got an email confirmation saying it was out for delivery. Got another email saying that it had been delivered. I was home at the time and got no delivery as I have a dog that alerts me to people outside. I immediately emailed them back saying it was not delivered. Several days later my email(s) came back to me as undeliverable, the server was not accepting emails. I then tried calling the number, but it was invalid. I did go back to the website and it was still up, but it is gone now.

- Gilbert, AZ, USA

A swamp cooler off their website the website doesn’t exist anymore they charge my *** *** $249 never received any product

- Sanborn, NY, USA

On 5/29/18 I was shopping with Google for a couple items. This site had them at a little better price then most. I ordered a Keurig and a Google Home from them and paid through Paypal. I always trust that I am protected by Paypal. I got a confirmation email and the next day a shipping email. I also got a shipping email with tracking number from Paypal. On 6/1/18 I got and email saying that the item was not delivered. I checked with UPS and they said to got to the seller. I emailed them and no response. I called and got a recording of network problem. I filed a complaint with Paypal and got an immediate response that they could not help me. I called UPS and they said this package came from Macy's and was delivered to someone else. They would not tell me where it was delivered only that it was not to me. I have gone back and filed a appeal with Paypal and am waiting on that now. It all looked legit but it was not.

The company is a fraudulent company using fake UPS tracking numbers from other companies to scam customers. The website now seems to be offline but the damage has already been done to me and others. When I made a purchase from the website, they sent and invoice and UPS tracking # but it was not be for the item bought. The tracking # given is saying delivered but it's to a different address. Also the shipping weight for the item I bought should be about 24-25 lbs. When tracked on UPS is only about 17.70 lbs. I contacted both paypal and UPS to file a dispute. UPS then filed a complaint with their fraud department and is currently assisting me. Paypal on the other hand seems to be assisting the fraud company and told me they side with the company scamming people??. I will contact Paypal again with the address from UPS where the item was shipped. So i'm currently down $125 dollars and still no product.

I purchased a vacuum from as a gift for my parents. I paid with PayPal and received an email that my payment had gone through and a second email about my shipping updates. I also received texts regarding my order status. I was given a UPS tracking no too. After it was supposed to have been delivered and I hadn't heard from my folks that they had received it, I checked on it again and I couldn't get to the website at all. It was gone. I tried to look for it in different ways which led me to finding the information that it was a scam. I was surprised since PayPal is reputable. I called PayPal and they are working on the dispute. They didn't mention anything that this had been a problem either.

- Parachute, CO, USA

I ordered a portable swamp cooler from the website only to find out immediately after I paid with paypal that it was a scam. Paypal won’t do anything to help.

Pleas do not buy anything from thsi website they send you all false details and tracking number and the. ups delivers the package to you in 3 days and the. You realize that they all are fake numbers.

- American Fork, UT, USA

This website does not fulfill its orders. they charge your paypal account and then mail something to a nearby business that does not have your name or info on it.

- Franklin, TN, USA

Purchase made thru PayPal never arrived. Phone and email are non working.

- Green Bay, WI, USA

Purchased a vacuum on May 22, 2018 to be shipped to my son. Package never received. UPS tracking number provided from seller indicated package was delivered. Contacted UPS and discovered that tracking number was for someone else at a different address in the same city as my son. Email address associated with seller's PayPal is [email protected] but emailed message returned as Unavailable. No response from seller's other email, [email protected]. Phone number has a recorded message indicating call cannot be completed. Contacted PayPal but they refused to help.

I reluctantly purchased a fan from this website. *Trust your gut!* I received a confirmation email from Paypal and from the 50 flash sale. They also sent an email with a tracking number saying my package was delivered. I contacted UPS requesting confirmation of delivery and they confirmed that it was delivered to my city but the sender was not 50 flash nor was the tracking number in my name or my address. I just contacted Paypal and they are going to investigate but this is a total scam.

I placed an order for a Google Home Max. Three days later, I got am email from them that my package had been delivered; it included the UPS delivery information. I did not receive the package. It turns out, the tracking number was for a package delivered to a local beauty supply store. UPS was helpful in providing documentation about the tracking number, so I could show PayPal that the package really wasn't delivered. PayPal initially denied my claim, which I why I needed to contact UPS. PayPal currently is investigating the matter. I see online that uses this scam frequently.

- San Marcos, TX, USA

Paid for merchandise using PayPal, received a UPS tracking number, UPS customer service stated the merchandise was addressed to an entirely different address other than the address on the order or in PayPal, merchandise never received. Scammed out of alot of money...

- Spring, TX, USA looks like a legitimate website, but it's not. It shows good deals on products, and uses paypal, and other very convincing things that draw in a buyer. Then when you complete your purchase, they send you a tracking number for your package, but the package doesn't come to you. It goes to a different place in your zip code because it's not your package! Your package doesn't exist. But you don't know it until 3-4 days after you give them your money because you're waiting for your package that has a real trackable tracking number.

I ordered a *** ** animal for 199. No tax. No shipping. I was sent a tracking number, and it showed the item was delivered today. I received nothing. I called UPS thinking there was a problem. They said the address the package was sent to was for a hospital, not my address. They said I must have the wrong tracking number. I tried to email, and received no answer, or even an automated response saying they got my email. So I started digging and found this.


I wish I had found this website before I bought the vacuum. I've been scammed, and now have no vacuum and am out $199. Someone please shut these guys down!

- Buffalo, NY, USA

They somehow get a UPS tracking number that is being shipped to your city,not your shipping address. Because of this tracking number PayPal denies your claim. Company gets your $,you get nothing. Companies address,number are fake. Emails won't go through,also fake. Save yourself the headache

- Mc Lean, VA, USA

Purchased Fitbit Charge 2 for my daughter via a PayPal on website.

Their email addresses bounced back and website address on receipt does not exist. They sent emails with tracking # that it was being delivered and that it was delivered today. Nothing in mailbox. No delivery. I googled company and learned that many others have also been scammed. Filing a complaint with PayPal and try to stop payment early on in the transaction has been impossible. I’ve spent much time on the phone with them. I question why they continue to accept charges via 50flashsale after multiple client complaints of no merchandise sent and large amounts of money lost.

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