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Victim Location 37920
Type of a scam Tech Support

On Monday at approximately 2:59pm my husband *** *** called me. He informed me that someone from a company (now identified as 1Network) would be calling me, as he gave them my number, to discuss building our website. As I handle that aspect of the business, I told him that was fine and that I would be expecting their call. At 3:10pm I received a call from an unidentified woman, from phone number ###-###-####. She had a very strong accent making it difficult to understand her. I began to ask routine questions any business owner would ask in regards to where they had acquired our information, what they were offering etc. Rather than answer my questions, and without a response, she “transferred” me to a gentleman who identified himself as “Chris.” “Chris” explained he was with 1Network, and they were interested in providing website services to us. He told me they would build, maintain, and monitor our website. That we provide the info, and they do the work, all for just $1.00 for the first month, then $99.00 a month after. He also explained that it would take 1-3 days for the website to become active, however ask that the customers give them 30-60 days to see results from their “active website.” After discussion with my husband, we decided we would give them a chance, that was our first mistake. The following is the “timeline” of our interaction with “1Network.”

• 10/16/17 -3:10PM ph####-###-####: 1Network contacts us via phone, “Chris” tells us about their services and gives me a timeline of 1-3 days.

• 10/18/17 – 8:01PM: I emailed Samantha Najera informing her that I had only received her email THAT DAY, when we were told by “Chris” 1-3 days, but in any event, would get her the info asap.

• 10/19/17 – 10:28am: Received a phone call from “Sam” stating that she had emailed me days prior, and that she was glad I was responding and would be sending over a form for me to complete (the first email correspondence received from them was on 10/18 as I had been checking the email consistently since my phone call with Chris)

• 10/19/19 – 10:45am: Received an email from Samantha thanking me for taking her call. Also stating that it would be $1 to start, and then “99 every 30 days recurring billing.” She also stated she would be “throwing in” a free business (Google)page (which is how we found out about their scam) and that I needed to call her with the Google post card number as soon as I received it.

• 10/19/17 -2:02PM: I emailed her with ALL the info and photos she requested (again I needed to get this site up as quickly as possible)

To shorten things, I will provide brief descriptions of the following events:

• 10/20/17: 2:49pm: I emailed Samantha concerned that I had received a call from “someone” at their company stating they had just received our info, and that someone would be contacting us shortly about our website. She called me stating she would look into it. At this point a rough draft of the website was active, so for someone else to be calling me conncerened me that many people had access to our info. When we spoke again she told me the pwrson who called me was a “Daniel Futera” and that he worked with her.

• 10/20/17- 7:42pm: I sent a numbered list of 7 items that needed changing and added.

• 10/23/17- 2:44pm: I sent ANOTHER email stating the changes I had sent in the 10/20 email, including pictures, which she responded by deleting ALL the pictures, delaying the site again.

4:10pm: I emailed her again to reiterate that LLC needed to be added to our name.

9:25Pm: I sent ANOTHER email, which detailed AGAIN the changes they assured me were going to be made earlier, in addition to requesting that a supervisor contact me on the following day.

• 10/24/17 -2:04PM: I wanted to give them time to contact me, no one did, so I called them. Only after threatening to part ways did they put someone on the phone. His name was “Scott.” I asked his position, he said he was the “director. I asked, “director of what?” He said something like director of marketing or operations, something generic. Anyhow as I began to explain my concerns, it became immediate evident he had taken a very defensive and condescending tone, so much so that I called him out on it. As he voluntarily mentioned on a separate call at a later date, they record their calls so his rude demeanor that day, and on a subsequent call, should be easy to track and review. Eventually I said something along the lines of “do you want our business, and money or not? Because you are acting like you don’t” then his tone changed. By the end of our conversation he assured me that he would be the one handling our site from that point on, and he would make sure all the grammatical errors, spelling errors, and any other issues me as the business owner, should not have to critique on our own site.

• 10/30/17: 2:56PM.: I emailed them again with new website intro. as the last one was simply a cut and paste of what I wrote when I thought they were going to take my words and form in into something that would fit on the site. Since that did not happen I re-wrote what they had posted, and asked that it REPLACE what they had. Again, that did not happen. They instead tacked what I wrote onto what was already on the site, making it look like a giant repeating mess.

• 10/31/17-1:13PM: I get an email from Samantha stating that ALL changes had been made and the site was correct.

• 1:23PM: I emailed Sam stating that things were NOT correct, AGAIN. I stated there was clearly a misunderstanding as I DID NOT want the new stuff added to the description, but rather REPLACING what was there. They corrected that and things were quiet for a while.

• 11/6/17 4:54PM: Received a call and voicemail from a “Denise” stating that they had NOT received my “confirmation email” to start my website (again at this point I had been told the website was active) and that they needed that ASAP.

5:16PM: I email Samantha YET AGAIN stating that I had received another random call from someone at their “company” about starting my website.

11/9/17 -11:28AM: They were kind enough to allow us access to ONLY the blog section of OUR WEBSITE. So, I attempted to put a blog on the site, but it was coming out jumbled. I contacted Samantha to ask for help, she was unable to help me as she stated she “didn’t really know the website part of it and Scott did” so he would have to call me Monday as he was going to Canada, Louisiana and Mexico. I left it alone for the meantime.

7:13PM: My husband goes online on his phone to read my blog, the site wouldn’t even load properly so I sent YET ANOTHER email at 7:13pm stating that in this day and age most people view sites on a mobile device, if our mobile site does not work, what good is it? I asked she look into it and contact me ASAP!

8:44PM: I sent another email stating that I didn’t think things were working out, and it may be best we part ways.

11/10/17-9:59AM: Received an email from Samantha stating she would be giving me a call as soon as she could and that she left the office early the day before.

11/10/17-12:09PM: My husband called with our new marketing company on 3-Way, they were needing the passwords and auths. to all our websites and social media accounts. Specifically, she needed the info to our Google Business Page, the one 1Netwoek “threw in.” When I logged on to give them access rights we discovered that we were not listed as owners OF OUR BUSINESS, but managers. We immediately called 1Network, Samantha got on the line initially, but when my husband asked her to make us owners of our Google Business Page she immediately transferred us to Scott

(who conveniently I guess flew back from Mexico, as that’s where I was told he was the previous day and wouldn’t be back till Monday) who refused to give us ownership to our page. Well needless to say he and my husband had words, and we decided to part ways.

We contacted them via email a few days later (11/13/17) inquiring about our domain name, no response. Today on 11/15/17 both myself and my husband called again. They told my husband that our domain name was gone and we were basically s.o.l. The domain name isn’t just that, it is also one of our DBA names in TN, and has personal meaning. I would like it back, and if that is not possible, I want this company put out there so this doesn’t happen to other companies.

Thank you

*** ** ***

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