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Victim Location 11206
Type of a scam Employment

As I am in the process looking for a new job, I applied on my recruitment websites.

In October 11, I received an email says that I applied for a position they posted on and they want to schedule a phone interview with me.

I answer and we scheduled a phone interview. I verified the website and the details of the position, everything looks normal that time.

I had the phone interview on time where the questions were normal like any other phone interview. then when I wanted to ask a question, the person was on the phone said that he couldn’t answer my questions because they already answered all my questions, but that’s not true, I never asked any question by email. then he ended the call.

October 16, I received another email saying that the HR selected me for the position, and , because they are opening a new branch in NYC I must take a probation period where it will be remotely part-time, and there will be material and grades, I will be paid at the end of the month where they will provide a full-time contract if I get a B grade for the cases that i will received daily for the first days, then there will be webinars the last week.

Everything looks normal for me that time. and I started the probation by signing on the agreement that they sent me. all of this was after I get the first email from the regional manager that he supposed to be my manager. his office located in CT. he emailed me and said that I shouldn’t call at all because he is busy all the time. if I want to talk we need to schedule a time for that.

October 20, I received the first case. I worked on it and answer the 10 questions and send them back. October 22nd I answered back and send them the report (the 10 question answers).

Monday October 23rd, I received an email from the regional manager that he said his name is Ethan Belmonte. he sent me the new case and said that I had grade A for the first case.

the same thing happened until October 25th with the case 4. that day I just wanted to look for and know more about this manager. I google it, there is no result. I went to LinkedIn there’s no one with this name work for the company locamex sa. then I started feel something wrong.

I went back the website, and I start investigate. the president and vice president of the company doesn’t exist too. then I went back the name of the person who sign the agreement his name is David C. Butts (Head of HR department). after that I check the i thought they may be registered as project managers there. Zero result.

after that I knew that’s fraud company. I checked the server where the website of the company is hosted. I fount it is in Ukraine. but the company head is in Paris France. why would a French company host a website in a server in Ukraine? then I went back the emails that i am receiving. I checked the IP of this emails. the regional manager Ethan Belmonte IP showed that he is in Chicago no Connecticut as he said, and as the website said. the first emails for the interview was send from Canada.

then I sent an email to Ethan Belmonte asking him for more details about the company and the future vision so I can make myself ready for the new branch (I did not mention anything about what I discovered) he answered me saying that he will schedule a phone call for the next week.

from his email and the information that I found. I am pretty sure that’s a scam company. so i used my skype to make phone calls, I called the 3 phone numbers mentioned in the website.

Paris phone number: phone number out of service.

Hong Kong: a lady answered, she said that it’s not a company, and that’s her home number. (I tried to tell her that a company is using the number on the website but she did not want to hear from me)

Connecticut: there an answering voice system to leave message (I did not leave any message).

Then, I called the phone number of Ethan Belmonte that was in his emails signature, number out of service.

I send another email to Ethan Belmonte saying that as soon I did not get any further details about the company, I am ending this agreement.

he never answers me back.

I still do not know why they did this? why they play this dirty game with me. I am looking for a serious work and they just took advantage of me.

I have all the emails and proof of all what I said.

I hope that this fraud company website put down and this people get stopped so no one else took advantage of like myself.

Victim Location 77413
Type of a scam Tax Collection

First they said I'm being sued by US Treasury, then by IRS. Caller "Mark Taylor" ID 302176 had foreign accent. I said this sounds like a SCAM and caller agreed and hung up.

Victim Location 44110
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call on my home phone that I was granted a $9000 grant. I was chosen at random for the grant. The caller asked for me. I asked if he was a scam. He said no. He did not ask for me. He wanted me to call phone number 202-503-4163. He gave me ID number R5070. I understood the entire time it was a scam.

Victim Location 45727
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Caller says I've won money, and want me to go to the nearest Walmart and wire $295 to Derrell Boots zip code 33319. He said 45 minutes after I wire the money, two people will come to my home with a check for $45 million. He has an accent, and I can't understand him. The phone kept cutting out as well. I told him I was disabled. IF my husband answers the phone,they won't talk to him.

Victim Location 60564
Type of a scam Employment

This appears to be a "yes" scam, where the caller identifies themselves as a representative from an employment site, but then asks if you can hear him ok. The "yes" is recorded and used for other transactions.

Victim Location 64468
Type of a scam Phishing

A voicemail message, constructed by computer, was left for me from (432) 203-0066. The message--which began in mid-sentence--referred vaguely to "this issue," stated that since I had not contacted "us" in six months the matter had been deemed "an intentional fraud" and that "a lawsuit has been filed by the U.S. government." The message urged me to call "our office" at (432) 203-0066 before the case was "download[ed] into the courthouse."

Victim Location 32195
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a position on *** and was immediately emailed saying it was filled but to send my resume in for a different position. I emailed the HR rep and the next morning had a response asking to apply for the position, shipping and recieving, on the company’s official website. By the end of the day I had the job and had filled out the tax paperwork which I now regret. After a few weeks of no contact and waiting, I finally recieved the first package I was to handle. Suddenly my work account was disabled and no one was returning my calls or emails. Finally when I demanded to know what to do with the packages I had recieved, I was told to return them to sender. I emailed the company that had sent the packages explaining this odd and suspicious situation and was told that I, as well as many others, had been scammed. The packages that had been sent to me through the company had been purchased with stolen credit cards. A work from home scam that I was not aware of but am horrified by. I would have sent in a complaint sooner but it has taken me a long time to figure out who to file a complaint with as most are for consumers only. I worry about this “company” and the information it has including my own. I have evidence of everything. I lost money to this company through expenses that were supposed to be given back.

Victim Location 85306
Total money lost $249.99
Type of a scam Tech Support

Popup on computer with number to call to remove malware. Could no remove on own.

Victim Location 37641
Type of a scam Online Purchase

PayPal scam

Victim Location 19601
Total money lost $1,100
Type of a scam Romance

He goes by the name of Mark Richardson, Harold Venner or Rober Jerry. He started with contacting me through facebook and then went on text messaging. He said his wife had died of cancer and he was not doing well financially. His daughter was taken away from him and her grandparents had her. He went to rehab after his wife died and was starting over after a year of recovering from addiction. He didn't have money for a new cellphone and needed money to pay for his car. I gave him around $1,100.00. He was always asking to donate money to his father who was a preacher in Nigeria. He asked me to help him collect money from his friends or from donner but I would say no. After that I lost contact and recently he contact me again asking to open a pay pal account so he can get his money because he was in the construction business and was traveling to New York. He was going to get an advance from the project but his paypal debit card wasn't going to arrive soon enough. I said know. Then he contacted me through another phone saying he was Robert Jerry and that I had one a Facebook Lottery of $50,000 but I needed to pay $400 to get it delivered to me. He then got another "person" to contact me through google hangouts, Harold Venner, asking me for personal information and the payment. I said no.

Victim Location 02780
Type of a scam Employment

Get paid for your honesty (Plainville MA)

compensation: A shopper's wages are about $18 an hour being employeed with us

Being a mindful typist, ability to confidently insert data, skilled in taking screenshots, Microsoft office, excel, email.

It is an online job and we are searching for a few more Mystery Shoppers in this area!

The requirements for this position includes access to a desktop, laptop computer or mobile device and ability to get online.

This part-time position offers the opportunity for each worker to make his/her own hours and work with very little time constraint.

We encourage all of our employees to visual inspect different websites, trial offers, and products and services at no cost to them.

A shopper's wages are about $18 an hour being employeed with us.

By doing this, most of our analyzers work part-time and are

putting themselves in a position to make an additional source of pay without spending all day stuck in front of their computers.

Apply online at our webpage


They ask for your debit card and have this additional website address:

Their add is under craigslist address:

Victim Location 08081
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammer calls and asks for your name and after u say yes hangs up. Has called me multiple times and hangs up each time. I assume it’s to use yes recorded to say that you accept charges for something later on.

Victim Location 31903
Total money lost $250
Type of a scam Government Grant

This was by far one of the most experience I've ever encountered and too lose money that I've worked hard for thinking that if I gave the 199.99 to get 9199.99 back as a government grant because I've always paid my bills on time, and didn't have any bankruptcy. I really thought and believed that this was true. They told me that I wasn't going to have to pay it back. In which thery were right because I never received the 9199.00 and they changed the 6469346121 number sad. Please please if anyone calls from the federal reserve bank of New York in which is a true place of business but the grant is a scam don't fall for it

Victim Location 90066
Type of a scam Tax Collection

2 voicemails threatening to have me arrested by "local cops" as there are "4 serious allegations on your record" and to call them back in the next 24 hours to discuss...

Victim Location 46060
Type of a scam Employment

I have been seeking a work from home legit job, when I was contacted & offered a job at Walmart, close to home. They told me I had been

selected & a check would be sent to me within the week. I received a check for $3,575.98 today with an instructions letter.

Previously, I received a check for $974.51 (or so) & took it to Huntington Bank branch in Noblesville, IN. Told them I thought this was

a scam. They took the check but I never heard back from the bank in re: the status of check. (That was about a week ago).

I hope you nail these people!!!!!!!!


Victim Location 91803
Total money lost $130
Type of a scam Online Purchase

The link was on Facebook. it was redirected to

I purchased a ivory massage chair which was on sale for $112. Entered the necessary shipping address and credit card info. The tracking number was never given, however i did track through their own website under />
The order number was 10791970

Their support email address is: [email protected]

I send several emails but never got a reply. I have attached the pictures of what i received through mail and its also a counterfeited ray-band sunglass.

Victim Location 74145
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was listed on "Payment Proof" of website as a member who actually received $2521.23.

I have never received a penny from highpayclix site. I have opened several support tickets to report this

and receive resolution of this major problem.

I have left a message on the websites phone.

I have spent since 10/14/17 trying to get resolution and receive my earnings, with absolutely 0 responses

from the website and now makes one think that ALL names on "proof of Payment" are fake and have never

received a penny from this site.

Victim Location 60540
Type of a scam Other

Person calls, informs me that this call is on a recorded line. Asks me if I can hear him okay. I hang up.

Victim Location 49341
Type of a scam Identity Theft

An Asian man called me at 1:41 am. Woke me out of a dead sleep. My grandfather is in hospice so I answered confused by the unknown number. I said hello and he asked is this “said my name” I said yes and then he said can you hear me? I was so confused from sleeping and I said yes. Then he hung up.

Victim Location 53589
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Person indicated they had charges against me and would call the cops. Provided the phone number above for me to call. I tried to call and the number said it was no longer in service. I have no idea what they ultimately wanted But these calls are distressing.

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