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Victim Location 60601
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Fake email and website attempting to be Christian Louboutin!

Victim Location 60440
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Offering puppies for sale. Initially asks legitimate questions. Story is moved to smaller place or something similar and must get rid of pups. Most important is a good home. May even give you the pup for free, but asks to send info so that they can arrange shipping.

Funny thing is there are several breeds listed from the same email at many different classifird ad websites. Phone is registered to someone in Minneapplis, MN. Various ads give different locations for puppies. All same email and phone.....

Victim Location 11223
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They are calling many times a day as Federal government grant give me money $9000. Also they are calling from IRS that will arrest me and sue against me. They are using the different numbers from different states. Howeve one number was no fake that called me as federal government grant and avoid this number too 17182254649.

Victim Location 10701
Type of a scam Utility

A woman called speaking Spanish asking about my ConEd bill and even knew my address. I knew it was a scam because I don’t have an account with ConEd. I searched online for the legitimacy of the phone number and others described the same experience, some even saying that they were told their electricity would be cut off if they didn’t make a payment. I didn’t get that far, she hung up after I told her twice that I didn’t have an account.

Victim Location 03060
Type of a scam Other

The scammer called and stated that based upon their records, My warranty on my vehicle is about to expire and I need renew it. I just bought the car a week ago which comes with factory warranty and CPO warranty. When I questioned their authenticity and asked for more information, they hung up. I called the number back and a lady answered with a foreign sounding accent and stated that no one called me. I then received another call from the same number attempting to scam me.

Victim Location 10704
Type of a scam Utility

The scammer called stating I owed $1000 plus on my electricity bill and that my electricity would be turned off in 45 minutes unless I paid at least $480. They then instructed me to buy a prepaid reload card for the $480 amount and to provide them with the PIN number.

Victim Location 92345
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a call on Fri 11-24-17 on my cell phone.

From a ***. The caller asked if I could here her , I said yes as she immediately hung up. I called the number back and a man by the name of *** answered asked me the same question I said no and he hung up. I called the number back. From my home phone and I got a message saying if I wanted too be put on the do not call list.

Victim Location 90027
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Online Purchase

20$ raybans which normally retail for like 150-190. Site looks legit. Didn't catch the red flags.

Victim Location 15317
Type of a scam Identity Theft

This organization hosts a fake auction web site using images of cars that have sold recently on other sites like Hemmings and eBay. The uactions in progress and recent sales imply that cars have or will sell for far less then their market value (or the prices that they legitimately sold for on the sites the images were stolen from). You are asked to create an account to bid on a vehicles and then you get an email asking you to provide a picture of your photo ID (passport or drivers license) AND a copy of a utlity bill AND a picture of yourself. Although several auction sites ask to verify your information, non ask for this kind of specific detail. The site is registered in China. It is a phishing scam to steal your identity. The phone numbers provided are out of service or not answered. The address belongs to a company that is been out of business.

The easiest way to verify this is to copy some text from one of the listings on and google it. It almost always will come up with a recent listing of the same car that recently sold since they are just stealing the listing information. In addition, there is no contact information for the individual auctions, no location and no VIN number listed. Somebody went to a lot of trouble to steal the identity of a relatively wealthy class of car buyers.

Victim Location 10033
Type of a scam Rental


Edden Clark is trying to rent on the OCHA website a one-bedroom apt on 85th st in between Columbus and Amsterdam Ave. From the pictures the place looks renovated and really nice. The price is also very interesting, 1,650$ per month. Considering the location, the price and the apt itself, I thought this was a real deal, which made me cautious from the very beginning. I also noted a couple of suspicious things: the name sounds fake and many details didn't match, for example, in the pictures the apt is unfurnished, but in the description it says it's completely furnished. When we started exchanging emails, the conversation was unusual for someone trying to rent a place in NY. When I asked for an appointment, Edden Clark replied describing the apt, the same inaccurate description you can find on the OCHA website. Also, I received this email at 2:55 am which made me wonder if this person is living or not in NY. Then when I asked again for an appointment, Edden Clark replied with a long email, full of grammar mistakes, which ended with a request of a deposit before I could see the apt. According to Edden Clark, this would be a "sign of seriousness". At this point it was clear that it was scam. I sent another email saying that I was going to report Edden Clark.

I hope this one person or group of people didn't manage to steal money from anyone. This is a waste of time and makes the research for an apt in New York just more complicated and annoying.

Thank you,


Victim Location 11754
Type of a scam Phishing

My phone rang and displayed a local number from my town. When I picked up the phone then asked if they were speaking to ?( referred to me by my full name). I reps ponder yes and the call then ended the call. I am now concerned this was a scam and it will be used against me.

Victim Location 40220
Type of a scam Employment

I recieved an email from my school email stating” We are currently recruiting secret shoppers in your area. This job will not affect your present employment. It’s fun, rewarding and flexible. You can make up to $1000 weekly. To view details of the job and apply please click the link below. After u check the link it sends u to careerBuilder website

Victim Location 11229
Type of a scam Utility

A man called us today and said he was from con-edison. He said we had an outstanding balance and that our electricity would be shut down in a few hours. He said to prevent this please call 18009944401. extension1. So after calling another guy answered and said a technician was on its way to turn off the electricity and tried to convince me to pay $1000 over the phone. i hung up and called con-Edison myself and they informed me it is a fraud.

Victim Location 20853
Type of a scam Romance

Gave my cell number to s man on Tinder. I realized over 20 Days he was an online scammer from Nigeria. He keeps finding other addresses etc to contact me through text. I keep blocking. Help.

Victim Location 14482
Type of a scam Phishing

Said debit card was locked, was directed to call 1-609-385-2331 today, when called soc sec # and debit card # were requested. Number was from somewhere in New Jersey and is not affiliated with Citibank

Victim Location 14607
Type of a scam Phishing

Texted midday that my debit card was locked from CitiBank. I don't even have CitiBank. Told me to call the number to activate my card. Called it and it asked for 3 pieces of additional information starting with my account number. I did not put it in and I hung up immediately.

Victim Location 97123
Type of a scam Phishing

A foreign voice (not typical American voice) called on Thanksgiving evening and someone in the house answered. They gave me the phone. The man asked if I was by my computer. I said what? He said you are not near your computer? I said NO! and hung up.

Victim Location 05001
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call and didn't respond to it,and a few weeks later I received another and last night another from a person claiming they needed to give me a refund on microsoft technical support for a computer I bought recently as they were ordered to shut down, I believe they were just trying to get accounts information,because if they were legitimate they would have my information when I bought or registered I wanted to check out if this is a scam or if others have received same.

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a text from that phone number (it first was listed simply as sender unknown) that stated your accounts have been temporarily blocked, if you don’t have a problem click below to reactivity your accounts

Victim Location 19702
Type of a scam Other

Posted a car for sale on CraigsList in Delaware. Got an immediate response from a "potential buyer" located in San Diego saying they wanted to buy the car imediately and the price was good. No haggling, no test drive, etc. and offered to pay via PayPal. Nothing was lost in this because there was no transaction since I remembered reading about CraigsList scammers trying to buy high ticket items with PayPal.

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