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Victim Location 72801
Type of a scam Phishing

I just received a phone call I believe from a scammer,using the name to give me a refund for computer service I paid for in the past.I did not accept and and hung up. I thought you might like to know this.

Victim Location 24018
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

When my mother answered the phone, a male said asked "Is this Grandma Opal?" and she said "Yes".  Then the caller hung up.

Victim Location 02128
Type of a scam Utility

Man knocked on door claiming to be from utility company. I stepped into the porch believing it rad in relation to the house construction adjacent to my home. He showed me an eversource bill and said he needed to come in and see my bill so he could check to be sure the supply cost has been adjusted since the law passed lowering the amount. I said I didn’t have a bill and he was getting irritated. I said no thank you. He asked for the bill again and I said I do online billing, he offered to “come wait” while I pulled it up. I firmly stated NO that I was in the middle of something so he said he could wait. Again I said no, my door opened behind me and when he noticed a family member he walked down the stairs telling me someone would be back. I said no thank you, I’m not interested in your alternative energy supplier that I am aware of the scam and how full of [censored] he was! He started yelling inappropriate things and made a very obscene gesture with his hands and his genital area. Having elderly neighbors, I grabbed my cell phone and walked toward the direction he walked, he was coming out of a back yard. I took his picture and Told him my son Was on his way and would like to speak with him. He was not friendly so neither was I. I then let him know that if he or anyone else attempted to come back that what happened would be considered self defense...along with a few other words of wisdom should he have considered returning!!

This man was looking for Something- be careful, be vigilant and DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!! I should have

Victim Location 83445
Type of a scam Tech Support

the call came mid morning and some man (indian accent) said that they had detected a problem with my computer. realizing that the caller had not given me any information regarding a name or business i asked and they said some name quickly with a thick accent as to not expose the title. i asked which computer was compromised and they said "your windows computer." i told them i have many windows computers, and they said that "it is a problem with my server." i have no servers... i played with them for a few minutes and the character's indian accent began to degrade slightly into a more american accent, but not complete english either.

this same number called me again the next afternoon and did not seem to realize that this number had already told them to screw off. this is possibly targeted at individuals who are not tech savvy.

Victim Location 44017
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I have been receiving many calls on my cell phone for months. It is always a robocall. They say visa and master card card services. This is an urgent message from your visa and master card card service. It is regarding your interest rate and lowering the rates. Press 1 to speak with a representative. I pressed the number 1 to speak with a representative to be taken off the list. They say we have important information regarding credit card. Lock me in to lower interest. I asked what credit card company are you with. They call from different phone numbers. 800-421-2110.

Victim Location 18444
Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop-Up stating computer virus alert and call #.  Asked to pay $450 via Google Play Cards.  Victim called bbb instead and ignored the calls.  Scammer has been calling ever since from different spoofed #'s.  She told him she is calling the Police and reporting to BBB.

Victim Location 85716
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I received a call from a woman that asked several times if I have pain in my knee and asked if I have Blue Cross Blu Shield Insurance. I quickly hung up.

Victim Location 85705
Type of a scam Phishing

Selling car for $800.00. Will not call, but requests phone, email, address,etc. Continues to ask to speak on phone, but will not respond or answer when I call.

Victim Location 01913
Type of a scam Phishing

Nicole calls and says she is with her company's employment agency, tries to collect information - when you ask serious questions she hangs up. I called back and a male answered the phone. He hung up when I asked serious questions. They were starting to ask me personal information so we could 'get the process started.' I did not wait to hear any of the questions because they did not offer identification.

Victim Location 94704
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a voicemail from (425) 354-3319. It said there are criminal charges that will be filed against me if I don't call back immediately.

Victim Location 60047
Type of a scam Phishing

Just got this call. The caller said my name and unfortunately I answered "yes". He immediately hang up the phone. I believe this is a newer version of those "Yes" phone scam.

Victim Location 28385
Type of a scam Phishing

Poses as a message board. Fake posts try to convince people to click a link and input credit card details.

Victim Location 40299
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Send a certified check for $875.00 to the address which i have listed and which first I would win 2500000.00 then 18000000. plus a Mercedes Benz car. Kept calling back and sometimes the phone no. showed no name no number but sometines it showed 502-324-1012 or 876-856-1258

One person said that he was John Pearson.

Type of a scam Tech Support

Tried to get remote access of my laptop.

Victim Location 80113
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Scammer is calling and leaving voicemail about filing motion to stop your tax return and to call them back

Victim Location 71073
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They want to know everything

Victim Location 80503
Type of a scam Tech Support

Voice comes on the line and says I your Windows Computer....

Victim Location 02176
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I was asked by a woman caller thinking it was someone asking me about my operation next week. I told her my date of birth, medicare # and social security number. she said my back brace was okayed.i said i just got more stockings and paid for them but i didn't know why i was getting a back brace.

.Last year I had a back injury but I kept saying my pain was in my legs. I assumed it was a medical person calling,she asked for my cell phone number ,I gave her my number.Then my doctors name, she had the rest of his info, i guess she googled it. Then she asked if his info was right. She read it back to me.I call the her back it was out of service .442-491-0111

Victim Location 44132
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I received a call on my house phone today. I answered the phone. She asked is this Miss Dunn. I answered yes. I don't remember if she gave a company name. She said we have a promotional package of $5000. She said I can take anyone I want on this trip. She asked when do you want me to deliver it. Daytime or evening. I said it does not matter. I was playing along with her. She said the only thing I want you to do is go get your checkbook. We don't want your check. You can void it out. I said you need to get off my phone and stop trying to commit fraud. I said I am not getting my checkbook for nobody. I said don't call here anymore. I'm tired of you trying to rip off seniors. She hung up. She knew I knew it was a scam. She was talking so much. The phone number in my caller ID was 216-278-0978. When i called it back the number just rang.

Victim Location 24569
Type of a scam Government Grant

I woman named Sandy called me and said that she was with the U.S. Government.  She told me that the government chooses 17 people every year to give a $9,000.00 grant to and all I had to do was pay her $200.00 to claim the money.

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