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Victim Location 85225
Total money lost $14.99
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They claim that you only pay shipping. They charge your card, then they never ship your items. I’ve looked online and everyone that has ordered through them has been scammed. When you try to post they are a scam on their Facebook ad, it is deleted. They have their address and phone number hidden. This should not be legal.

Victim Location 28469
Type of a scam Rental

Website says that it advertises rentals by owner for free. Someone just called my office regarding a rental that is showing on there. We are a Property Management/Vacation Rental business in Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach NC. www.***.travel , www.***

Someone has cloned a rental that we had previously listed posted on this website for 1/2 price. Potential tenant called me to notify me of scam since she found listing on a legitimate site that had pulled from the MLS.

Searching website for Sunset Beach I also see other rentals on there that are not my listing but are obvious scams. Since I know the area I know the homes listed and what their rental value would be.

Victim Location 30273
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a text it read, I’ve been approved give flex loans a call, once I called back the advisor said let him check finance department. He put me on hold maybe a minute longer he said everything was good. He said check my email to accept terms. Once I did that he called back said my credit was low I need to put a 50 dollars deposited, My response was if I’ve been approved why would you call me back with a credit score. He wanted me to purchase a prepaid card and send him picture of card. Afterwards he would deposited money in my account red flag!!! I did not let him win!!! Please beware!!!

Victim Location 41035
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I received a call on my home telephone. The caller stated it was Medicaid. He spoke with an accent. He asked for my Social Security number and I gave it out. They called again for my wife's social security number. My relative answered the phone and did not give it out. The caller would not give their phone number. My package came in and in order to receive it I would have to give my Social Security number.

Victim Location 98141
Total money lost $1,600
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Hi there! ***.online is a platform encouraging investors to lend money and in return gives the investor an interest income for a certain amount depending on the credit terms.They claimed to be a limited liability company in the State of Washington.Everything was fine with them not until October 8,2018 that was the very 1st day when all of us their affiliates/investor encountered a hard time reaching their website.I cannot open the website and all my messages to their support bounced back and got failed.All contacts on their site are out of reached.

*** *** *** took our hard earned money! This company claiming as a legal entity in State of Washington is nothing but a legit Scammer i should say.

Fyi : I'm from Philippines.

I can't give exact data in my address below because my country is not in your options.

Victim Location 77072
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I keep getting calls from 844-394-3556. They never say what company they’re from as it's a recording, but they’re looking for someone I don't know and threaten to take legal action against her. They call me almost every day, and I have personally sat on the phone and spoke to someone to be removed 4 times, sometimes they hang up, sometimes some one answers. They won’t stop calling. My phone number is a corporate office landline.

Victim Location 24014
Type of a scam Phishing

I've gotten several phone calls from someone saying I had legal counts against me and I would be taken into police custody

Victim Location 88310
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was on a classified ad that had maltese pups for sale. I emailed asking if I could purchase. They told me it was free and asked me to pay for shipping. They asked to transfer money to a Marquis Gordon. Once I began to ask more questions, they stopped contacting me.

Victim Location 86314
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Someone asked me if I had at least $10k in credit card debt and then asked to hold while she connected me to a debt relief counselor then I hung up

Victim Location 44108
Type of a scam Phishing

My 93 year old mother received a message on her home answering machine. Caller did not give a company name. They gave her grand daughter name and said her E mail service would be disconnected if she did not pay a certain amount of money. She does not have the amount. She received the call last night. They wanted her to pay the fee for her grand daughter. My mother does not hear too well. The phone number on her caller ID was 855-620-3756. She tried to call the phone number back this morning. The line was busy. She did not tell me about the call until this morning. They tried to pressure her to pay the bill. They did not tell her method of payment. She was going to call back and pay it. The deadline was midnight. She was looking for a bank card and could not find it.

Victim Location 40160
Total money lost $548
Type of a scam Debt Collections


Victim Location 43227
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have gotten a call from this person saying their coming to my job and Im going to be served papers they never say the persons name they are looking for they call from various phone numbers. They also never say their business name.

Victim Location 89103
Type of a scam Debt Collections

These people call you from a private phone number and then they tell you to call this number and give them a file number due to them trying to serve you legal papers.So you call up the number and these people start with some old debt from 2008 and they never get to the point of what they want. So I told them to go to hell and and that is when all hell broke loose and this guy at this company got upset that I had full control of this call and started threatening me and telling me that I'm a nutjob. So I told him the call would not last very long and that he would be hanging up on me very soon and I told him to mark my words I can guarantee that you will hang up on me & I will keep on calling you back every time you hang up on me. Well sure enough he hung up and I called the back about 20 times and told him you wanted to talk to me so why are you hanging up.Well sure enough they literally blocked my number from calling them and they told me dont't ever call them back again.

Victim Location 24019
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The IRS called and they said they were were coming to get me if I didn't call them back and pay them some money.

Victim Location 80013
Type of a scam Tech Support

I kept getting these calls some would go to voice mail and say that my security had been breeched. I did not answer and finally I did out of frustration. I went on line and read stores of what these people are doing. Getting in your computer and stealing your info. So then I started to just to because I thought it would be funny to mess with them. Every time they said that they were calling me back, that I had talk to them previously about my computer. That they needed o get it to fix the virus. I told them I don't have a computer BC I don't and they kept telling me I do. I tried everything from being rude to playing dumb anyway they wont lay off. I did learn through a friend that once you answer you go on a list for a live voice they will keep calling. Really sad. I also learned that no company will call you to get into your computer!!! they will have you bring it to there place of business!

Victim Location 70122
Type of a scam Other

Call came from Daytona Florida and message say I am wanted by local police and call this number so they can help me.

Victim Location 92802
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Because of the fact that I am quite busy with my job and unable to travel back to the States, I have decided to hire a company to ship the vehicle and take care of the sale for me. The shipping & payment part of the transaction will be handled by *** *** *** *** .The vehicle is now located in their transit warehouse from Seattle, WA because I had a buyer from there but he canceled the deal due to a decease in the family. They have in their custody both the vehicle and the title signed for release, which had been verified by their inspectors and they already gave the go ahead to begin the transaction.

Regarding the payment, there is a 3 days inspection period available for you once you will receive the vehicle in which you have the possibility to do an inspection to any authorized service of your choice before the company will release any money to me. If you will decide not to keep it for any reason the vehicle will be sent back to me (free of charge for you) and you will get a full refund no questions asked. So basically I only receive the money if you are happy about what you are buying.

Please read their HOW IT WORKS webpage ( http://***/how_it_works.php) and decide if you agree or not.

To be able to start this transaction you need to register on the shipping company's website. Once you are done, I will approve the deal from my account and ***  will contact you in order to go ahead with the purchase.

P.S. You should know that the vehicle will be shipped anywhere within the States at my expense !!

Looking forward to successfully completing this transaction.


Victim Location 44109
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call on my cell phone today. The caller stated they were with the US Treasury Department. They gave me phone number 202-556-4984. Caller stated I was approved for a $7000 Government Grant. I do not have to pay it back. I have to pay $99 for taxes. She said we want to put it on your credit card. I said I don't have a credit card. I said I have a pre-paid debit card. Caller stated they could put the $7000 on that. I gave my number out. I called the number back. A man said I needed to pay the $99. I realized it was a scam when they wanted $99. I contacted the company I have my card with. It was cancelled. I did not lose any money.

Victim Location 11217
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received a very official-looking piece of mail that seemed to imply I was in danger of losing my car insurance.

I knew it was fake because I own no car. But it would have been very easy to look at the document below and assume your car was in danger of losing its coverage.

No company name, no address -- but they count on you not noticing that.


Victim Location 43204
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They called me once and I denied the call. Called a second time and left a voicemail saying,"_________ number which is 239-347-9161 I repeat 239-347-9161 if you don't return the call you will have to face the legal consequences. "

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